Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Time flies!!

Phoebe and I

It has been a little bit since my last post! I just got done with my last photography class and it is sad! I really enjoyed my photography class and really enjoy the instructor I had! I took Phoebe last Saturday at a pet store she was at and she took pics of my Phoebe! I can't wait to get the pics! Phoebe really enjoyed and I did too! She is just too cute! :-) I am going to have to take her and the cats to her studio someday. You can check out her awesome pet photos here!

I really want to take her intermediate photography class. I will have to wait as I will be gone for two weeks during it. I want to be able to attend all the classes! I think I might take the portrait class that starts the end of October. It is only 6 classes long and the schedule is still open through that time to be able to get time off!

I am looking forward to having my nieces this week! We are going to have all kinds of fun! I am going to have to take them out on photo ops for fun! I am looking forward to doing some more light painting since I have my wireless remote. :-) The pic I included in my post today is of Phoebe and I and I used my wireless remote! I had a hard time getting a good pic of both of us! This is the best so far . . .

I am actually at the library before heading home. I am enjoying a frozen coffee and chilling in the library! It is a little busy here tonight. I am going to look up some cool photography stuff and be back later!



Amy said...

I love the picture Jana. :-)

April Driggers said...

THIS is a fantastic picture girl! Update your avatar!!!