Saturday, March 31, 2007

New addictions

I really don't need any new addictions but with windows vista you have gadgets you can have on your desktop. One of the gadgets that I found when search gadgets was the website. I have been having fun reading other peoples comments of there day and leaving comments. Then how much you use the website, you gain experience points and unlocks other stuff you can use to rate you day.

Jasmine's birthday party was fun and I will have to post pictures later! I am still working on getting programs installed and having some problems as some aren't compatiable with windows vista. That has been a pain! I just have to keep checking websites to be able to download various things to make them work. Some don't have stuff yet but I hope they will!

Crazy night and b-day party!!

Last night around 1am, I was still up trying to figure out Windows Vista and where things are and such. I decided to load the Sims2 on since I had an upgrade in the video card that supports the sims installed. The CD door wouldn't open when I pushed the button. I restarted the computer, nothing. I can't load my software! Since I have a service plan, I called the 24 hours Circuit City line. That guy was no help at all! He said even though I have a service plan, my computer is under warranty still with HP. I was trying to tell him that I don't see the DVD drive listed under computers. I thought he could help me get the computer to recognize it. He said that I needed to call HP as it was being recognized.

I call HP tech support and I am in India talking to a guy with an accent. I tell him what is going on and he tells me that it isn't being recognized by the computer. Finally! He stepped me thorough some things and it didn't work. He had me take the side panel off the tower and come to find out that the DVD drive wasn't even hooked-up! He stepped me through on how to reconnect and then it worked fine! Then under computers, it showed a DVD drive! I ended up staying up till 3am getting this squared away and I am tired today!

Today is my youngest niece's birthday party. We are going to firehouse pottery to paint! I am excited about the gift I got her cause I know she is going to love it! I got her a bratz doll that has magic hair that you can crimp, curl, glitter, color and some other things I can't remember! I need to remember my camera!

Tonight at work is going to be interesting since I haven't had that much sleep. I hope that I will be able to get a little nap in after the birthday party today.

Friday, March 30, 2007

Last day of vacation . . .

My vacation is coming to an end. I have enjoyed my 12 days off from work and a few days off from not having to do school stuff. I actually will have another vacation in April but for only 7 days. All this vacation is to help with my work and school schedule. I am so ready for this semester to be over!!!!

I got my desktop delivered today from Circuit City. I am not sure on how they schedule in-home set-ups but mine has been very bumpy! I was told a time of 4pm to 6pm. At 5:15 pm I got a phone call from firedog asking when we rescheduled my in-home set-up and I told him today at 4pm. He comes back with a shocked "Today?!" response and I said yes today. I told him that the computer is still in the store. I didn't go back over what was to be done and I should have. He gets here and sets my desktop up, gets my spy sweeper and virus software running and he thinks he is done. I said that the in-home was for networking my laptop with my desktop and also hooking up my TV tuner. He was unaware of this even though I had told him that when I rescheduled and I thought that it was stated that way in there computer system. I guess not. He didn't have the proper cables to hook up my TV tuner so he attempted to set-up my network and kept getting error messages on my laptop. The network and TV tuner isn't work yet. He is supposed to be back on Monday morning to finish this and go over things with my new system. It makes me wonder if this happens to other people that use there in-home service.

Another little snag that we hit is that my printer doesn't have updated drivers for Windows Vista. He told me that it can print but some of the features won't work. The printer is maybe 2 years old, works good but is an older model that is available today. He told me to keep checking HP's website to see if they have made a driver for Vista and my printer. I think this is HP's way of getting people to buy new printers. But currently, I still have XP on the laptop but I am supposed to be getting a Vista upgrade for it someday.

Today I was at Target and I ran into a cousin of mine that lives two hours away! At first I didn't think it could be her but she was in town for a few days. I had not seen her in a long time! It was nice to see her!

I am unsure how I am going to stay up all night tomorrow. I have been on a normal schedule while on vacation and haven't been able to stay awake! It will be interesting tomorrow night!

