Wednesday, November 01, 2006

Fun day!

I decided today to see what is going on at the message boards I like since I am somewhat caught up with my homework. I have things due on Monday but I am on vacation so I am relaxing today! It is needed! :-)

On one of the message boards today, someone posted about a reality show that is doing casting calls in my area. I am curious on who they get to be on the show! The reality show is about a farmer looking for a wife. Makes me curious on what the show will be like!

I went to bed at 0500 this morning as I was up doing homework till 0300. I set my alarm to wake up at 1000 this morning so I can get on a more regular schedule while I am on vacation. I did pretty good and didn't feel to tired till later in the day.

I went shopping today at my fave scrapbook store and got me some new goodies! I can't wait till I can organize what I got and come up with ideas for the paper I bought! I got some new cat stuff to scrapbook my cats! :-) I also went to Hobby Lobby and they are reorganizing their scrapbook section. I thought at first they might be downsizing the scrapbook section! I also went to Best Buy and got the new expansion pack for my Sims2 - Pets! I am excited to load this on my computer but unsure when I will have time to play the game.

I also checked on getting more insulation for my house. I need to get in my crawl space to see if it is insulated or not. Then if it doesn't, I am not sure who is going to insulate it for me as I can't see me crawling around under my house! My crawl space scares me! My furnace is under my house but I don't have to reach in too far and their are always spiders and I don't want to know what else! Then I found out that installing insulation in my attic will be a little difficult because a previous owner or maybe when the house was built has the attic with flooring. I was told that I would have to take all that up or have blown in insulation on top of the floor. I am going to consult with my dad about what he would suggest. I am unsure if that will help me from freezing to death this winter but I am sure it will help. My windows aren't energy efficient and they do play a big part in my house being cooler. I have some of this film you can put on your windows with a hair dryer so I hope that helps me some. I need to go south as it is too cold here! :-)

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