Friday, August 31, 2007

Rocker Chic!

I did this on last night. Just having a little fun!

I have lots of studying to do today! Gotta go!

Thursday, August 30, 2007

On the mend, hopefully

I actually slept between 7-8 hours last night! It was great even though I felt tired today. I am sure that is because my body is confused from working nights for soo long. I was able to wake up early today and work on some things for school before going to school. I love it when things happen in a nice way!

I had my Old Testament class today. I found it a little boring as the reading we did, he just went back over it today. I am sure that will be of a benefit though as it will help things stay in my memory better! I think I missed one question on the quiz today because he worded something different than the book did. I need to start getting ready for my quiz for next week!

I need to really start researching for my Community Health class. I emailed my instructor today and need to answer her email. I need to start looking at things in-depth and email her my questions. I have a discussion board due next week that I need to get started on. Our first test is going to be posted next Tuesday so I need to really get into the reading! There is so much to read!! She doesn't give out study guides or power points to go along with the reading. I am scared of this test!

Today I woke up feeling feverish and took my temp. and it was 99.2. I still haven't gotten completely better from being sick a couple of weeks ago. Soo, I went to see if I could get my allergy shots today and they took my temp. in the office and it was 99.1. I got told that I couldn't get my allergy shots and I said I would try to contact my primary care phsyician and get an appointment for tomorrow. The nurse asked if my allergy doctor was able to see me that day if I wouldn't mind seeing him. Pretty soon she called my name! I was able to see him and he prescribed me an antibiotic. I just hope it does the trick! I don't have time to feel all icky!

I went to the bookstore at school today to ask about the planners they used to give out in the Fall. I was told that they stopped giving those out since you can get on the internet and look up all the information that was in them. Rats! I was hoping the lady just forgot to give me mine last week. They did sell planners and they had one that had a calendar plus room to write stuff in. I went ahead and bought that one since it had alot of what I was looking for! I will hopefully be able to get organized now!

I came to the Mudhouse to study. I had a sandwich and now it is time to get busy!

Wednesday, August 29, 2007

It's blogging time!!

This morning I had something I have been wanting to blog but I was too tired after work to do any blogging. While I was sleeping today, in my dreams I was trying to find a computer with internet access so I can blog! I makes me chuckle that I was dreaming this today!

This morning I finally got with my primary care physician regarding my heartburn problems. I should have done this in June when I learned that the interventions that my doctor suggested didn't work. I have lost hope in ever having complete relief from my heartburn again unless my insurance changes for the better. I was hoping that he would write this letter to my insurance to hopefully get my medicine that works approved. I didn't have that luck. Instead he made me an appointment with my GI doctor. The soonest appointment that I could get was Oct. 30! I have to wait two more months! I see my GI doctor at work occasionally and one evening he came in and wasn't rushed to get to the office and talked to me. When I told him my heartburn issues and what my primary doctor had done he told me that really the only thing left to do was to write a letter. I told the med assistant that I talked to this but it didn't do me any good soooo I have to wait for two months and in 2 1/2 months is when the benefits fair is at work. I am really hoping for a better Rx plan. This whole situation just sucks.

I have some studying to do tonight and I hope that I can sleep tonight since I have to be in class at noon tomorrow! I am going to work tomorrow afternoon on figuring out my Community Health assessment assignment.

Sunday, August 26, 2007

Camera news!

I decided to go to Best Buy today to see about the new Canon 40D and noticed that they don't even have the Canon 30D anymore! Canon has already discontinued the 30D before the release of the 40D! I have been emailed a date of September 20, 2007 for the release of the 40D which Best Buy is supposed to get it shipped to them on September 2, 2007! I was told that they tend to get the cameras before the official release date. :-) I have more of a reason to pay off my desktop so I can get a new camera!

The employee I was talking to told me she was taking photography classes as continuing education. I am going to have to look into that so I can learn more! She is taking business classes and hopes to be able to open her own photography studio someday. She said she has been assisting a photographer in photo shoots. That sounds like fun! I am looking forward to graduating so I can pursue fun things!

I am currently at the Mudhouse trying to study. I have been trying to find an academic refill for my day planner but I have been unsuccessful. The office supply stores in my area only have 2008 calendars now. One guy got on the internet and did a search for academic day planner refills but we couldn't find any! Soooo, I am out of luck. My Dad has made his own on Microsoft Excel so I am going to have to see how he did it and maybe make my own. I had bought a small academic planner but not really liking it that well. I need more room! I really need a planner so I can get track of all this clinical stuff I need to do for my Community Health class.

