Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Time flies!!

Phoebe and I

It has been a little bit since my last post! I just got done with my last photography class and it is sad! I really enjoyed my photography class and really enjoy the instructor I had! I took Phoebe last Saturday at a pet store she was at and she took pics of my Phoebe! I can't wait to get the pics! Phoebe really enjoyed and I did too! She is just too cute! :-) I am going to have to take her and the cats to her studio someday. You can check out her awesome pet photos here!

I really want to take her intermediate photography class. I will have to wait as I will be gone for two weeks during it. I want to be able to attend all the classes! I think I might take the portrait class that starts the end of October. It is only 6 classes long and the schedule is still open through that time to be able to get time off!

I am looking forward to having my nieces this week! We are going to have all kinds of fun! I am going to have to take them out on photo ops for fun! I am looking forward to doing some more light painting since I have my wireless remote. :-) The pic I included in my post today is of Phoebe and I and I used my wireless remote! I had a hard time getting a good pic of both of us! This is the best so far . . .

I am actually at the library before heading home. I am enjoying a frozen coffee and chilling in the library! It is a little busy here tonight. I am going to look up some cool photography stuff and be back later!


Sunday, July 20, 2008

Funny Phoebe!!!

Puppies are so cute!! Phoebe made me laugh pretty hard this morning!!


I was putting towels away in the hallway and Phoebe was on the couch with about 5 of her toys playing. I had a blanket on the couch. All of a sudden I was hearing muffled barks. I wasn't sure where she was! I go to the living room and she was under the blanket and couldn't get out! Then before I could get over there she popped her head out from under the covers! That just struck me as funny this morning!!

I was cleaning the kitchen last night and Phoebe and the cats were all in the kitchen with me. Then Phoebe disappeared. I went to go find her and to my surprise she was taking care of business on the puppy pad I *want* her to use!! I was so excited and I kept telling her what a good girl she was!! I just need to keep reinforcing all this potty training! We are making progress!!

I have had quite the week but I need to get to bed. I want to wake up early and have some relaxation time before going to work.


I have been tagged!!

Here are the rules...Each player answers questions about themselves. At the end of the post, the player then tags 5 or 6 people and posts their names, then goes to their blogs and leaves them a comment, letting them know they’ve been tagged. Let the person who tagged you know when you’ve posted your answers.

What were you doing ten years ago?
I was taking prereq's for RN school.
I was working FT as an LPN
Enjoying spending time with my little nieces (that aren't so little anymore!!!)

5 things on todays "To Do" list
1. Have dinner at the Grotto before work.
2. Sleep so I can work all night!
3. Think about how I am going to make Phoebe's puppy album.
4. Put the dishes away
5. Keep reinforcing housetraining my puppy

I'm addicted to:
My Canon 40D
Scrappy MB
Ipod touch

Things I would do if I were a MILLIONAIRE:
Travel the world!!
Be debt free
Learn how to invest wisely
Have all the lenses I wanted for my Canon 40D

Places I have lived:

Only two cities in MO. Not to exciting!!
I would LOVE to live near the ocean!

I'm tagging:

No one! :-) I think everyone has already been tagged!


Wednesday, July 16, 2008

How do you rate?

OnePlusYou Quizzes and Widgets

Created by OnePlusYou

I saw this on someone else's blog and thought I would see how mine rates! I am safe for the kiddies! :-)


Wednesday, July 09, 2008

fun at sandy beach

fun at sandy beach
Originally uploaded by sallymannsfan
I am still up, have watched a movie and was cleaning my scrap room in the process. It always seems that things look worse in the process of cleaning before they get better. My goal is to at least get things in assigned spot and then start organizing my scrap cubes so I can find things a little easier.

I went searching for a fun photo on flickr and found one called, "fun at sandy beach". I am looking at photography in a different way now in which I notice things that I have learned. Photography is making me feel happy!! :-) I have also done a few searches for photography and added some new blogs to my google reader of some sites I really enjoyed.

I had better get going. I have worn Phoebe out and she is asleep on my desk! I should be getting to bed soon as I want to wake up early and make a trip to the photography store before heading to work.


Tuesday, July 08, 2008

Lazy, Lazy day!!