Thursday, March 29, 2007

Too much school today

I don't like the days that I have to be at school for 8 hours! That is too long to be at school. If I don't get out of my first class early, then I don't get a break. So far we have been getting out early enough that I can leave for awhile and come back for my second class. I am glad that I only have to do this only once a month!

I have the first issue of digital scrapbooking magazine and can't wait till I have time to actually sit down with it at my computer! I might after class today depending if I can get this research critque done today.

I guess I should get ready for the day and print my notes for class. :-)

Wednesday, March 28, 2007

No new computer today

I guess there was some kind of mix up and my name wasn't on the firedog schedule today. I was told on Monday that my in-home setup would be Wednesday at 11 a.m. and finally after 2 phone calls and 4 hours and 20 minutes later, I finally get a call from the service guy I was told was going to be doing my setup today. He told me that my name wasn't on his list and he was sorry for the mix-up. He told me the soonest appointment would be Friday at 4pm so I took it! :-) I can't wait to get my new desktop set-up and have a computer network in my house with my laptop!
While I was waiting on a word from Circuit City, I called Wacom in regards to my pen tablet. The pen doesn't work anymore. I haven't had time to play with it much but my nieces wanted to draw with it when I had them on Monday and that was when we discovered it didn't work anymore. I was glad to find out from the company today that I have a year warranty from when I purchased it. I bought it in May 2006 so I am in the good! I even called the place that I bought it and they have it in the system and can reprint my receipt for me. Yay!
I guess know that I can stop waiting for the phone to ring, I can do some homework!

Good day for a new desktop!

Today has been a cloudy day and it just started raining. The firedog squad must be running behind from there first appointment as they aren't here just yet. It has given me some extra time to get the bonus room ready and I even mopped the kitchen floor! I hate mopping the kitchen floor! I might finish up with cleaning and organizing while they set my computer up.

Yesterday I woke up with the right side of my neck sore! It is a little better this morning but still sore but I woke up today with a sinus headache and the right side of my throat is sore. My nose has been driving me crazy! I took my temperature and it was 98.1 so I think I will live. Since I have been up moving around and have taken used my allergy eye drops and nasal spray, I am feeling a little better. I took my Claritin late in the day yesterday so it should be still working! I think part of my allergy problems are the house cleaning I have been doing. I have allergies no matter where I go! I wish that I could get my health insurance to pay for a housekeeper and keeping up with mowing and raking the leaves in my yard! After some bad allergy attacks with doing yard work, I now wear a mask while doing yard work and it helps!

I have Macy Gray's new CD!!!!! I usually go to Best Buy to get new CD's as they are cheaper but remembered that they didn't get Macy Gray's new album on the release date so I called. They didn't get Macy Gray's new album. I tried to ask them if they were going to be getting it soon and then my cell phone dropped the call! I went to Circuit City to see if they had it and they did!!!!! The guy that helped me find it handed it to me and I let out a sigh of relief and clinched it with my fingers. He asked me if I was having a hard time finding it and I told him that since she doesn't get played on the radio here that it is kinda hard to find her music. Circuit City Rocks!!! :-) I have been able to listen to her on my stereo that has better sound than my computer!

I guess I will finish straighten things up while I am waiting for the firedog squad.

Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Feel like creating . . . .

I have been wanting to create this week but haven't had the time with trying to get organized at home. I need to work on that when I get home to get ready for Circuit City! I went to the National Art shop and saw sooo many different things to create art with! Ahhhh, I think my scrapbooking has opened my eyes up to new possibilities that are out in this world and love the art world! The art of photography and graphic design appeal to me. The picture is what I have started so far but yet have had time to finish it.
I have also been wanting to create a banner for my blog also. I have gotten discouraged as I tried to switch my template to go with the blogger beta and every time I try to edit the HTML codes in beta, it tells me it can't read the code and then I remove my code to get my blog to work. I have placed the codes in several different places and get the same message. I am unsure on how to get a banner to work if I do stay with a beta template. I finally switched back so I can still have my additions that I have added to my blog. I find this rather frustrating. I am not going to give up on figuring this out but it is going to take me some time to have time to figure this out! :-)
Today is the official release of Macy Gray's album "Big"! I need to buy me an official copy! I have been listening to the album for a week now and love it! I just love her voice and style!
I had better get back to my studies and figure out what I need to accomplish this week.