I guess I need to get back to trying to study! :-)

Saturday, August 25, 2007

Crazy night . . .

Work was nuts last night. I was in charge and we ended up with 7 admits!!! I really hate nights like this and it is getting to be every night! I am getting to enjoy nights that I come into work and we don't have any beds available. At least I won't be spending all the time on the phone talking with admitting.

Being in charge, I still have to take a full load of patients just like everyone else but yet I have to deal with staffing and admitting. I got frustrated with admitting because they called for one patient. No big deal but then in the next 5 minutes they called two more. Then shortly after they called for two at once they called again for a fourth patient! I had to say something at this point but it did me no good! They only care about the bed they are needing for this patient and not concerned on the workload that gets put on use. It is hard to be admitting that many patients and trying to meet all the needs of your other patients. You are running constantly trying to keep everyone happy. I had a patient get mad at me because it took me 10 minutes to get pain medicine to her. I thought with everything going on that was good! :-/

Work keeps getting more and more stressful. Adding all the stress from school along with it hasn't helped. I am in need of a vacation!!! I have two weeks off from work the end of October and the beginning of November. I can't wait! I do have a kinda small break in September but not as big as I would like! I am glad to have a couple days off. I hope to sit down and figure out my classes and get some reading done! I need some sleep first!

Friday, August 24, 2007

First day of school

I got to school early to buy my expensive textbooks! WOW!! 2 books and it was $140!!! At least this time they are hardback. I hate it when I spend that much on softcover books. I had a class this summer but it was mainly online so I didn't get to see the changes that they made till today. The school purchased more computers and upgraded Microsoft. Now we have to sign into each computer with our student id which we didn't have to do before. They even made new classrooms with fancy equipment. Both of my classes are in each of these new classrooms. They are way back in the building and trying to walk to the library on our breaks and back is difficult! I had to ask one of my teachers something and then reprint something in the library and I was late coming back to class!

My first class was Old Testament. I was getting to class about 20 minutes early and sat down near someones stuff not knowing who I was sitting by. It turned out to be a girl I work with! I was happy that I am taking a class with someone I know! She is in the ASN program and I am in the BSN program so we never did talk about our schedules at work not knowing we would end up in a same class. She said she is taking New Testament in the Spring and I will be too! We will have to try to get in the same class! Makes learning better with friends!

My Old Testament class was short and sweet today. He only kept us an hour which helped break up my day better. He went over the syllabus and said a few things and then let us go. I guess next week after all the reading we have to do this week that he will be keeping us the whole time. We have quizzes every time we meet- with today being an exception. He gave us the quiz today to have to fill in when we do our reading and then next week at the end of class we will take the quiz. It doesn't sound like a hard class, just lots of reading!

I had a three hour break from class so I had time to have some lunch and do some errands. I even had time to hang out at Borders for awhile! I had went to an office supply store to get a new insert for my planner to only learn that they just have 2008 calendars for planners. Mine ended in July so I figured that I would be able to get more refills to finish out the year. They stopped selling 2007 calendars in June. I will have to try another supply store. I bought a small academic calendar and don't really like it.

I went back to school for my second class, Community Health. This is the class that I have been stressed about because of this clinical time we have to do. I was hoping after going to class that my stress would go down from it but it didn't help! One good thing is that she accepted my CPR card that I had! I wasn't sure how I would be able to get a CPR class in to be able to do this clinicals. We have to do 45 hours of clinical and I thought we would be at a certain site but we aren't. We are picking and choosing a few different things but it seems like everything is during the day when I am sleeping. I will be missing out on a lot which I was afraid off! That didn't help the stress of having to do clinicals. I just need to sit down and go over all the stuff she gave us and email her. I really like my instructor for this class and she is also my advisor now since my other advisor took a new position. I was able to talk to her today about these correspondence courses and get her signature to be able to start one.

I was hoping when I got home to make a game plan and organize a calendar of what I need to do when but ended up falling asleep! That doesn't surprise me with what little sleep I got the night before. I still feel like sleeping but I need to be able to sleep most of the day since I work Friday night.

I think for the rest of the early morning hours I need to work on cleaning up my little bonus room and my desk. I can't seem to concentrate with clutter! :-) Then I might be able to concentrate on my studies!

