Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Made me laugh!!!

Hopefully good news is coming!

Yesterday I spent the day mainly getting pre-admitted for my hand surgery and seeing my GI doctor. It was a good day to see my GI doctor as I had heartburn that wouldn't go away! That is what I have fighting with since my insurance took away benefits and won't pay for my medicine.

I found out yesterday when I was being pre-admitted that I will have TWO IV's!!! They couldn't even find a vein to draw blood from yesterday and finally took it out of my hand. And I am supposed to have two IV's. I found out that I need two because one is for the block to my left arm and the other will be for medicines. I didn't realize all the stuff they did to pre-admit someone. It took a little over an hour. I had some time to kill before my GI appointment so I hung out at the library finding books to but on hold! I never can find books I want at the library I am at.

I went to my GI appointment and had a chat with my doctor about my problems with the prevacid. He wants me to try this Reglan that my primary doctor prescribed for me but told me to cut it in half since I felt drugged with the full dose. I did that this morning and I still feel kinda light headed. I really hate that feeling! It isn't as bad as it was the full dose but still . . . He told me that he would try to get a prior authorization for Protonix. For some reason he feels like I would have a better chance on getting approval for it than Nexium. His nurse told me that they will work on that and I should get a phone call letting me know. I hope it is good news! I have another appointment in about a month to see how I am doing with the interventions he has given me. :-) I really hope that they are able to get the Protonix approved as I think that will help me the most.

I bought candy last night for tonight and I made the mistake of buying caramel assortment. I have been nibbling on it! I need to be home earlier than I normally am. I plan to hang out at the coffee shop today and mow my yard. I should be home in time for the goblins but I need to get started! I am excited as the CS3 Design Premium I ordered yesterday, should be here tomorrow! I hope that it stays on schedule! This Friday I get to scrapbook with my sister! :-)

Tuesday, October 30, 2007


Today is actually day 2 of my vacation. I slept just a few hours yesterday and got up so my Dad could come over in the afternoon to help me with my front porch light. I have struggled with getting the globe off! I took the screws off and pull and pull on it and it won't pudge. I even take try to slip something in between the globe and the ceiling and I can't get it off. GRRR! My Dad comes over and slips something in between it and it just comes right off! CRAZY! I now have a new light bulb for my front porch.

I am excited for my vacation which I won't return to work till Thanksgiving because of my hand surgery that I have next week. I am looking forward to having time to get my house completely clean. I barely have time to do the necessary stuff! I am also looking forward to just being a student and sleeping like a normal person! I am hoping to learn more about photoshop elements and this morning with my student ID was able to order CS3 Design Premium at a big discount! I hope to have that by next week!

Today I get pre-admitted to the hospital for my hand surgery and I also have an appointment with my GI doctor. I have had this GI appointment since the end of August! It takes so long to get into his office. I have had time to see my hand specialist twice since I have had this appointment scheduled. There must be a higher demand for GI specialist than hand specialist! I am looking forward to see the doctor's orders today. They may just be basic stuff and not tell me too much.

I am still loving my Canon 40D! I find it easier to use than my little Nikon point and shoot camera. I haven't really gotten into the advanced features yet and really would like a book about the Canon 40D but found out that the book I want won't be released till March 2008! I was really hoping that it would come out about the same time as the camera. I just keep searching for little tips on the internet. I also have a 30% coupon to use at Borders so maybe I can find a good book on digital photography!

I am off to get ready for my day!

Saturday, October 27, 2007


I have actually been productive today. The day started out with it being relaxed but slow. Then my sister called me around noon to invite me to hang out with her and my nieces at a halloween event! I was excited and I get to take pictures with my new camera! Yay!

I was getting ready to head to the Mudhouse to get some studying done but instead did a little cleaning, unloading and then loading the dishwasher and doing a load of laundry. I had been out of dishwashing soap for a while and had about every dish dirty in my house. I went to Sam's last night and got me a bulk pack so I shouldn't run out for a long time! I am glad that all my dishes are clean now! I even got the boxes broken down and put in the garage. I need to work on loading my car up and make a trip to the recycling center next week.