In 24 hours . . . .

Circuit City should be at my house with my new desktop! I can't wait to finally have a working desktop. My desktop now is 7 years old and is unable to run a majority of the programs out today. It is super slow! I have plans to finally get my budget in order and have once spot for my files in one spot. Currently, my file get moved where ever the laptop is and I don't have a comfortable spot to sit - except the kitchen table but it is getting old having to clear the table off when I want to use it for its real purpose! Another bonus is that this new computer will have a TV tuner so I will be able to watch TV upstairs! This kills two birds with one stone. I might get a little more scrapbooking done! :-) I hope everything goes smoothly with the installation of everything.

Monday, March 26, 2007

Wild day

My nieces spent the night last night and then this morning my sister calls me at 8am and she has my nieces half-sister and she is bringing her to my house. When they all three get together, they can be kinda wild! It wasn't to bad. I took them to lunch and then we spent the afternoon at the park. I was hoping for more photo opportunities but I did get a few good ones.

Circuit City called me today to set up my in-home setup with my new computer. They will be here on Wednesday morning! I need to get my bonus room organized and get my desk cleared off. I didn't get that much done today with the girls here so I will be busy getting organized for the firedog crew and also working on some homework tomorrow.

I have been cleaning and cleaning which I have made great progress. I have a problem with my mail as going through and getting what looks like actual mail and then the junk mail goes to the side for when I have time to shred it. I need to just do this everyday when I get my mail and not when I have a pile of it to deal with. My shredder got over heated yesterday and wouldn't work. It can't even take all this junk mail! I need to work on this.

I also got registered for the Summer and Fall semester's at school. I will be only taking one class this summer which will be online and then also working on the correspondence courses for history and then political science. Then this summer I will have two classes. I have been told that the BSN class I am taking this Fall is a busy one and also has clinical hours that I will have to fit in somehow. I have often thought about fitting all these classes in the next two semesters and then graduate in December but I am afraid it would be too much. I hope spreading them out will help me and not feel as time compromised as I have felt this semester on getting work done.

I am going to relax the rest of the evening and then go full swing into my school work tomorrow! Ohhh, and tomorrow is my youngest niece's birthday and she will be 10! I need to go shopping for her a birthday gift!

Back to school

I just finished my third assignment that I had due while on spring break. I think that is crazy! I am ready for school to be over for the semester! Today I can register for the summer and fall! Getting myself closer and closer to graduation! :-) I am planning on taking one class this summer and I believe 2 in the fall. I need to review all this more in the morning and email my advisor.

I have been enjoying my time off from work and school. I have my nieces currently. The are looking all cute sleeping right now! I hope we are able to do some fun things Monday! I hope that the weather holds up and we get to go to the park and take pictures. Today my sister, mom, my nieces and I all went to see a movie this afternoon. We went and saw the Bridge to Terabithia. It was good but sad. I hope to be able to make it to the movie theater again before having to go back to work.

On Friday, I went to Circuit City and bought me my new desktop computer! I don't have it yet as I am having them set it up and get a network going in my home and to also hook up the TV tuner for me. I am sooo excited! I am looking forward to having a desktop that I can actually do stuff on. My desktop now can't run any of the programs they make now as it doesn't have much memory and only a 10 GB hard-drive. The new desktop will have 400 GB so I will be able to keep all my music and photos better on this computer. I also had a different video card placed in it too so I can start playing the sims again! Ohhh, I miss my sims but I haven't had the time to play them anyway.
The picture I added today was a picture I took of a tree that I thought was pretty with all the pink blooms! I have learned that it is a Magnolia tree. I have also been playing around with photoshop elements tonight and adding filters to some pictures I took yesterday. I love what you can do with pictures now!