Thursday, August 23, 2007

Icky Thump

I just love that song by the White Stripes! I fell icky this morning. I think I might have slept about 3-4 hours but then also woke up with a stomache ache. Ohhhhh . . . . . . . I had me a bowl of cereal and hope it calms down!

I need to get to school early so I can get my books for the semester. It is going to be a long day! I am glad to have an hour break between my classes today. I hope my tummy starts feeling better!

Last night I had went to Wal-mart for a little grocery shopping. I have a canvas bag that I bought from craft store that I am going to make into a nurse ninja bag! I have my nurse ninja patch that I got off of and I found a saying on the internet that I am going to put on the bag. I had found last night ink jet t-shirt transfers! I am hoping to apply my patch to one side and then too this saying that I found on the other! Hopefully I can do that this weekend!

I need to start getting reading for this crazy day!

Stuff . . . . .

Today is my first day back to school for the Fall semester. I am not looking forward to it at all! I got even more unexcited when I finally got into blackboard to print out the syllabus. My teacher for my Community Health class posted documents that we need to bring to class on the first day. One of the documents I have a feeling I am going to have a problem with which is my CPR card. I have my card but it is for Heartsaver AED and I need a BLS for healthcare provider card the one I don't have! I won't be able to start clinicals without having one. I am not required on my floor to have the BLS CPR card. Which I actually think that is what they only give out now but a year ago they still did it by what floor you worked on and what you would need to know for the type of patients on your floor. I am sure that I will have to somehow take the CPR class a year early than I thought I was going to have to just so I can finish this class. I will get more detail tomorrow but I am sure that is what I will be told.

I am still not back to my normal self. My throat still hurts some and my ear! I am sure this is from my sinuses but it needs to go away!!! Since I slept most of the day I have been unable to go to sleep tonight! That will make for an interesting day at school! I have to be there for 8 hours tomorrow. My nieces start school in the morning also. I will have to find out how there first day of school went if I get out of class a little early!

Nothing exciting has been going on. I have been working about every other day which when you work nights, you don't get to spend time with family and friends. I was really hoping to get with my nieces before school started but my work schedule didn't permit it. :-(

Something I learned today was about a new Canon camera coming out this September! I have been waiting till I get my desktop paid off before getting the Canon 30D. I figured it would be sometime this fall. I got an email today about Canon coming out with the 40D in September of 2007! At the same price of the 30D! WOOHOO!!! I am looking forward to researching what is new in the 40D and see what might be best. I might be able to get the 30D for cheaper too since a newer model is out. *Happy Dance* I am ready to go from nursing to photography! :-)

I should get my stuff together for the morning and try to get some sleep. I know I will end up falling asleep about the time I should be waking up! Hopefully, I will get a few hours at least.

Monday, August 20, 2007

Somewhat better . . .

I have had a rough week with being sick. I have ended up working most of it too! I got to work on Wednesday having a hard time talking and just not feeling good. Two nurses called in so I didn't want to be the third but I get to work and find out that I am the charge nurse on top of being sick! YUCK! I made it through the night okay. I had to be nurse ninja a few times and had to call security three times for backup! It was a wild night! I am not back to normal yet but feeling better.

I start school back up on Thursday and I am not looking forward to it. I have one class that I have to do clinical with. I am unsure how I am going to fit this in my full-time night schedule plus school. I stopped reading the sylabus for class as it was scaring me all the stuff I am going to have to do! I am sure that it isn't as bad as it seems so I will just wait till she goes over everything the first day of class. My other classes, I have no idea what to expect! They haven't been posted on Blackboard.

I haven't been able to get things organized as I had hoped. Being sick and not feeling like doing anything hasn't helped! I need to have more than just one day off from work also so I can accomplish things. That will be in almost two weeks! Totally sucks!

Here is something fun that I just happened to run across - a webcam of the eiffel tower!

Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Sickly girl

My little sore throat turned into more than allergies! I still have a sore throat, stuffy and runny nose - at the same time, coughing, and no voice! I know this has started as my allergies but had to take a wrong turn! I still had my nieces but I wasn't feeling good at all! We did have fun Sunday night at least when I was still feeling somewhat okay. Monday I woke up with everything hurting and a headache! I must have looked beat when I got up as my youngest niece asked if I was okay when I walked down the hallway!

