Saturday, October 06, 2007

Busy weekend

I have sooo much to do and not enough time!!! I was quite tired when I got off from work this morning and had to go home to get some sleep! I finally got myself out of bed and left the house around 9pm just to get out. I went to Borders and enjoyed a frozen coffee drink while looking at scrapbooking magazines! I also found something cute to give my nieces for Halloween! A nice little 'getaway' from school. Sometimes you just need to have some relaxation.

I kept wondering on Thursday how I was going to get through work that night as I couldn't sleep all night and maybe got about 3 hours of sleep! In class that morning, our teacher talked about needing a nap. I was all for! :-) During class, I kept looking at my syllabus for Community Health in regards to my assessment that is due in less than two weeks. I finally had some things click that will help me. After class, I saw that my Community Health instructor was in her office and had a talk with her in regards to my assessment. She told me I was on the right track. YES!!! I felt better!

Then after running some other errands, came home for a short while before heading to work. I had a cute email from one of my nieces! I had to print it out and bring it to work with me. I get to work and have a note in my mailbox that I had written to my nurse manager with a response to the days I needed off for school. One day I am only working the first 4 hours from 19-23 and getting off the last 8 hours of my shift. That will allow me to get some sleep and work on my community assessment the next day. :-) AND I had troubles getting the other day off because I am in charge and everyone that is trained to charge is busy too. The one nurse that works nights that used to charge when she was FT didn't want to be charge. They are starting to train another nurse on nights to be charge and she will be charge that night and then our prn night nurse will work it! It is all changed on the schedule so I am relived! I was in a much better mood after learning this when I got to work and made working on little sleep a little easier. It also helped that most of my patients were pleasant.

Now to the busy weekend part. I have a 50 question test to complete for Community Health by Monday. I also am working at one of the local fundraising walks on Saturday for clinical hours. I need to get my research paper written for Old Testament. I have all my resources, just need to read through them and start the paper. I also have a mid-term in Old Testament that we have heard that everyone fails. I wish that he didn't make a mid-term final and then a research paper due the same day! Rough! I am hoping to type up a ref. to all the subjects he gave us for a study guide. I have a feeling I will run out of time before getting that typed up. I work Mon. and Tuesday night. I need to be focused and I am sure that I will get it done! In two more weeks, I should be able to relax a little. :-)

I am off to watch Grey's Anatomy and work on those 50 questions!

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