Friday, March 30, 2007

Last day of vacation . . .

My vacation is coming to an end. I have enjoyed my 12 days off from work and a few days off from not having to do school stuff. I actually will have another vacation in April but for only 7 days. All this vacation is to help with my work and school schedule. I am so ready for this semester to be over!!!!

I got my desktop delivered today from Circuit City. I am not sure on how they schedule in-home set-ups but mine has been very bumpy! I was told a time of 4pm to 6pm. At 5:15 pm I got a phone call from firedog asking when we rescheduled my in-home set-up and I told him today at 4pm. He comes back with a shocked "Today?!" response and I said yes today. I told him that the computer is still in the store. I didn't go back over what was to be done and I should have. He gets here and sets my desktop up, gets my spy sweeper and virus software running and he thinks he is done. I said that the in-home was for networking my laptop with my desktop and also hooking up my TV tuner. He was unaware of this even though I had told him that when I rescheduled and I thought that it was stated that way in there computer system. I guess not. He didn't have the proper cables to hook up my TV tuner so he attempted to set-up my network and kept getting error messages on my laptop. The network and TV tuner isn't work yet. He is supposed to be back on Monday morning to finish this and go over things with my new system. It makes me wonder if this happens to other people that use there in-home service.

Another little snag that we hit is that my printer doesn't have updated drivers for Windows Vista. He told me that it can print but some of the features won't work. The printer is maybe 2 years old, works good but is an older model that is available today. He told me to keep checking HP's website to see if they have made a driver for Vista and my printer. I think this is HP's way of getting people to buy new printers. But currently, I still have XP on the laptop but I am supposed to be getting a Vista upgrade for it someday.

Today I was at Target and I ran into a cousin of mine that lives two hours away! At first I didn't think it could be her but she was in town for a few days. I had not seen her in a long time! It was nice to see her!

I am unsure how I am going to stay up all night tomorrow. I have been on a normal schedule while on vacation and haven't been able to stay awake! It will be interesting tomorrow night!

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