Sunday night, we went to the Mudhouse and Jordan Valley Park. We normally go to Jordan Valley Park more often in the summer but this was the first time this summer! I took lots of pictures and even played in the water in my clothes and got soaked! I realized that we forgot to bring towels! My nieces were able to air dry as they had there swimsuits on but I was just soaked! I was glad that I had a small blanket in my trunk that I used on my seat to keep it dry. We stayed up late doing fun little things.

We really didn't get to do that much on Monday since I wasn't feeling good. I had to take Shilo to her guitar lessons and afterwards we went to Target. I wanted this slushie maker that they had in an ad the week before. It was no where to be found but I did find one that did shaved ice for slushies and snow cones! Yum! I made a Diet A&W Rootbeer slushie. Today I actually bought the syrup and made a sour cherry slushie! I need to try out the snow cone setting next!

I have been going back and forth from playing the Sims2 tonight, surfing the net and cleaning my house. I really hope to have my house somewhat organized before school starts and that is in 7 days! Out of the seven days, I have three days off from work before school starts and of course they are sleeping days. I hate it when I work every other day esp. with working the night shift!

Sunday, August 12, 2007

Long weekend!

I am excited about my extended weekend. I am only getting this because I have to go to an inservice at work on Tuesday. I am really excited for my nieces to spend the night Sunday! I have been thinking of things we can do together.

I woke up today with a sore throat and have felt kinda icky all day. My ears feel clogged up from the sinus pressure. I really hope that I wake up feeling better instead of worse! I have been trying all summer to find a time that my nieces can spend the night and it looks like this will be my last chance before school starts.

I have been enjoying my bonus room more since I have had the window a/c. I can play my Sims, scrapbook, surf the net in comfort! It is great! I went last night to Hobby Lobby and bought me an acrylic paint set and some brushes. I haven't really created anything yet, just playing around with a canvas mixing colors. I also got some additives to make my paint have a metallic look! So fun! My nieces might have some good ideas for me!

I am going to see what I can create!

Monday, August 06, 2007

Finally . . .

I have 4 new tires on my car! I got of from work this morning and went to Sam's till they opened at 10 a.m. I couldn't believe how many people were waiting outside of the store! I was like some big sale but there wasn't a sale. I was the first one in line for the tire department and they only had three tires left that would fit my car! Since I had gotten one the other day, that was perfect! I am glad that I have new tires and hopefully I won't experience that again anytime soon!

Saturady night I went to Borders to have more of that frozen coffee drink I have fallen in love with and there was an author signing her book. I went straight to the magazines and then the cafe but then on the way out, I noticed that she had a book about her cat! I was in! I love stories about kitty cats and she was telling me about it and I had to read it! She signed a copy for me and then I had something to read while I was getting my tires changed today. The name of the book is "According to Punkin". Too cute!

I have been trying to relax but have been a little tired since I only got about 4 hours of sleep today. I did accomplish grocery shopping and I got the kitchen clean. I am hoping to also work on my rolodex cards. I feel a nap coming on!

Friday, August 03, 2007

Tiring day (Ha Ha!)

Today turned into quite the day if last night wasn't enough. My Mom picked me up and took me to where my car was towed. I was told that there was a 3 hour wait so I ended up going back to my parents house. My Mom took me to my appointment this morning and while I was there, I got a phone call from the guy working on my car. He told me that the tire was unfixable and I would have to get a new one. I said that was fine and he never said anything about the other tires and I figured they were fine.

After my appointment, my Mom dropped me off since my car was done. While I was waiting to get my key, I noticed my ticket hanging on the wall with "Needs 3 tires ASAP!!" in large letters. I was upset!!! I asked them why they didn't tell me this when they called so I could just get all new tires. The guy I was talking to had just gotten there and didn't know what was going on. He said he would look at my other 3 tires before I left. We walked out to the parking lot together and I noticed right off that the tread was showing on one of the tires!!!! He told me that he can't have me leave with this tire in this condition! I would have to get back in line which would be another 3 hours. So, he told me he would put my spare tire on that wheel for me. While he was changing it, he accidently broke off the stem with the lug nut on it! I couldn't believe this! He said since it his fault that the store would pay for the repair and he would tell the manager so I wouldn't have any problems. He even told me of a shop near by that they send work that they are unable to do. He was telling me that it wasn't safe to drive with only 3 lug nuts but I should be fine just going down the street.

I get down the street and explain to the guy the details. Pretty soon he is coming back telling me that they would have to send this part out since the stem wouldn't come loose and that would take a whole day. I wasn't pleased with his attitude when I was asking about what else I could do as he just walked away from me and didn't answer me. Sooo, I called the manager at Sam's to let them know what happened and if I took my car somewhere else if they would still pay for it. He suggested me taking it to the dealer so that is what I did. Finally by 4pm, I had that problem fixed.