I had better get some sleep so I can get up early as I know the girls will be doing!

Wednesday, March 21, 2007

A fun morning

I finally got some sleep last night and woke up around 8am this morning. I signed into my Rhapsody account to see what was new in music and noticed that they already have Macy Gray's new album for download!!!!! I made breakfast while signing and dancing to her new album! I have it on my mp3 player already too! That was a nice thing to wake up to today! Macy Gray is the bomb!!! :-)

I was still having problems loading my Napster songs onto my new mp3 player so I called Rhapsody since the songs have been imported into there player. He told me that he couldn't help me as it had to do with the license of the songs. I called Napster and they told me that I had to use there player to download my songs. I never was able to get Napster to recognize my new player even though it is a player listed as Napster compatiable. I found out that my player has two different modes and it was in the wrong mode for Napster. I changed the mode and finally Napster recognized my player. Now when I sign into Rhapsody, it still recognizes my player but won't show the songs I downloaded while in the Rhapsody mode but they will still play. I decided to do a test transfer of one of my imported songs in the play for sure mode in my player, and my Napster song tranferred! It all had to do with my mp3 player. I am glad to have this all figured out! I just have to decide which one I will keep, which I am thinking it will be Napster even though they don't have albums out a week before they are out!

Today I am planning to relax and do some things around the house. I am hoping to take all this recycling to the center today. I am hoping to clean out my garage and maybe get the shovel out and turn my garden to get ready for planting soon. I would also like to get my flower bed in the backyard ready to plant flowers there soon. I had these ugly bushes there climbing my house and my Dad took them out for me last year. I will have to plant flowers that will tolerate shade. I am excited about getting these things done today and hope the allergies don't bother me to bad. I will have to listen to my mp3 player as I do the yard work and cleaning of the garage!

Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Venting . . . . . .

I had a stressful afternoon with my first appointment! My first appointment was at 1450 which the receptionist told me I was 7 minutes late and they had to get approval from the doctor before being seen. I didn't even have to see the doctor but I said fine. I waited and waited and finally 40 minutes later I went and told them how long I had been waiting. They even have a sign that if you have been waiting over 30 minutes to tell the receptionist. People that came in after me were leaving!! She told me that the doctor hadn't responded to the approval but she had already checked me in. I went and sat back down. I thought I would be the next one called but NO!!! The med assistant came out and called someone else's name. I instantly jumped up and went to the receptionist again and was upset this time but quietly upset as to not cause a scene. She told me that he said he was going to call for me next and I told her he didn't. I went and sat back down. At this point I have been waiting 65 minutes! I call my hairdresser as it is time for that appointment and I am still in the waiting room. As I am telling her that I will be late, they call my name in an articulate tone. I didn't see that necessary! I kept quiet and had to wait about ten more minutes once I get back to the exam room. This has happened to me before when I am in there for an injection but why people that check in after me get called before me I am unsure why that happens. If I have an office appointment, I get in sooner. I was glad to get out of there today!!!!

I get to my hairdresser which was halfway across town and was 25 minutes late. She said she could still cut my hair but might not have time to style it. I was okay with that considering the circumstances. I am sooo glad that I was able to get my hair cut today! I had about 2 more inches cut off today which took my hair back to my shoulders. When I blow dry my hair, it has a natural flip to it and when it was a little bit longer it seemed to lay funny to me. Know it seems to lay better! Yay!

On an exciting note, there is only one more week till Macy Gray's new album comes out! I can't wait to hear it! :-)

I have blogged three times today which I believe is a record for me! I guess since I have been up since midnight, I just have had lots to say today.

Rain, Rain go away . . . .