The day didn't go as planned!! I was so ambitious last week on what I was going to do on my days off. Even Monday night I wrote done some things to get accomplished on Tuesday. My plan on getting my yard mowed, didn't happen! I decided to lay down till the alarm went off. I should know better! I then fell asleep and didn't wake up till later in the afternoon. I am sure I have some form of sleep deprivation from working nights. I don't remember doing these things when I worked 15-23.

I did do a brave thing today! Ever since going to a digital camera, I have never deleted the pictures off my memory cards. This has saved me from losing pics as from the great computer crashes of 2006! I was just able to get my cards back out and reload them on my computer. After taking the firework pictures on the 4th, I had only 8 pics left on my memory card. This was a 4GB card that I had filled! I have taken 1000 photos since the end of October of 2007! Wow! I got them all saved to a DVD, made sure they were really on the DVD and the reformatted my card. I currently have no pics on my memory card! I decided to save some money and just save them on a DVD. I should but that towards a crumpler camera bag! :-)

In class this week, she talked about using a detached flash. I took notes so if someday I ever get one, I can look back. She gave us some other good tips and then also was telling us about stock photography. I have always seen photos that say "stock" on them but not really sure what that meant. She kept talking about her stock photography. We are to find some stock photography on the internet and try to copy it. In class she had a book with all kinds of stock photography and I chose a picture of a mouse trap with a piece of cheese! It is using the light techniques she showed us last week. I might give that a try or I found another stock photography online I might try but that would require two other people plus me! I will have to see if I can get that to even work out! I will have to save that for this weekend plus I need to buy a mouse trap!

Photography assignment

After class tonight I didn't go hang out downtown and get me a frozen coffee and go to the library. I decided to head out to Best Buy where my tripod came from and see if they happen to have any suggestions on my broken piece on my tripod. The guy that was there was the guy who helped me learn different things about my camera and usually is very helpful. Today he was being a butthead! I was trying to explain to him what piece was broken but he wouldn't let me show him on the tripods they had and just told me if it is broke, you have to buy a new one and walked off!!! I stood there in disbelief of his rudeness. I stood there a bit and looked at the tripods and of course the tripod I have has been upgraded and also a big price increase!! Another employee saw me and asked me if I needed help and I was just kind ticked by the last guy. I decided to explain to him what was wrong with my tripod and he gave a possible solution that will be cheap also. He suggested that I just get a screw with a bigger head on it to help hold the piece in place as I can get it to work and stay on my tripod like that. I might give that a try before I do anything else. I also found that there is a limited lifetime warranty that might be helpful for me. We will see what happens!

I am going to see what I can do to get my scraproom in better order. I got me a couple of magazines tonight, one about mini albums from Simple Scrapbooks and the other is a papercrafts magazine all about color! I want to make me the list planner that is on the front cover on the papercrafts magazine. Hopefully I can get things somewhat organized so I can scrap a little this weekend!


Too much to do!

I have lots to do today and I hope I can get most of it accomplished. I have a very stuffy nose today and woke up around 5am and couldn't get back to sleep because of it. I sat in bed with my ipod touch and got caught up with my blogs on google reader!

I didn't get everything accomplished yesterday as I was hoping but I did got a couple of things done that will save me some time today. That is a plus! I am hoping to go outside here shortly and mow my yard. I am sure it is quite humid outside already!

I haven't even gotten to my daily MB reading as I have gotten occupied with looking at crumpler camera bags! After looking at them a little this morning I wouldn't mind having one but I don't like the price tag!! I am going to have to do a hunt on ebay to see what I can find. I might have to search for other cool camera bags also. I would like a stylish one that doesn't cost to much!

Water drop

I almost forgot that I have photography class today!!! I just love this class and look forward to it. I need to save all my pics onto a DVD and then reformat my card. My card is pretty much full after July 4th! I need to print out pics to bring to class tonight. I didn't get to experiment that much with taking pics in the dark with my flashlight. While I was cleaning I found some purple cellophane that I was going to use over the flashlight to give a different color in a picture with three colorful daisies I bought. I never got to it. Last night I was so tired that I just went to bed. I don't have a really good dark spot in my house during the day to try this. I hope to try this soon!

I had better get started with my to do list for the day!


Monday, July 07, 2008

Unusual weekend

I had to work this weekend and with it being a weekend after the holiday, the census is normally low. It was and it must have been around the hospital. Saturday night was great, my patients were all fairly good not to busy but not to slow. Just right. I ended up getting a mandatory at 2300 and got to go home. I haven't had one of those in over a year!! It was nice. I was excited to be able to go home as I could still attend my puppy training class.


