Friday, October 28, 2005

Only 3 more days!

I am just a little bit excited about my up coming vacation! I plan on scrapbooking and possibly painting my kitchen if I get really ambitious! I have been able to sleep tonight as yesterday I slept 16 hours! OMG!!!! I don't remember that last time I got that much sleep! I had another one of my allergy attacks and I was worn out from it! Sneezing ought to be an aerobic activity! I also took two benadryl and went to sleep - and woke up with one of my cats on top of me probably wanting to be fed!

I went scrapbook shopping yesterday to hunt for papers to make my swaps that I am in. I was hoping to find more halloween stuff than what I did. I was going to go to Micheals and Hobby Lobby today but my sleeping stunt made that impossible! Hopefully next week when I am on vacation I can have a normal schedule! I am hoping to start working out next week and hopefully get back into that good habit I used to have!

School is going pretty good. I got an email yesterday about my group project and we were the bomb!!! My instructor said that we were the best group and even gave us extra credit! WOOHOO!!!!!! I was soo excited about this! We still have more to do on this project when our teacher post what the next step is but I am sure that we can do it! Statistics is okay. I was sitting at the Mudhouse last night to work on my homework and it probably spent two hours trying to figure out why I wasn't coming up with the same answer that the teacher came up with from the examples he gave us. For some reason it finally came to me what I was doing wrong! It was soo simple what I had done so I finally got about half of my homework done after I figured that out. I was in there studying for about 4 hours and couldn't take it anymore! I went home and finally balanced my check book! I hate it when I let my check book get that out of balance but it is all okay know!

I am going to work on some of my scrapbooking swaps so till next time . . . . . . .

Wednesday, October 26, 2005

Only 5 more days . . . . . .

Till my vacation from work! I can't wait! After last week and the way things happened last night at work I definitely need this vacation! Tuesday morning when I was finishing up my charting I couldn't get to during the night, the alaris pump people was coming in to start the transition to the new pumps! I might have an anxiety attack this weekend and end up on vacation earlier! I am going to feel soo stupid with these new pumps and the patients will wonder "She is my nurse? She doesn't even know how to program the IV pump?!". I am sure once I get used to the pumps it will all be fine -- just getting to that point is what is going to take me awhile. I will get it figured out this weekend and then be on vacation for almost two weeks and forget it all! AHHHH!!!!!! The same thing happened when we started computer charting earlier this year and I am doing fine with that know.

Has anyone every watched Laguna Beach? I watch that show mainly to see the ocean and all those gorgeous homes! I think I need to go there . . . . It makes me want to go on a vacation. Maybe I need to plan a vacation in January for my next vacation. I will have to check around and see what I can pull off! Maybe that would get me motivated to start working out and eating healthier!

I finally got my new fridge last week and it is kinda funny. I went grocery shopping and the fridge still looks bare! He He!!! Ever since getting this new fridge, which is white to go with my Coca-Cola kitchen, I am getting motivated to paint my kitchen! Currently the walls are still the same as when I moved in which are a pale green with this UGLY wallpaper border! The floor is an off white with some kind of design and it looks dirty next to a white fridge. Maybe my fridge breaking down will cause me to get started on working on my kitchen!

I thought I was going to get some homework done when I got on the computer but that hasn't happened. I also need to balance my check book. That has become a major chore to me anymore! I used to stay on top of it but not anymore! I am just enjoying the tunes I have downloaded (legally) on my windows media player. I am excited cause I actually have two more days off till I have to return to work and I am going to leisurely do my homework and then do some scrapbook shopping for some swaps I am in. :-) I guess I should be more productive and get some things done before going to bed!

Friday, October 21, 2005

Busy week!

I finally got me a new fridge on Wednesday and soo glad to have a fridge again! I was so glad that the company I bought my new fridge at hauled my broken down one away! Besides that, I have been busy at work and school and just chilling with a friend of mine. My work schedule this week has been stupid, if you ask me. They have me working every other day this week with working nights. I hate working every other day! I have only 10 more days till I am on vacation! WOOHOOO!!! I'm not going any where, just not to work!