After I got done with this, I went to the Mudhouse house to get some studying done. I got right to business instead of playing around on the internet. I got my assignment that is due on Monday done! So unlike me to get things done early! :-) I also got my journal updated to today for class. I feel like I have accomplished things today. I do have to work tomorrow night so know I can work without worrying about how I am going to get my assignment done on time. That will help me feel more relaxed at work.

I am heading off to my sister's to see what my nieces are dressed up as and to take some fun pictures!

New toy!

Yesterday, I was taking it easy. I woke up early to go the community coalition for school and completed my clinical hours! Yay! I forget that I get 2 hours for putting my paper together and I am going to do another assignment for 5 extra credit points and also for 3 clinical hours. I will actually be over! I am excited that I actually completed everything!

I went and watched Saw IV yesterday. I am not sure what to think of it. It was just more of the stuff that was in the first three but then there was more added to the story to make you understand some things better. I don't always catch on to the jigsaw puzzle thoughts that goes on. I might need to watch the first three and watch part four again as I might have forgotten things that was in the previous movies.

Then after the movie, I thought I would go to Best Buy to price my camera I have been wanting along with accessories that I would need. I have been waiting for them to have 12 months, 0% financing. While I was there, the girl told me that she thought Circuit City was having that special and if so, she could match it for me. She called Circuit City and they are offering 12 months, 0% financing!!! So, I ended up buying my camera yesterday! :-) It is a Digital SLR, Canon 40D! I got home and but the battery in the charger and started playing with it a little. I have taken a few picture of the kitties. I am looking forward to going outside today and taking pictures! :-) I have a lot to learn! This will be something I can enjoy on my vacation!

Since yesterday I didn't work on any homework, I need to get caught up with my journal and do my discussion board question for Community Health. I also need to finish up some assignments that I started in my Community Health class for clinical. I had taken notes on a CD-ROM that we could watch for clinical hours and I have never written my summary. I also need to work on my Old Testament quiz questions for next week. I will have to get started on this early so I can play with my camera later today!

Friday, October 26, 2007

My hard work is finally paying off!!!

I got soooo excited yesterday! I started my day out working at a home school fair in the morning. That was fun! I had a booth for illness prevention/hand washing. The girl that organized the fair had brought a UV light and some special lotion so I could have the children see the germs on there hands and how well they washed them. The adults was interested too! I had a busy booth! It was a fun morning. As soon as that was over, I had to go to class.

I had Old Testament and at the end of class he gave us back our research papers. I was a little nervous as he kept telling us how we didn't follow instructions, blah, blah, blah! But after telling us how horrible the papers were he them told us that they were the best batch of papers he had read in a while. Hmmm . . . . . so I was surprised when I got mine that I only missed one point!!!!! I couldn't believe it! I have never written a research paper before and only missed one point! That makes up for me not doing as well on the mid-term final. Yay! I am going to keep studying hard so I can make an A in this class!

Another exciting thing is that I finished my clinical hours this morning!!! I needed 45 and have 46 in! WOOHOO!!! My vacation will actually be a vacation! I do have some big assignments coming up but I was afraid that I would have to work on getting the rest of my clinical hours in. I am super excited! I am going to write me up a came plan today of what I need to accomplish in the next two weeks for school.

On Wednesday, I got scheduled for my LAST semester of school! WOOHOO!!!!! I am excited. I am going to be sending off ASAP for a correspondence course and then taking 8 credit hours + my 3 hour correspondence course. It will be busy but it will be over with next May! I want to start taking some continuing ed classes in photography!

This is part of all my exciting stuff that has happened this week but I had another appointment with my hand specialist about the cyst on my finger. It was a little smaller but it is big again. It seems harder than it did before he tried to pop the cyst. Soooo, he has me scheduled for surgery in November. I have never had any type of surgical procedure before and I am a little nervous! My two week vacation is going to be extended to about 3 1/2 weeks now. I called my nurse manager to let her know and I will be getting paperwork in the mail for FMLA leave. I have to get pre-admitted at the hospital next week and already am registered. I will have two weeks to worry about what is going to happen!

Sunday, October 21, 2007

Funny kitty!!