Sunday after getting about 7 hours of sleep, I woke up and Phoebe and I headed to our puppy training class. She is doing good with her training! I am proud of her! I am going to work with her a little everyday as she takes her final puppy test this Sunday and gets to graduate!! :-) After class, we went to Petland to socialize some more and then headed home.

I had a nice relaxing time at home before heading to work. I even went to one of my new fave eatery to have a nice vegetarian meal before going to work. I was all relaxed and felt good when I arrived to work. Then the patients I had last night were soo good that they got sent home. I had all new patients and they were busier and I was having a hard time keeping up but was doing alright. Then I got a new admit and she was confused and combative at times. Once we got her settled, she did fine.

Then after 2300, we had to send another nurse home. I took over being in charge and it got a little busy! We ended up sending a patient to telemetry and then getting 5 new patients which left us with 8 patients a piece. I was trying to take care of staffing and my patients needed my assistance. I was being pulled in every which direction!!! I ended having to stay over to get all caught up with everything. Phew!! I am glad to have a few days off!

I hope to accomplish getting my house cleaned and to get my yard mowed. I even have me some heavy duty gloves to do some heavy duty yard work! :-)

I have been awake for about 24 hours now. I need to try to get Phoebe to take a nap and then take one myself!


Friday, July 04, 2008

Happy 4th!!

I Love America

I hope that everyone had a happy 4th!! I was excited this year because I had the 3rd and 4th off so I could be awake for doing things during the day. I actually didn't do much as I was sleepy but I still had a good day!!

I Love America

My sister, nieces and I went out to the city's big celebration. We got out there about 1900 to stake out our spot. Alot of the people had tents up and we were having a hard time finding a spot that we were happy with. Then shortly after we got settled, they announced for everyone to take there tents down. :-) I didn't remember that many tents from the previous times but the people that did have tents must have been there all day. That would be a good idea to help with the sun.

I Love America

I had gotten instructions from my photography class on how to take pictures of fireworks. I had brought my tripod and was ready to go!!! To start the evening off, I broke a very important piece on my tripod that holds the camera in place. I was able to get this piece to stay so I could attach my camera. I need to figure out if I can get a new part or how to fix this. I had about 100 photos left on my card. I did end up taking about that many as I had 8 pictures left when the night was over!

I Love America

I was quite happy with the results of my photos! This photography class has been worth it! I am much more comfortable using the manual setting on my camera. I have posted the pics I tooks tonight of the fireworks. Some are just so many fireworks going off that they kinda blurred. I started using the bulb setting on my camera instead of leaving it open for 8 seconds and I liked the results a little better! This one is my fave:

I Love America

I just love the red, white and blue in these fireworks!

I Love America

I am about to fall asleep! I am going to head for bed! :-)


Tuesday, July 01, 2008

Where does the time go??

I can't believe that a week has went by and I haven't blogged! I just got out of photography class and I am enjoying a frozen Mudturtle while sitting in the library using the internet. I still want to document photos from each class. I want to start that soon. I am quite tired today as I didn't get much sleep before having to get up. I really hope I can sit down soon and get this done!

Class was fun today and we have a creative assignment for next week. We are to be using a long exposure time on our camera in a dark room with using a flashlight for our light source. I need to get me a flashlight as mine won't work even after changing the batteries. Her pics are just amazing!!! She is creative with her photography and I just love it! I keep browsing through flickr.com creative photos. This can be quite addicting!!!

Today I got to pick up my new name badge with my new title!!! I am excited to be have a name tag that says RN,BSN!

Phoebe and her puppy class is going fairly good. She really needs to work on take it and leave it. Plus loose leash walking. It was quite comical as we did obstacle courses last week. One was treats all over the floor and I had to walk my dog through this and she wasn't allowed to eat a treat!! If she did, I had to dig it out of her mouth. I was (or the trainer!) was digging treats out of her mouth. This is another homework assignment I have! We have been given the test on what she needs to be able to do to graduate. The pressure is on!!

I have to say this puppy and photography homework is much more fun!!! I might have to get my tripod out tonight and see what I can do with long exposure times. I can't wait till I get my wireless remote in the mail! It might be another week but it is getting closer!!

45 minutes isn't long enough to do everything I want!! I had better scat as the library is closing in 4 minutes! Hopefully more soon!