Fall Break was last week at school and one of my classes didn't give us any homework to do. Well, Monday our teacher emailed everybody and gave us two weeks worth of stuff to do in one week to make up for not doing anything on fall break. I am frustrated about that! I have some studying to do this weekend!

The pic I posted today makes me have the travel bug. I haven't been anywhere fun and interesting in a couple of years and I think I am way overdue for a exotic vacation! Maybe I can plan that next year - I just need to get my passport so I can go anywhere!

I should get some sleep. I have been super tired but can't get to sleep! I need sleep before I go to work tonight or it is going to be a long night!!!!!

Friday, October 14, 2005

My refrigerator is melting . . . . . .

I wake up this morning at 0145 and walk into my kitchen to see that liquid is dripping from my freezer. I open it up and the popsicles that was in the side door has melted and dripping between the rubber seal to the floor. It has been making funny noises the last few days. Hmmmm . . . . . . not a good sign. My fridge came with my house when I bought it and I don't really know how old it is but I think I need a new one! I am frustrated about this cause I don't know when I am going to have time to even shop for a new fridge till a week from know because of my work schedule. I guess I need to stock up on non-perishable items till I can get this problem solved.

I finally got my yard mowed today! That might be why my I can't breathe through my nose right now. I am soooo glad that I finally got this done! I have soo many loose sticks in my back yard from all the trees that I can use my firepit! WOOHOO!!!!!

After I got done mowing my yard, I thought that I would go work on my statistics homework. I tend to get more done if I am not at home so I went to Barnes & Noble to sit in the cafe. I get there and start getting my homework out and realize that I don't have writing utensil with me! I ended up just reading some magazines and going back home and fell asleep to later wake up to the melting fridge! I should try to get some more sleep.

Wednesday, October 12, 2005

Fall break, kinda . . . .

Felix has been wanting my attention today! I was trying to study for my statistics test and had all my notes spread out on the kitchen table and he would lay down in the middle of it! I would put him down and back up he was! He just loves his mother but his mother was stressing over z-scores!!! As cute as he is, I had to pack up my studies and I went to the Mudhouse and studied till I had to be at class tonight. I worked on reading and understand a paragraph the instructor wrote on our study guide and that paid off! It was the fill-in-the-blank! (Or as my instructor wrote it on our test - Phil-in-the-blankz!)

I finished my Statistics test tonight and it wasn't as hard as I was thinking it was going to be. I made sure to look up what he did put on the study guide and it helped! There was one question that I had no idea what he wanted or where it was in our notes. I hope that we get these test back! I still haven't seen what I got on the second statistics test. Today the lecture after the test went over my head! I am going to have to read into hypothesis, one tail and two tail testing more. I was able to do the math but why we are doing the math, I have no idea! The rest of this week is fall break so I don't have as much to do this week with school. I just have to figure out my homework for statistics before next Tuesday . . . . .

Anyway, I am actually sleepy tonight and hope I can fall asleep tonight. The last two nights I haven't been able to fall asleep till 7am! Then that makes me trying to get out of bed at least by noon to get things done! I guess doing that two days in a row is catching up with me. I need to do laundry then I can go to bed!

Tuesday, October 11, 2005

Meme challenge #14

a meme n (mëm): is an idea that is shared and passed from blog to blog, like a question posted in one blog and answered in many other blogs.

Here is my collage for the meme challenge on 2peas! I hope you enjoy!

That was fun! I had to do it a second time because I was at a coffee shop and couldn't print and thought I had saved but it didn't when I got back home. I liked my first one better but ohhh well!

I went and did my training on the new IV pumps we are getting at work tonight so I don't have to worry about that anymore. At least till we get them on the floor and I forgot everything! It doesn't seem to hard, it is just a change from what I am used to! What I find exciting is that we can run blood through these pumps! WOOHOO!!!!

I have been trying to study for my statistics class and I am getting scared about my test Tuesday evening. I will just keep studying till I understand it. I just hope I understand it before class tomorrow night! I had better go finish studying!

Monday, October 10, 2005

Another hacker?!?!?!?!?!?

