Wednesday, October 10, 2007


This morning was my appointment with the hand specialist. He told me that how he treats ganglion cyst is by numbing my finger and then injecting air into the cyst to make it pop. He told me that if the cyst came back then he would attempt it again. If it comes back a third time, he would do surgery. I was a little nervous about him doing this procedure on my finger!

He injected 1.5cc of numbing medicine and it took affect quickly. I was able to watch him poke that needle in my finger and not feel it so it was working! By putting that much fluid in my pinkie finger, it was all puffy! I wasn't sure how he thought that he had popped the cyst. He went into two different spots and told me he felt like he got it. I am sure he is used to palpating these things. My whole finger was numb and felt 10 times bigger! Such a weird feeling. I had plans on coming home this morning and typing my finger but realize how hard it is to type with one finger being numb. Of course, it is the finger the rest on the "A" key which is used a lot! :-) I finally went to bed.

My Mom had called me shortly after I had went to bed to ask about how my appointment went. My finger was starting to feel more awake at that time and it seemed to me that the cyst had shrunk but I can still feel this hard nodule near my joint that I have had with this. I go back to sleep and when I wake up later in the evening, my finger is sore and is slightly bruised. Then the cyst seems to be there and more swollen! I am hoping that this is just fluid that needs to be absorbed but I am not sure. I guess I will give it a few days to see what happens. He told me if it came back to see him in one month and he would do this procedure again.

This numbing of my finger interferred with my plans this morning. I was hoping to come home and try to finish that paper that is due in the morning but I just couldn't type sooo I am getting ready to do that know. While I was waiting for the doctor today, I was trying to read my 37 subjects for my mid-term in the same class tomorrow. I realized how difficult it is going to be to get all these subjects read. I really want to do good on this test but I have a feeling I am going to run out of study time. I have a meeting to go to in the morning related to my community assessment which will cut down my study time. I am just ready for all these big assignments to be done so I might have some relaxation time!

I had better get busy so I might get a few hours of sleep tonight!

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Catherine said...

Hope the procedure works for the cyst!