My cats make me laugh!!!! Friday before going to work, I was taking Pandora and Felix to get booster shots for a new vaccine they received a few weeks before. I had the cat carriers in the living room and saw that Felix was sleeping in one so I shut the door. I got Pandora and with much resistance, got her in her cat carrier. I have a one car garage and can't seem to navigate the car carriers in the car very well so I went to the pull my car out and then came into the front door. When I came into the front door, Felix was having a cow in his carrier! He was trying to dig his way out! I had to laugh! He probably thought that I was leaving and I was going to leave him there like that all night! Poor kitty! He should know his mama wouldn't do that!

We get to the vets office which is always a fun experience! We got into the examining room and everything went pretty good. They had to have temps checked before getting the boosters and then the vet came to give the vaccine. This always gets Felix into growling mode! I get them back into the carriers which I just have to open the door at this point and they go in! I go out to the front of the office and set them down and this little boy says, "She has a dog and a cat". I told him that I actually have two cats with one that growls like a dog! He had to keep peeking into the carriers. I was getting giggly by this point! I got them home and had to de-fur myself before leaving for work! :-)

Thursday, October 18, 2007

A little break . . .

I turned in my big community assessment today. I stayed up all night to get it done and I felt like it could have been better. I just hope that I did better than what I thought I did. I have been soooo tired today! I had to be at school from 1200-2000! I was about to fall asleep! I am happy that I am at home now and can sleep tonight! It will feel so good! :-)

The new schedule for school came out today. I need to email the financial advisor at school as I could take 2 correspondence courses and take 5 credit hours at school. Or I can take 1 correspondence course and then take 8 credit hours. I wish that the correspondence course was covered by student loans. Either way I will be taking 11 credit hours but it will be my last semester!!!!!

I am going to take it easy tonight. I would like to complete these lessons from about photo touch-ups with photoshop elements. I was taking a class about digital scrapbooking but got so busy with school that it was gone when I had the time. All I have to do by Monday is a clinical on Saturday morning - after working a 12 hour night shift, read and answer questions for quiz in Old Testament and finish my Community Health exam. It feels good to not have to work on this crazy community assessment! I do have a presentation and intervention paper due in three weeks. I hope to get started on that next week so I won't be doing everything at the last minute.

I am off to relax a little!!

Wednesday, October 17, 2007


I have had only a few hours of sleep and decide to go ahead and get up to start working on my community assessment project that is due tomorrow! I go feed the cats and then all of a sudden I hear the sirens go off in town. I turned on the T.V. to see what is going on and found out that my county is under a tornado warning. It seems to be more north of the county than I live. What a way to wake up! My whole week has been a whirlwind so far! I bet they have all the patients in the hallway at work and it would be report time too! I am glad I am missing out on that!

Sunday night into Monday morning I was unable to sleep. That didn't surprise me since I slept through my alarm on Sunday and slept most of the day. Right before trying to lay down Monday morning, I was looking at my community assessment guidelines and realized that I didn't have some information from my sites!!!!! I was freaking out a little and emailed my instructor and I also tried to call her office after 8 am to see if I could talk to her. I even called a couple of my other community sites that morning to get the additional information. This Center of Addictions place wasn't very nice when I called. I wasn't able to get info from them and even tried again today and could never an answer at the main number or the number of the person I originally interviewed. When I got off work and out of a meeting for clinical this morning, I went and visited my sites and did my windshield survey. I came home and made a few phones calls to get more information. By this time it was almost 2pm in the afternoon and I had been up since yesterday so I finally took a nap.

I accidently slept through my alarm on Monday and missed my clinical experience but I was glad that it was an opportunity that is an on-going so I was able to reschedule. I am supposed to go back next Monday now!

I went to a community coalition this morning for violence free families. It was interesting seeing all the different communities working together. I didn't realize all the different coummunity organizations and the way they work together. So many commities that go on! I might have to go to some other opportunities like this if I am able. I also got to talk to a couple of classmates that was there too. They had a ton of information in the center about substance abuse I am going to include in my binder.