I just don't understand it. The Scrapjammies message board has yet again been hacked! I can't believe it! Why does someone want to ruin our scrapbooking fun? I hope that the message board come back up soon as it is an addiction of mine, along with a few other message boards. :-)

Other than the hackers striking again, I had a wonderful day! I had a rude awaking by my sister today! Good thing she called. All the allergy medicine I took I didn't wake up till 1320 today! She woke me up and told me to get up and get ready and take more allergy medicine and meet her at the biking trails. Oh my! I got up and finally met her at 1445. I was dragging with the aftermaths of my allergy attack and didn't think I would have the energy to ride my bike. I found the energy! My sister and I had to keep track of four little girls all between the ages of 8-10! That can be a job! I had a great time riding bikes and I will have to do that again very soon! There was also Art in the Park this weekend and I ran into a couple people I work with. It was a very nice afternoon in the park!

Then I went to a friends apartment and we went and hung out at the Mudhouse. I was supposed to be studying my Statistics but it didn't happen. That is alright cause I don't really understand z-scores! Tomorrow I have to study my Statistics! I do better under pressure so maybe I can get something accomplished.

I should be sleeping but I'm not. I am trying out a new feature on my computer with the lightscribe technology. It burns a label on your disk! How awesome is that? I am burning the label as I blog. I does take to long! The program told me it would be done in 30 minutes! It had better look good if I have to wait that long! :-)

Sunday, October 09, 2005

Meet Snowy

I spent the evening at my sister's house and got to see my nieces and there new bunny, Snowy! He is cute and loves to hop around the house. My sister gave him a bath today to make him gorgeous!

I went to the Loft walk today downtown and the weather was rather nice for walking around. I choose the wrong shoes cause my arches hurt halfway through. I need to remember this for future Loft walks. I always have one loft I can't find. I was walking around circles at the square trying to find Loft #4 and it was nowhere to be found! I really liked Loft #3 and always enjoy seeing how people have things decorated. I really like the tile look on the kitchen counters. Someday I am going to redo my kitchen counters and hopefully I can use some of the ideas that I have seen.

I woke up today with my allergies bothering me and I guess walking downtown with all the ragweed in the air didn't help. All I have done tonight is sneeze! I have sneezed so much that my voice doesn't want to work. I hate my allergies. It needs to freeze so that it will kill off the ragweed! I need to mow my yard but it will only make my allergies worse. I need to get my face mask out and look like an alien as I mow my yard! I am hoping that this will be the last time that I have to mow this year. I have been falling asleep waiting for my bed sheets to get dry. The dryer buzzed so I took two Benadryl and went to take my bed linens out only to find that they are still damp!! So I am waiting for them to be dry and hope I don't pass out before they are. :-)

Tomorrow my sister and I are going to ride bikes together!! WOOOHOOOO! I am sooo excited! I have to dig my bike rake out of the garage and check out my bike and see what I need to do, if anything, to get it ready! I just hope that my allergies are better by morning . . . .

Saturday, October 08, 2005


I woke up this morning with the temp. in my house at 63 degrees! All my cats were all on my bed trying to stay warm! I have a waterbed and I can tell when it gets cold outside cause they sleep on it all the time! I feel like my face was frozen! I am not ready for all this cold weather! I want to get my bike out before it gets too cold and ride around the neighborhood. I haven't ridden my bike in over a year, maybe two! I am not going to be the next Lance Armstrong at this pace!

I am excited because today is the loft walk downtown! I am going to be awake for it this year! The last few years I have had to work the night before and get off at 0700, try to get some sleep and go. I have gotten there late and not been able to see all the lofts. This year I am going to see them all and enjoy my walk downtown! I hope it isn't too chilly outside. My temp. in my house has me concerned about this!

I think I am going to got huttle in my bed with my cats to get warmed back up. Hopefully when I wake back up it will be a little bit warmer in my home!

Thursday, October 06, 2005

Testing out HTML codes

Web Work in Progress!

Sorry for all the mess, but I haven't quite got around to implementing this section yet. Hopefully I'll have everything up and running real soon.

Click here to go back to my home page.