I think we are starting with April showers sooner than expected! I checked the weather for the next 10 days and it show rain through next Monday! I really hope that does change so I can get my bike out and take pictures at the park.

I have been awake since midnight and never did get to bed. I should be able to sleep normal tonight as long as I don't fall asleep to early! I have two appointments today so I am planning to be lazy around the house till it is time for my first appointment. Hopefully my first appointment doesn't take to long as it is very close to my hair appointment that I thought was yesterday!

I sat in the tub for 45 minutes today and was reading the latest Creating Keepsakes magazine and was reading letters in regards to the digital kit that was available for download that I never did anything with. I need to find the booklet that was with that issue and see what I might be able to do with that digi kit. I even saw a link about a 4 week class on photoshop elements. I think I need to somehow fit that in my already busy schedule! I am sure I will learn things not only for digi scrapping that I would like to learn but also for editing photos too!

I am having 130 photos printed today of recent photos I have taken and I hope to be able to scrapbook some of them with the kits I have made or from my scrapjammies kits that I haven't used yet.

I am also going to try to give my blog a new look. This can be a pain because of the HTML codes that I ad. When you choose a new templete, it doesn't keep what you have added. I am going to start the process of making a Word document with my html codes so I can just copy and paste them back into a new templete and I hope to learn how to make a banner for my blog also. I have a few blogs saved that gives you tips on how to do this so hopefully in the next few days as time allows, I will have a new look here! :-)

Vacation and Spring break

I am glad to finally be on vacation from work and my kinda Spring Break. I have been working on homework that is due at 8am DURING spring break this morning. I also have homework due AGAIN DURING spring break on Friday! I find this frustrating.

Yesterday, I had an appointment with my hairdresser to get my hair done. I get there and my hairdresser isn't there and I was told that she hadn't been there all day. They called her and she was in Branson and she told me that she had me down for 4pm on Tuesday not Monday. When she gave me my appointment card, she wrote down Monday at 4pm. So we had a little mix up somehow. I guess I will be getting my hair done later today!

I ended up falling asleep last night at 7pm and woke up about midnight. I haven't been able to sleep since I had an extended nap. I guess since I am finally done with my homework, I should work on cleaning a little and maybe then taking a nap so I can stay up all day and get on a regular schedule.

It is thundering and lighting this morning. I hope it doesn't rain all day!

Friday, March 16, 2007

Better day

I still have ruffled feathers over school, but I am just going to do the best to get it all done so I can still enjoy my spring break. Anyway, enough about school.

I went out in my backyard and took the after pictures on how this tree looks. They had forgetten a rope in my back yard. The guy was coming over to my house to get payment this morning so he was able to get his rope. He told me that the tree wasn't easy to get down as it was a strong tree except for the weak spot that caused it to fall during the ice storm. They left the stump up higher than I thought they would. It comes up to my shoulders when I stand next to it. I still have a couple of trees that need trimming which I am still working on getting bids on. He gave me a bid today on them but it seemed pricey. I think I need to just get more estimates on that job before committing. I am still 3 weeks out on getting an estimate from a local company. I can tell with the whole tree down that I am going to have quite a bit more sun in my backyard.

I am still quite tired after yesterday and feel like a nap right now! I feel asleep with my laptop in my bed watching Grey's Anatomy season 2. I am totally in love with that show! I am understanding things better after watching season 1 and 2.

I came to the Mudhouse so I can work on homework, so I guess I should stop crusing the internet and get busy!

Ready for a break . . .

I am so ready for spring break but I am unsure why we were given one. The only class that I have that is acknowledging spring break is my college algebra class and I like that class! The other two classes, I could do without - esp. Theories and Research! I just finished an online test and didn't do very good at all. It was even open book! I noticed tonight how I have two discussion boards due while I am on spring break and reading I have to do to answer them. I also have a paper due the Monday after spring break. I have been up since 4am studying today and I am going to do my best tomorrow to get the reading done to at least one of my discussion boards questions that is due next week. I am really not liking school at this moment!!!

