Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Locks of Love

Today is the day that I get my hair cut and I am excited for a new hairstyle! I did find out that I will be unable to donate my hair as I was hoping. I have highlighted my hair 2-3 times in the last 5 years. You are allowed to have your hair colored but if you have your hair bleached, they can't take your hair. I even emailed them to ask why and I got a reply saying that hair that has been highlighted, bleached, disintegrates with the wig solution they use to make the wigs. I wouldn't have grown my hair out as long as it is if I knew that I wasn't going to be able to donate. I will be getting about 12 inches cut off today! More later . . . .

Monday, November 20, 2006

Ironic . . . .

That Friday is National "Sleep In" Day but it is also the day that the stores open at 5 am for the start of Holiday shopping! I guess this is a commercial that is being put on TV for Ebay. I am all for the sleeping in and missing all the crazy shoppers! I did that one year and that was enough for me!

I actually woke up at a decent hour this morning and have stayed up all day. I am getting tired now but glad that I got some things accomplished today. I need to get laundry started though so I will have something to wear to work tomorrow!

I called my hair dresser and got me a new appointment so I can donate my hair to locks of love! I am excited about getting a new haircut and even got me a hairstyle magazine today of a hair style I think I will get and then for my next hair appointment, I will get me a different cut again! I love having my hair long but their is only so much you can do with it. I am just ready for a change and something I can do more with! I wasn't able to get in till next week and I even have to wake up early!

I went to the Mudhouse today and it was too busy! I was even there last night and it was even busier. I am not sure if the cold is bringing people in or what it is. It is getting to the point that I can't concentrate! I have learned that going in the early morning is the best as you can have the place almost to yourself. I am normally getting off from work and to tired. Maybe I will go to the Mudhouse Friday while everyone is shopping! :-)

I have been trying to teach myself digital scrapbooking. When I went to the crop at my sister's church, I went to a digital dynamics class and got some pointers on how to digital scrapbook. When I went to this before, I didn't have the proper program. I do know since getting a pen tablet that came with photoshop elements 3.0. I started working on my first layout last night! I am going to work through more tips I have found on 2peas and learn even more!

I am going to go learn some more on digital scrapbooking and then play the Sims before going to bed. :-)

Sunday, November 19, 2006

Finally, some Halloween pics!

Oh my! I was ill on Friday. I felt fine when I got home from work and looking forward to my hair appointment that afternoon. I woke up at noon and had a horrible stomachache! It wasn't long after that I was vomiting and that continued the rest of the afternoon and had to cancel my hair appointment! I was feeling better by Saturday morning but I have been sleeping the majority of the weekend. Glad that I am feeling better! I had to leave a message with my hairdresser so I am going to try to get ahold of her again on Monday to make a new appointment. :-)

I have a funny geeksquad story to tell. They called me last Wednesday and told me that my 1GB of RAM that I had put in my old laptop was in but it wouldn't work in my new laptop. He told me to bring my new laptop in and they would replace it with one that would work in my laptop. When I got there, I found out that my laptop wouldn't have been considered a lemon because it was my 1 GB of RAM that went out in my old laptop!!! But since I had already gotten a new laptop, that I could keep what I had. :-) I am soo glad that I went in for a loaner laptop! I never pressured anyone to make my old laptop a lemon, it just happened. So far my new laptop has been doing good! I just hope it continues!

I have been busy with school and work and just haven't taken time to blog. I have some pics of Halloween to post! I just hope it works. The last few times I have tried to post pics, it wouldn't work. These are pictures of my nieces and one of their cousins. Shilo is a Christmas present, Jasmine is a princess and Sidney was an 80's drama queen! They were all so cute!

Saturday, November 11, 2006

The results are in . . . . . .

Chloe was voted the prettiest cat! That didn't come with some drama though . . . . I am glad that the drama is over! All because of my cat getting so many votes, they are changing how you vote. Other members thought that I was cheating because my cat had so many votes. All I did was spread the word that Chloe was in a photo contest. Nothing wrong with that. Her winning picture has been posted on the catspace website. Here is the picture:

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

I am a little behind in keeping up my blog this week. I have been enjoying the last days of my vacation and I have to go back to work tonight. I had made a list of things I wanted to accomplish when I was on vacation and I hardly got any of them done - except school related items. I am ready for the semester to be over so I can get caught up with housework and other things that I have neglected since school has been a little too busy.

I am getting rather sleepy so I will have to recap on my week later!

Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Busy days

School kept me busy Sunday into Monday! I was working on homework since Sunday evening till Monday when class started! It was 23 hours - with 3.5 hours of sleep in those 23 hours! Phew!!! All because I was playing catch up since my computer died. I started my next online class tonight and I am excited about starting with a working computer and hope that continues!!!