The sirens have now turned off in town and the warning is over for my county. I think I should be able to concentrate on my community assessment! I am going to be soo glad when I am done! :-)

Monday, October 15, 2007

Trying to be productive

I got home from the Mudhouse and decided to have taco salad with turkey meat. Since I ended up sleeping most of the day, I was hungry! While I was cooking, I was also cleaning my laundry room. I had things sitting in the floor to recycle and it was hard to get around. That room isn't that big so one item can cause traffic problems!

I worked on getting the laundry done to get the hamper out of the way. I worked on getting the recycling to the garage for loading at a later time. Then I worked on mopping the floor. I have the litter box in this room and as many interventions I have taken to prevent the litter from being scattered has failed. I am pretty proud of my accomplishment of the laundry room! By the time this got done, my turkey meat was ready for seasoning and the cutting of the veges. Yum!

I was able to work the rest of the night on my Coummunity Health. I was hoping to be done way before know to work on writing up my community assessment. No such luck. I am still waiting for my bed sheets and comforter to be dry so I am going to use this time to work on writing up my assessment. I won't be getting much sleep today before going to my clnical experience for the day and then going to work. I will deserve me some frozen coffee today! I also might be getting my energy drinks delievered today. I will have to run by my house after getting done with clinical!

Sunday, October 14, 2007

Sleep is optional

I realized today that this week is going to be insane. The most insane one I have had in a while! My plan for today was to wake up early - I set my alarm for 0900 and get all this stuff done for school. I somehow slept through my alarm and woke up around 1400 when my sister called me! I told her for some reason I was asleep but that wasn't my plan. She was telling me how beautiful it was outside today and that I should spend some time outside. That sounded like a good idea but I had to much to do for school.

I got up, checked my email and had a hot pepper cheese sandwich (not good for the heartburn but my fav!). I still felt quite tired so I laid down for a little bit. Then my phone rang around 1700 and it was my Mom wondering how I was doing. After I got done talking to my Mom, I finally got up for good! I took my shower and finally got out of the house to my current location, The Mudhouse. The Mudhouse has a website now. You should check it out!

I am concerned about this week I have as I am going to not get enough sleep. Since I messed up and slept for like 14 hours today, I might not be able to sleep tonight. AARRGGHH!!!!! I am sure I needed it though. I have been getting from 3-6 hours of sleep when I do get to sleep. Sometimes I am up for 24 hours or more before getting to go back to sleep. It is crazy. I have figured up that after Oct. 25, I might have all my hours in for clinical. This busy schedule will pay off. On November 8th, this class will be over! I so can't wait!!!

My schedule for this week:

Monday - I need to call the last two community sites and get the info. I also need to finish up my windsheild survey for the morning and evening times. I have to "observe" an vaccination clinic for 3 hours in the afternoon and then have a 1 1/2 hours before having to go to work. I work 7p-7a. My also will have an online exam posted for community health today. My discussion board and journal entries are due by noon.

Tuesday - My plan is to sleep. I am sure I will need it. If needed, work on my the final touches of my community assessment. I have to work and be the charge nurse from 7p-7a.

Wednesday - After I get off from work this morning, I have a one hour meeting about violence free families. I have been thinking about meeting with my instructor about my community assessment to see if everything is in order. It also might be to late to do that as I won't have time to do much more research. Get some sleep! I also will need to make sure my community assessment is all in order and to review for my quiz in Old Testament.

Thursday - I have class from 12-20. This is the day my community assessment is due. I will be so happy when that is done! I also should get my mid-term final back to see how I did.

Friday - I need to take two of my cats, Pandora and Felix, to see the vet for booster shots for a new vaccine they received. Then I take them back home and go to work from 19-07.

Saturday - After I get off from work this morning, I need to rush to the other side of town and work at a child care provider event for more clinical hours. Then go home and crash!!!

Sunday - get ready for the home school fair and make my poster about illness prevention and handwashing. I was hoping to just show up at the fair but I think it is going to be fun making this poster. Plus the time it takes me to make the poster will be clnical time. :-) I might have to have my sister and nieces over for grilling or just to have dinner for some fun time. I am not sure what she has going on either.