Well - I wrote the above in HTML code. I can't get the picture to show up though and don't know why it won't. I got my idiot's guide to HTML from the library so I hope to make something of this book!

Wednesday, October 05, 2005

Countdown till my next vacation

I needed to move this up so I can see it and know how many days till my vacation from work! I am getting 11 days off from work! Yeah! Maybe I can do some scrapbooking!

Trash service and gas prices

I called my trash company today to send me more bags for my trash. I started using the bag service a couple of years ago since I don't have that much trash and it was cheaper for me to do it that way. Today I got told they weren't going to do that and that they will be picking up those bags till Dec. 31, 2005. I wondered why they didn't tell me before this. What if I had bags that would last me through next year? It has taken me 7 months to go through 15 bags! She told me the reason that they were cancelling the bag service was because of the gas prices and people in outlying communities that have this and don't put it out every week and that is wasting there gas. They still will have a bag service but I have to use my own bags and then it would be $7.50 a month but I would have a limit on how many bags I could put out. I told her I had to check around first and she told me I wasn't going to find anyone with bag service anymore. Well, I did! HA! From the other company I can get 30 bags and that would last me a whole year! As soon as I use my last bag with the other company, I am switching! :-)

10 favorite movie lines and other stuff.

Here is the challenge from 2 peas in a bucket for this week:
My favorite movie lines are:

1. "I gave her my heart, and she gave me a pen" - Say Anything

2. (Converstation took place on the ice skating rink)
"Favorite New York moment?"
"This ones moving up the chart." - Serendipity

3. "This time without the opps" - Independence Day

4. (Geena Davis said this when they were putting a cop in the trunk of his car. He begged her not to shoot him because he had a wife and she said...)
"You do? Well you be sweet to her. My husband wasn't nice to me and look how I turned out."
- Thelma & Louise

5. "How about this for a number: six. That's how old my other daughter is. Eight is the age of my son. Two is how many times and I have been married and divorced. Sixteen is the number of dollars I have in my bank account. 850-3943. That's my phone number and with all the numbers I gave you, I'm guessing zero is the number of times your going to call it"
-Erin Brockovich

6. "You know, taking us out for ice cream in the middle of a blizzard make you wonder who the real whack jobs are." -Girl, Interrupted

7. "I am in a dress. I have gel in my hair. I am armed and I 'm starved, don't mess with me!"
-Miss Congeniality

8. "I've probably burned truckloads of your stuff before, I can't remember to forget you."

9. "I see dead people" -Sixth Sense

10. "I only speak two languages: English and bad English." -The fifth element

Well, I am typing into my blog for the first time with my new laptop! My other laptop needs repairs that my service plan won't cover and it was going to cost me ~$1000 to repair. (All from the water spilling incident) So I went shopping last week and found me a laptop with all the coolest stuff! I am still trying to transfer programs and my contact list from Outlook but is going good. My Sims2 game plays quite well on this computer as I had it upgraded to 1GB RAM plus a 256 MB card that was in my computer. It also has the lightscribe technology that I haven't figured out quite yet.

My Microeconomics class is driving me nuts! I study and study for these quizzes that are on blackboard and I don't do very well. It is also open book! My instructor words things in such a way it doesn't sound like what is in the book but it really is. I am getting nervous about the final if the quizzes are this hard. The final isn't going to be open book as we have to go to class that night!

Statistics I guess is going okay. I have a test next week and I am nervous about it because of the z-scores. Last week I understood them and then today when we went over the homework I wasn't understanding where he was getting certain numbers. This weekend I have got to study my Statistics so I can do good on this test! He still hasn't given back our second test that we took. I don't understand what is up with that! I want to know my score!

I have just been relaxing tonight since I don't have any pressing issues that I have to get done tonight. Just sitting back and listening to music on Napster. I upgraded my membership and have really enjoyed it since I have! I think I am going to play the Sims2 after I get done with my blog.

I got me a book from the library about the idiot's guide to HTML. I am hoping to learn different things that I can do to my blog. I see other people change colors and format with different pictures so I want to know how to do that too! I want to be cool too!