Sunday, July 24, 2011

I am still here

I was off work for about 5 weeks as I had surgery on my left pinky to have a cyst removed. Since returning to work almost a month ago, it has been busy!! My summer schedule isn't good the way my work schedule ended up. I really like my days together so I can group my days off but it didn't work out that way except the week I have vacation. In less than one week I will be on vacation! I am looking forward to it.

Frozen Grasshopper from Mudhouse

I need to gather the pictures I took of my finger as it was healing.  I was using Instagram on my iphone to document the healing process.  I need to share them in a post and share my Michael Jackson experience I had during surgery!!  It wasn't very funny at the moment but I have to kinda laugh now.

I have been sleeping to much on my days I get off and 0700 and I am off that night.  Then I am not sleeping as well at night and then need a nap during the day.  I was hoping to nap at Moonshine Beach today but I slept to late at home and my towels were still drying and needed another hour of drying time.  I decided to just hang out at the Mudhouse instead.  Prior to coming to the coffee shop, I went to the Bistro Market for a veggie grill sandwich.  I had this sandwich before and loved it.  This time it wasn't so good.  It actually cost $1.00 more than the turkey burger I enjoy and it was horrible.  I had a couple of tomato slices, 3 cucumber slices, humus, basil mayo and leaves (aka field greens).  I hate leaves!  They have never made it this way before.  Yuck-o!  I was a disappointment today and I won't order that again.  My veggie sandwiches are much better.

I am going to do some scrappy blog searching for a bit and then it will be time soon for the Mudhouse to close.