I voted today and I didn't understand what I was voting for the way things were worded. I hope I voted the way I was trying to vote! :-) I hadn't voted for two years and they have changed the way the ballots look. When I was trying to vote, a family was sitting in front of me and they kept talking!!! I wasn't able to concentrate very well. I am curious what the election results will be.

Today is my Dad's birthday and I went over to my parents house before going to school tonight. When I was over their, I noticed that my parents house at 68 degrees is warm. My house at 68 degrees is freezing!!!!! Which my Mom did have the gas log going which might have had something to do with that. I am going to have to get my insulation put in my house. My Dad told me that I can get a 20% rebate on my utility bill by increasing the instulation in my house so I need to call and have an estimate done! I hope to be a little warmer this winter or I am going to go south for the winters!

I talked to my advisor after class tonight and I should graduate in Spring 2008!!!!! She told me that I could possibly finish Fall 2007! I got excited when she told me that but that all depends on how some classes are offered this summer. In December, I am going to send off to take a correspondence course, either history or government. I haven't decided which one to first. I will have 6 months to complete each course.

I haven't been able to get blogger to post photos for the last few post. It says that a picture has been added but then their isn't a picture. Hmmm. . . . . . . . .

Sunday, November 05, 2006

Vote for Chloe!!!

I entered Chloe into a contest on myspace for cutest cat! Please vote for her!!! She is the cat that is looking cute on my bed with zebra printed sheets! Check it out!

Please click her to vote!

Saturday, November 04, 2006

Computer problems are hopefully in the past . . .

I have awesome news!!!!! Last night I decided I was going to check out what the loaner laptop would be at Best Buy. I haven't checked into this before now as I have had my other laptop but it is heavy, old and slow. I am soo glad that I did this time!

I had my geek squad paperwork with me that showed that I was approved to get a loaner and told the salesman my story on all the replacements my old laptop has been through. He had to keep checking with the manager because they had changed some things and I guess they used to give open items for loaners but they no longer sell open items. He came back and said that I could pick out any laptop they had for sale. I asked him if I could pick a loaner computer that I would most likely be able to keep when they decide my old laptop is a lemon. While he was talking to the manager, I was making a list of the features I remembered and was most important. They didn't have any laptops that matched my old laptop but he showed me one that they would most likely trade it out with and it would be a down grade of what I had. I was nice, but firm, that I don't want to settle for anything less than what my soon-to-be lemon laptop features had. He kept looking around and we saw another HP that was an upgraded version of what I had but told me it would be possible that when they did consider my laptop a lemon I might not get to keep it. I decided to go ahead and get it as my loaner computer and I was lucky that it was in stock.

We fill out some paperwork and he has to get the manager approval for me to have the loaner. He was talking to the manager for a while and he came back and told me that the manager has decided to make my old laptop that has been sent off to service a lemon!!!!! WOOHOOO!!!!!! I couldn't believe it!!!! I didn't even have to ask! I was playing by their rules and trying to be patient. :-) They decided I could go ahead and get the upgraded laptop for the exchange! Another WOOHOOOO!!!!! I mentioned that I had upgraded the memory in my old laptop and would like to have at least equal memory in this computer. At first he wasn't going to since I had a better laptop but he talked to the manager and they are going to call the service center and have them send me back my 1GB of memory that I added. I was happy with that! I also bought a new service plan for the new computer - just in case! So far I have needed the service plans on both of my laptops. I

I have been working today on getting my computer back in order and hopefully I can get some homework done now that I have a working computer. I have to get it done tomorrow as my homework is due Monday! I still have to read the "Old Man and the Sea" before Monday which I also will have a quiz on too. Phew! I am ready for the semester to be over with!

I had better get something accomplished!

Friday, November 03, 2006

More computer problems!

Ohhhhh . . . . . well, I accidently slept all day and through the alarms and woke up at 1700 tonight! I was determined to get my homework done for my online class tonight. I get ready and head for the Mudhouse, my studying place.

I get to the Mudhouse and order a sandwich and my usual coffee drink and I am enjoying reading my scrapbooking message boards when all of a sudden my mouse pointer won't move. I thought the batteries had went dead on my wireless mouse but after checking it out realized it the light was still on so it wasn't the mouse. Then all of a sudden, my computer screen flashes and has this huge message telling me their has been a serious error and your computer is going to restart - and a bunch of other stuff but the computer had already started to reboot. When my computer came back up, I decided to back up my school files - just in case! I continue doing some surfing on the web and enjoying my sandwich when this happens again!!! WTF!!!!! I thought this time I am going to back up more files but for some reason this time my computer won't reboot. It just stays at a blank screen. I turn it off and turned it back on and the lights are on the keyboard but nothing is on the screen and it never goes anywhere else!!!!

