Saturday, December 31, 2011

Happy New Year!!

It has been a while.  I have really slacked at blogging this year but hoping to pick it back up next year.  I am thinking of doing Project Life next year and this is a good tool to assist with journaling.


I had an interesting night/morning!  I had suspected that I had a mouse in my cabinet near the stove.  I am unsure how but there must be a hold somehow and they are getting in from the crawl space.  Felix was really watching something but I went on with my business.  Later I am in bed and I can hear a commotion coming from the kitchen!  This went on for about 30 minutes till I got up to check it out.  I put my shoes on just in case but I didn't see anything but the cats had things out of place!  There had been a chase.  I am guessing the mouse was hiding in between my recycling sacks.  I went back to bed and went to sleep as it was 3am at this point.  This morning, I walking into my dining room to HALF a mouse!!!  The rest of the mouse was mutilated in the kitchen.  YUCK!!!!  I disinfected the floor this morning.

I have had some type of shoe on today just in case!  The cats keep hanging out in the kitchen like they hear something.  I wonder if they mouse came out because I had noticed last week my popcorn kernels were made into corn meal.  The mouse had also tried to eat Phoebe's dog treats!  I removed anything edible from that area.  The mouse came out to possibly find food not realizing it was going to be food!!!

I am going to celebrate the new year with my sister and one of my nieces.  The youngest niece has plans tonight.  I need to find a veggie tray for some healthy snacks!

Happy New Year!!!