One good school thing that did happen today was that I got an 88.5% on my College Algebra test but I wasn't able to get all the homework done because of being to busy with my other classes. I didn't get that bad of a grade even with missing a few of the homework problems.

While I was in class tonight, the tree people dropped my tree. They called me on my cell phone to tell me that they were there. They weren't supposed to come till Saturday. They left my stump up way to high. The guy is supposed to stop by my house in the morning so I will have to ask him if there was a reason for that. My yard is a bigger mess now! I will have to take pictures in the morning and post them. I never want to experience an ice storm again!

I am going to get my grumpy self in bed and curl up with my cats. :-)

Tuesday, March 13, 2007

WOOHOO!!!! The tree is coming down!!!!

The tree in my backyard that split in half during the ice storm is finally going to be coming down! I am excited! :-) Since I had other bids I was able to do a little price war. He first was $100 over a bid I got so I told home I had a bid for less so then he went below that bid and I said he could do it then! It might be Saturday when all this takes place and then I can get my backyard back! I am curious on how the sun is going to hit my backyard now. Before I had quite a bit of shade because of this tree and now I won't have as much, but will have some.
Last night at work was CRAZY! I couldn't keep up with the request of my patients last night and was doing the best I could. Phew! I have to work again tonight plus be in charge. I am not as excited about being in charge. I hope my team has calmed down for me tonight!

Monday, March 12, 2007

Girlfriend - Avril Lavigne

Girlfriend (Japanese Version) - Avril Lavigne

I am trying something new that I saw in my Rhapsody account regarding posting links to music. If you click on the title, it should take you to the song listed. I am curious if it works or not!

Leave me a comment to let me know if it works or not! All it does for me is take me to my account and start playing the song.

Not the weekend I had planned . . .

I haven't gotten anything accomplished that I had planned other then shopping!!! :-) I was hoping that with this four day weekend I would be able to get caught up with my homework but it didn't happen. I couldn't seem to stay awake! That happens occasionally with working the night shift. I even went to the Mudhouse tonight to do some homework and I just couldn't concentrate! So I have been working on my reading and answering the discussion board question and working on college algebra while watching the Amazing Race all-stars.

The fun shopping that I did was at Best Buy! I finally made a decision on a mp3 player and got a Sansa e200 series, 2gb with expandable memory. I love it! I guess it is also called the lil' monsta! I even got a 2 month free trial of Rhapsody-to-go. I have always been a Napster member and not sure if I will keep it or not. When I first attached my mp3 player to my laptop, it loaded 1.5GB of music that I don't listen too. I deleted all of them and put my own on. One of the songs that was on my player was Avril Lavigne new song Girlfriend but in Japanese! I had to keep it as it is fun! For some reason I can't get it to transfer my Napster songs, it gives me some subscription code error. I emailed tech support and hopefully they can help me! Since I bought this mainly to have a more compact player to workout with, I had better make it to the gym this week!

One thing I have started this weekend is some minor cleaning. I hope to start doing a little bit everyday to get better organized and have a clean house all the time! I have gotten my kitchen cleaned up but that is a daily battle! I also started organizing my bathroom counter so I don't have everything on the counter! I have a basket that I keep stuff in but it has gotten overfilled so it is time to start throwing stuff out that I either don't use or is old. I need to get my books out that have little tips on organizing.

I also have been working on organizing my scrapbooking stuff. I have page planners that I have put coordinating patterned paper and cardstock. I got CK Easy Patterns special issue and I am excited about using some of them with these page planners I have put together. And now that I have a Cricut, it will be easier to put titles on my pages! :-) I hope to get some of these put together soon!
I found a cool idea on how to store unmounted rubber stamps on Donna Downey's blog today! I need to do make me one!