Update on my cyst is that it is still there! I can tell that he did make it is a little smaller at the base but the top part is still there and it seems harder for some reason. It is super tender after him doing the procedure on my finger. I was thinking it might be swelling but I don't think it is. I am going to wait till the end of the week and see how it is just in case before calling the office back. He was so optimistic that he had gotten the cyst and I wouldn't have to come back. I wish that was true as I wasn't fond of having my finger numbed and poked at! He will probably do that again unless he decides that I need surgery to get this cyst taken care of.

I need to get the Napser tunes going and get started on this homework!

Crazy week . . .

I have had quite the week! I finally got my Old Testament paper written and turned in. I also had a mid-term in this class and didn't get all the way through the 36 subjects we told us to read about. I started reading through the quizzes that we had gotten back and wish I had just done that to begin with! I am not sure how well I did on the mid-term as some of it was really easy (the parts I did study!) and some of it wasn't (the parts I didn't get to study). Sooo, I guess I will find out on Thursday.

Thursday was a busy day for me as I had a meeting to go to for clinical that morning and I crammed for my mid-term till it was time for class. The center that the meeting was at was one of my community sites. I tried to talk to someone while I was there but no such luck. They told me to call later. The girl at the desk after I explained why I was wanting to see someone was kinda rude as she snapped, "What kind of questions are you going to ask?". When I called back later and got to talk to someone I started asking my questions and she snapped, "How many questions are you going to ask me?". GGGRRRRRR!!!! She let me finish. I wasn't impressed with that place. The grounds aren't kept up and the place seems disorganized.

Friday was the day that I was to finish visiting all my sites. I only had 4 more to go . . . . . which I only got 2 done. I didn't realize that 2 of my sites closed early on Friday. I got to one place and they were locking the door but she gave me the name of the person I would need to contact on Monday. One place, the doors were locked but had a sign to go to the south door. I called them from my cellphone and they closed at noon but she told me who I could talk to on Monday. I was happy to get what I did. At least I can get started on what I have and then add to it later. I am soo ready for this assignment to be over!!! Then I have to write an intervention paper and a presentation about what I learned while doing my community assessment.
Saturday, my plans were to go to the loft walk downtown but my allergies were crazy! I thought I would lay down for a bit and then go downtown. I never made it back up till it was time for the international festival I was working at for school! BUMMER! I missed this last year because I was working so this year I made sure I was off and then I sleep through it. The international festival was fun. There was three of us at our table taking blood pressures and handing out info about blood pressure. We had to provide info in spanish and english. I was in charge of making a sign about free blood pressure readings. I went to and had it translated into spanish. I found out that it told me something wrong! One lady kept looking at the sign and she told me that it really said, "Liberty readings of tension". We had to laugh! She hid my spanish sign since it was confusing!

In two weeks, I will be on vacation! I should be able to complete the last few assignments without any problem. I am looking forward to having a day that I don't have to work on school or go to work. It is soo long overdue. I am looking forward to scrapbooking at a crop that my sister and I are going to while I am on vacation. I still have kits put together from the last time we went to this same crop in April of this year. I am behind on my kits for the remember me club from a LSS. I hope to be able to get caught up! The year is almost up!

Wednesday, October 10, 2007


This morning was my appointment with the hand specialist. He told me that how he treats ganglion cyst is by numbing my finger and then injecting air into the cyst to make it pop. He told me that if the cyst came back then he would attempt it again. If it comes back a third time, he would do surgery. I was a little nervous about him doing this procedure on my finger!

He injected 1.5cc of numbing medicine and it took affect quickly. I was able to watch him poke that needle in my finger and not feel it so it was working! By putting that much fluid in my pinkie finger, it was all puffy! I wasn't sure how he thought that he had popped the cyst. He went into two different spots and told me he felt like he got it. I am sure he is used to palpating these things. My whole finger was numb and felt 10 times bigger! Such a weird feeling. I had plans on coming home this morning and typing my finger but realize how hard it is to type with one finger being numb. Of course, it is the finger the rest on the "A" key which is used a lot! :-) I finally went to bed.

