Tuesday, March 27, 2007

In 24 hours . . . .

Circuit City should be at my house with my new desktop! I can't wait to finally have a working desktop. My desktop now is 7 years old and is unable to run a majority of the programs out today. It is super slow! I have plans to finally get my budget in order and have once spot for my files in one spot. Currently, my file get moved where ever the laptop is and I don't have a comfortable spot to sit - except the kitchen table but it is getting old having to clear the table off when I want to use it for its real purpose! Another bonus is that this new computer will have a TV tuner so I will be able to watch TV upstairs! This kills two birds with one stone. I might get a little more scrapbooking done! :-) I hope everything goes smoothly with the installation of everything.

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