I headed to pay my car insurance and get a refund on my towing bill. I asked if my insurance offered any roadside assistance and I got told yes! It is already included in my insurance! I found that out a little too late! She told me that all I had to do was to call an 800 number and they would have called to find me a towing truck and I wouldn't have had to pay anything, the insurance would have taken care of the whole thing. I am glad to know this info now and have this in my car and need to get this in my cell phone. I also got me a car charger for my cell phone so I hopefully won't have the same situation with my phone again.

Then I went to Sam's to get reimbursed for the repair and I asked for the manager to start out with. He came up and was very pleasant and I had no difficulty getting reimbursed for the repair. That has been the easiest thing of my whole day! I still need 3 tires so I have to somehow get this done this weekend. I really think that the employee that didn't see my tire with the tread all worn out needs some talking to. If the customer can spot this then someone who deals with tires everyday should be able too.

I ended my day with a frozen coffee at Borders! Yum! They have changed the cafe and I really like the way the coffee taste in the frozen drinks better than I do the ones at Barnes & Noble!

I think I need to play a little bit of the Sims2 tonight if I can stay awake!

Thursday, August 02, 2007

A day trip adventure . . .

My sister, nieces and I had quite the adventure today. One we really could have done without!!! I will have to start with the fun stuff first!

We all decided to go to Branson today to spend the day. We decided to go to Tanger Outlet mall, Moonshine Beach and Branson Landing. We got started a little later than we wanted but it was all good! I had forgetten to charge my cell phone and it was about to go dead. I put it on the charger for about 15 minutes to get some charge and left to pick up my sister and nieces. (That will be important later!)

We arrived at Tanger Outlet mall and hit a few shops, had some lunch and then headed out to Moonshine Beach. I must have had the wrong address when I got directions off of google and we ended up of course for awhile but got turned back around and tried to ask for directions with no success and then finally recognized a landmark from our trip last year and we finally made it! I had a spring float and I lounged in the water as did my sister and nieces. We had fun water time at the park! Then we tried to get all the sand off of us, change clothes to venture to Branson Landing.

No problems arriving to Branson Landing. We only had two hours to shop at this point. We did some fast shopping and even split up so we could each get to shops we wanted to go too. We ended the evening seeing the fire and water show and went and had dinner before starting our adventure back home. I really wanted a Gloria Jean's iced coffee but they had closed after we had got done with dinner.

Then the adventure home started and we had gotten about 12 miles out of Branson and we noticed a funny sound and I had a flat tire! Of course it was 9:30 pm, dark and didn't know how to change a tire! I have watched my Dad change my tire before but I have never done it before. I was also going downhill and it was too dark to see anything. I had only 7% battery power left on my phone!!! I do believe that I will be buying me a car charger even though I do plan to get me a new phone in December. My sister had her cell phone so we called our Mom to get tow truck numbers and which was difficult finding a tow truck from Springfield to Branson. We finally had to call her back to get a phone number for a Branson tow truck. We had good luck with the Branson tow truck and my car should be in Springfield by now in the Sams parking lot. My sister was able to get ahold of her boyfriend to come pick us up. Finally after an hour, we had someone to pick us up!

We are heading back in his "bucket" as he called it! It is an older car and has some problems. We finally got to Springfield barely when his car quit! It should wouldn't drive and was smelling of smoke! He thinks the transmission when out!!! So here we are standing on the side of the road because he wasn't able to get the car all the way over to the side. My sister wasn't able to get service in that area for some reason but I was able to. My phone stayed on long enough for me to call home again and just said real fast that we were stranded but in Springfield and needed to be picked up! I can't believe this getting stranded twice in one day!!! About 20 minutes later my Mom came and picked us up and took us all home. What an adventure!! I really don't want to repeat it again!

When we were in my car stranded the first time my sister said that the fun had ended! A few days ago I had a thought that I should program some tow truck numbers in my phone just in case but never did it. That wouldn't have done me any good anyways so now I am going to also enter the Branson tow truck number! I have towing on my insurance so this will be covered which was expensive from Branson to Springfield. My Mom is supposed to be at my house around 8am to take me to my car so I can get my tire fixed or get a new one.

I am off to take a shower and get this sand off of me!