My Mom had called me shortly after I had went to bed to ask about how my appointment went. My finger was starting to feel more awake at that time and it seemed to me that the cyst had shrunk but I can still feel this hard nodule near my joint that I have had with this. I go back to sleep and when I wake up later in the evening, my finger is sore and is slightly bruised. Then the cyst seems to be there and more swollen! I am hoping that this is just fluid that needs to be absorbed but I am not sure. I guess I will give it a few days to see what happens. He told me if it came back to see him in one month and he would do this procedure again.

This numbing of my finger interferred with my plans this morning. I was hoping to come home and try to finish that paper that is due in the morning but I just couldn't type sooo I am getting ready to do that know. While I was waiting for the doctor today, I was trying to read my 37 subjects for my mid-term in the same class tomorrow. I realized how difficult it is going to be to get all these subjects read. I really want to do good on this test but I have a feeling I am going to run out of study time. I have a meeting to go to in the morning related to my community assessment which will cut down my study time. I am just ready for all these big assignments to be done so I might have some relaxation time!

I had better get busy so I might get a few hours of sleep tonight!

Saturday, October 06, 2007

Light the Night

I worked this evening at the Light the Night leukemia/lymphoma walk. Their was four of us from my Community Health class and we took blood pressures for anyone who wanted them. Not to many got their blood pressure so we also helped at a booth next to ours with handing out glow sticks which got quite tangled! Then we did the walk when it started. It was a fun evening!

I ended up going to bed this morning around 0630. After dealing with tech support, I thought I would work on my online exam but my allergies was going haywire! I couldn't stop sneezing and had a runny nose. I did about 5 questions. Since I slept all day my main goal tonight is to get the online exam done and get sketch an outline for my research paper. Tomorrow, I need to be focused!

After getting to talk to some of my classmates regarding their community assessment, I feel better. They haven't really gotten started either! I have to work hard this week visiting my sites! I could get started with writing up some of the segments that I have researched on the internet. Since my classes are online and we meet about once a month, I don't really get to know my classmates. It was fun today to get to talk with some classmates! I am sure with some of the other sites I am doing I will get to meet more classmates. One positive thing about these clinicals!

I might try to watch a movie while answering my questions for my online exam. It will take me longer but it makes it fun!

Who needs a digital signal?

Here it is 3am and I was going to watch Grey's Anatomy only to find out my TV tuner isn't working right. I found the file on my computer to play it and then I don't have a picture but I can here sound! It worked a few days ago.

I call tech support and since I have had my computer less than one year, that means tech support in India! When you have a problem with something the last thing I want is to have some guy I can't understand. He kept telling me it was my video card but it had all the current drivers. Then he said to go to some hardware thing and find my TV tuner to test it. He didn't even know what it was under!!!!! He works in tech support? He told me to look under communications and audio but no TV tuner is listed. He puts me on hold. While I am on hold, I decide to look under video - ahhhh I found the TV tuner and start the test. He gets back on the phone and tells me that I need to do a system restore to get my TV tuner to work again. I told him that I found it and it and I was running the test. Everything passed but the digital TV signal. He tells me that I need to do a system restore to get that to work again. WHAT?!?!?!??! I explained to him I didn't think that was true as the digital signal has to do with my cable company and they have to fix it. I guess if they don't know what is going on the answer is system restore. I am glad that I know some computer stuff as he didn't! He had to put me on hold if I asked a question! CRAZY!!!!

A few days ago, a cable guy came out to my house and messed with my cables outside my house and reprogrammed my box. My cable company upgraded the DVR service and ever since then certain things hadn't been working correctly. I went and checked my other TV in my extra bedroom that is hooked up without a box and same problem with it, no signal!!! I can still get a picture on my TV in the living room. I am glad that I did record Grey's Anatomy on my TV downstairs! Since I record ER also, it always cuts the end of Grey's off and I miss something. I thought that recording Grey's with my TV tuner, I would catch it all!

I have spent the last 2 1/2 hours working on this problem. Now I have to wait for the cable company to fix whatever is causing the problem. I need some sleep! :-)

Busy weekend

I have sooo much to do and not enough time!!! I was quite tired when I got off from work this morning and had to go home to get some sleep! I finally got myself out of bed and left the house around 9pm just to get out. I went to Borders and enjoyed a frozen coffee drink while looking at scrapbooking magazines! I also found something cute to give my nieces for Halloween! A nice little 'getaway' from school. Sometimes you just need to have some relaxation.