In one more week is spring break from school and I am also on vacation from work! I am excited about that! I will be using this week to catch up on reading and whatever else I need to do for school. I also hope to start balancing my checkbook again. I quit in Jan. 2006 really because I was busy. I actually didn't mean to stop balancing my checkbook. I like to follow a budget so I hope to get back on track with that again. I also hope to do some relaxing too! I hope the weather stays warm and I might have to get my bike out!

Saturday, March 10, 2007

In love with a bug!

I have been pondering on getting a Cricut for a little while now and finally took the plunge! I am soooo glad that I did! I am in love! :-) I had it at my kitchen table and now trying to find a place for it in my bonus room. I need to reorganize my scraproom so that will be a project I work on soon! I even went to Hobby Lobby today and they had one of the newer cartridges!! I can't wait to try it!

Also when I was at Hobby Lobby, I was noticing nice drawing tables that would be great for my scrapbooking projects! It would give me more room to work. I will have to see if any of them would work in my bonus room!

Later today I am getting me a new compact mp3 player! I am excited! I have been pondering them at Best Buy for awhile now. I was about to buy the small creative zen but then saw that the sandisk had the same features for the same price but had expandable memory! They didn't have that one in stock but it would be in tonight. I decided to go home and think about this first and glad that I did! I went to the website and compared the two and the sandisk is a better mp3 player! I have been wanting a more compact mp3 player to workout with. :-)

School this semester has been a little busier than I would like. I have decided that 13 hours is too much along with working full-time BUT I will graduate sooner! I only have 3 BSN and 4 prereq's which two I am taking by correspondence. I believe that my future semesters aren't going to be as bad. I just have to keep thinking that I really only have about 2 more months of this and then I will get a short break! Yeah!

I am going to turn some tunes on and then reorganize a little then hopefully get some rest! I have been a sleepy head today. I couldn't even stay awake at my allergy doctors today waiting to get my allergy shots! I don't understand why I am still awake actually. It has got to be the night shift gig that I have! :-)

Saturday, March 03, 2007

Cats are funny!

I got up early and dropped Pandora and Chloe at the vets to get groomed. Felix acts up to bad at the vets so his attitude got him out of this one! I am going to bath him myself! Felix was just sitting in the hallway looking at me as I packed his friends in there carrier and left with them. Then I came home without any cats and he seemed okay that his friends weren't home. When I went to pick his friends up and got home with Pandora and Chloe, they got greeted with hissing! Then he followed Pandora around with his nose stuck in Pandora's fur just sniffing her! I wonder if he thought I brought new cats home but he got over it quickly! It made me laugh for a while!

I didn't have class on Thursday and I remembered that Sims2 Seasons was released this week. I made a trip to Best Buy to get me a copy! While I was standing in line, a lady behind me was also getting the new EP! We talked about the sims a little before making our purchases. I got it loaded last night and played a little and then today when I put the CD in, it wanted to install it again. I just got that fixed and now looking forward to learn about the new EP!
I also learned today that Norton antivirus won't let you remove the software from your computer. It kept asking me for a password when I try to remove it. So, I brought my laptop to Best Buy tonight and told them how I tried to reload my PC-cillin antivirus but I couldn't get Norton to stop running even after turning it off. I was told that was common for Norton to lock it on your computer but he had a program that would remove it so I could install the other antivirus. Crazy! I couldn't remember when I started my subscription with PC-cillin and it was March 28, 2006 so it expires soon! At least it is finally loaded.

Last weekend I had my nieces for the weekend and we had fun together! Jasmine even told me it was the best weekend ever! :-) I was stressed out over this paper I had to write and couldn't seem to concentrate with those cuties in the house. On Sunday morning, I told them that they had to get there stuff together as I had to write a paper that was due the next day and I was taking them to Grandma's. My Mom called and said she would pick them up to save me time. I spent 8 hours at the Mudhouse so I wouldn't stray from the computer and wrote my paper! Phew! I just hope that I did okay on it.

It is a little chilly here. It is a perfect night to curl up in my waterbed! :-)