It was only 8pm and Best Buy is open so I pack my stuff up and head for the geek squad once again. This time is the fourth time that my computer has done this so I should get a new computer. I get to Best Buy and talk to a geek squad member and they told me since this is the fourth time that this has happend I should get a new laptop BUT they have to send it in to the service center and they make that decsion! I was aware this was going to happen as I asked last month when my computer did this. He told me that if the service center doesn't consider it a lemon this time that I can talk to the manager. He told me that this process can take up to a week! If it wasn't for school and ONLINE classes I wouldn't be so inpatient about this. I am glad I have my old laptop but it is old, heavy, and slow. I hope that they get my laptop quickly and make quick decsions! I finish up my current online class Monday and start another on Tuesday next week. I just want a computer that is going to work and I don't think that is too much to ask!

When I got back home from dealing with the laptop, I relaxed a little and then left again to get groceries. When I got back home, I decided that I was going to clean out my fridge before putting the groceries away. My fridge looks so much better now and everything in it is edible now! :-) I finally got the boxes in my car to take to recycling! Yay! I also put clean sheets on my bed tonight! I am going to watch my Three's company DVD and then go to sleep! I really hope I don't sleep the day away tomorrow as I am going to pick up my nieces tomorrow to spend the night! Yay! :-)

2peas challenge: Favorite holiday movie

My favorite holiday movie is "National Lampoons Christmas Vacation"! I finally bought it on DVD and watch it every holiday season! It makes me laugh everytime I watch it! :-)

For some reason I can't get pics to load. Whenever I get pictures loaded from Halloween, I am going to post pictures of the evening! Later!

Thursday, November 02, 2006

To early to be up!

Last night when I got home from doing a little shopping, I thought that I would start getting some boxes packed up in my car to take to recycling. I guess since I only slept about 5 hours, I was feeling quite tired! I was relaxing a little trying to catch up with Days of our Lives and at about 2300, I thought I would lay down in my warm bed and read a magazine. I ended up falling asleep and woke up about 0400 - still had my contacts in. I got up to take them out. I hate it when I fall asleep in my contacts because they get stuck to my eyeball and I have to keep putting rewetting drops in my eye to get them out. When I got back to bed, I kept thinking about things I wanted to get done and couldn't get back to sleep!

I have been trying to upload the Sims2 Pets onto my laptop but for some reason it is freezing up before it finishes. Ohhhh, computers . . . . . I hope to get a little bit of sleep before the alarm goes off.

Wednesday, November 01, 2006

Fun day!

I decided today to see what is going on at the message boards I like since I am somewhat caught up with my homework. I have things due on Monday but I am on vacation so I am relaxing today! It is needed! :-)

On one of the message boards today, someone posted about a reality show that is doing casting calls in my area. I am curious on who they get to be on the show! The reality show is about a farmer looking for a wife. Makes me curious on what the show will be like!

I went to bed at 0500 this morning as I was up doing homework till 0300. I set my alarm to wake up at 1000 this morning so I can get on a more regular schedule while I am on vacation. I did pretty good and didn't feel to tired till later in the day.

I went shopping today at my fave scrapbook store and got me some new goodies! I can't wait till I can organize what I got and come up with ideas for the paper I bought! I got some new cat stuff to scrapbook my cats! :-) I also went to Hobby Lobby and they are reorganizing their scrapbook section. I thought at first they might be downsizing the scrapbook section! I also went to Best Buy and got the new expansion pack for my Sims2 - Pets! I am excited to load this on my computer but unsure when I will have time to play the game.

I also checked on getting more insulation for my house. I need to get in my crawl space to see if it is insulated or not. Then if it doesn't, I am not sure who is going to insulate it for me as I can't see me crawling around under my house! My crawl space scares me! My furnace is under my house but I don't have to reach in too far and their are always spiders and I don't want to know what else! Then I found out that installing insulation in my attic will be a little difficult because a previous owner or maybe when the house was built has the attic with flooring. I was told that I would have to take all that up or have blown in insulation on top of the floor. I am going to consult with my dad about what he would suggest. I am unsure if that will help me from freezing to death this winter but I am sure it will help. My windows aren't energy efficient and they do play a big part in my house being cooler. I have some of this film you can put on your windows with a hair dryer so I hope that helps me some. I need to go south as it is too cold here! :-)