I kept wondering on Thursday how I was going to get through work that night as I couldn't sleep all night and maybe got about 3 hours of sleep! In class that morning, our teacher talked about needing a nap. I was all for! :-) During class, I kept looking at my syllabus for Community Health in regards to my assessment that is due in less than two weeks. I finally had some things click that will help me. After class, I saw that my Community Health instructor was in her office and had a talk with her in regards to my assessment. She told me I was on the right track. YES!!! I felt better!

Then after running some other errands, came home for a short while before heading to work. I had a cute email from one of my nieces! I had to print it out and bring it to work with me. I get to work and have a note in my mailbox that I had written to my nurse manager with a response to the days I needed off for school. One day I am only working the first 4 hours from 19-23 and getting off the last 8 hours of my shift. That will allow me to get some sleep and work on my community assessment the next day. :-) AND I had troubles getting the other day off because I am in charge and everyone that is trained to charge is busy too. The one nurse that works nights that used to charge when she was FT didn't want to be charge. They are starting to train another nurse on nights to be charge and she will be charge that night and then our prn night nurse will work it! It is all changed on the schedule so I am relived! I was in a much better mood after learning this when I got to work and made working on little sleep a little easier. It also helped that most of my patients were pleasant.

Now to the busy weekend part. I have a 50 question test to complete for Community Health by Monday. I also am working at one of the local fundraising walks on Saturday for clinical hours. I need to get my research paper written for Old Testament. I have all my resources, just need to read through them and start the paper. I also have a mid-term in Old Testament that we have heard that everyone fails. I wish that he didn't make a mid-term final and then a research paper due the same day! Rough! I am hoping to type up a ref. to all the subjects he gave us for a study guide. I have a feeling I will run out of time before getting that typed up. I work Mon. and Tuesday night. I need to be focused and I am sure that I will get it done! In two more weeks, I should be able to relax a little. :-)

I am off to watch Grey's Anatomy and work on those 50 questions!

Thursday, October 04, 2007

Less than two weeks . . . .

till my community assessment is due!!! Have I been able to visit any of my community places? NO!!! Actually yesterday now, I had planned to wake up early and visit some of my community sites that I have chosen. I had set my alarm for 0900 but somehow slept through it! I woke up around noon when the phone rang. I was in disbelief when I saw what time it was! :-/ I thought at least I had the afternoon but I was super tired! I had put an energy drink in the freezer and went and laid down setting my alarm to wake me up in 30 mintues. I ended up waking up 4 hours later which it was after 1700 and had a frozen energy drink by this time!!!!! I am not sure at this moment how I am going to get this community assessment done.

Tuesday morning after I got off from work, I meet up with some of my classmates and went on a tour of the Federal Medical prison. I had been there before but it had been 10 years. It was an interesting tour but we got started late with waiting for people to show up and then the person giving us the tour was late too. The mental health unit looks like prison cells you would see in a movie. Then after the tour, I went home to get some sleep. I had a dream that the inmates had made a secret passageway to this little strip mall and held me and another nurse I work with hostage. I think that comes from a story that I was told by a doctor that worked at the prison. He told me that a couple of the prisoners had escaped and went to a bar not to far from the prison. I guess they didn't have any money and didn't know what to do so they called the prison to come pick them up. I have no idea how they could have escaped with all the security and curled up barbwire that goes all over the fence!

I am looking forward to my appointment next week with the hand specialist. This cyst has gotten bigger and hurts. I am ready to have something done! My finger looks pregnant! I have been told it is unusual to have a cyst where I have mine.

I really need to be sleeping as I have class and have to work tomorrow. I am going to be a sleepy head at work. I noticed one of the days that I needed off that we had 5 nurses all night. I asked if I could just work 19-23 and be off 23-07 and it was approved. I still can't get anyone to work for me on the 25th and the one person that could be charge didn't want to be in charge and said no. I am going to have a rough day that day!

I am going to finish my Old Testament quiz for tomorrow and hopefully get some sleep!