Monday, April 30, 2007

One day off . . .

I only have one day off from work then I work for a couple more. I really hate these work 2 days off one work 2 more but with my school schedule and the fun things going on this weekend it couldn't be helped!

It is quite warm in my house. It is 76 degrees downstairs and 90 degrees upstairs! I hate to turn on the a/c this soon so I am going to try to wait it out till at least the end of May. I sleepy today and have some studying to do. I am hoping to be able to complete an online test before work tomorrow night. It isn't due till Friday morning but then I can relax after getting out of class on Thursday and maybe concentrate on my research paper that I need to have done in less than two weeks. I really hate research papers!!!

I am really enjoying Elsie Flannigan keeps talking about it on her blog and so I decided to see what it is all about and I am loving it! You can check out my pics here! I have been looking up pictures from around the world.

I need to finish a few things before heading off to bed.

Thursday, April 26, 2007

The good things of being a nurse . . . .

The other night at work, I was getting compliments from my patients. That always makes you feel good and that you are doing a good job.

I had one patient thank me for understanding on why he was refusing to be on an insulin drip. His blood sugar was 98 and he had taken all his insulin's before coming to the hospital and he was afraid that his blood sugar would drop if he was on a continuous drip, and I was a little concerned too. I told him we would be checking his blood sugar often - at least every hour if not more. I told him that he did have the right to refuse if he was that uncomfortable. I went and set the glucommander up and let him know what the starting rate was and he decided that he wanted to wait and talk to his doctor about it in the morning and he wouldn't have a problem if he hadn't taken his insulin.

Then another patient that I had that night told me that she liked me as I was one of the nicer nurses and actually took time and talked with her even after I got done with what I was doing in the room. She also told me that I also would help the aides out as I didn't act like it was beneath me to help them. I told her that I believe that we are all here to take care of the patients as a team and that I try to help out when I can. She made my day with the nice things she said to me!

I just had to write these things down so when I am having a difficult day being a nurse, I can look back on this and remember the good things!

Miss Sleepyhead!

The guy from firedog came back out to my house today and finally got everything fixed with my network. He was having difficulty because of Vista and it took 1 1/2 hours!! I hope nothing ever happens again as it looked complicated! I am able to share more files between my two computers now! WOOHOO!!!!! I was about to fall asleep as I was quite tired after getting off from work yesterday morning but I made it.

The whole gastric reflux issue is on hold. My doctor's office called me to let me know that they faxed the precertification to my insurance and it should take 24-48 hours to hear back. I hope it is quick as my voice is getting a little rough from all the reflux. Later this morning will be 48 hours and I hope I get a phone call!!! I just think this is crazy to have to go through all of this because of insurance. What ever happened to treating the patient?

Last night I was hoping to just relax tonight and when I woke up yesterday evening I was tired!!!! I thought after getting up and taking a shower I would wake up but I didn't. I decided to take a little nap and it turned into 7 hours! That was a long nap but I still feel a little tired. But before falling asleep last night, I learned how to adjust skin color with photoshop elements 5.0! Kinda cool! If the skin color is washed out by the flash, then I can fix it!

Today I will be getting new assignments in both of my classes so this fun relaxing thing is coming to an end. I needed the little break! I just hope I understand college algebra today!
The picture I attached today is my funny Felix! There is a shelf in my bonus room that he enjoys stretching out on and I thought the way he was sleeping was quite funny and I had my camera with me and was able to get a picture! He He!!

Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Insurance changes, not for the better!

In January, my health insurance took a turn for the worse and raised our deductibles and also changed our prescription plan. The prescription plan is what has really gotten me upset. A little over two years ago I started having problems with gastric reflux and after testing found out that I had a hiatal hernia and have to rely on a proton pump inhibitor so I don't have constant heartburn. I was taking OTC Prilosec but still ended up with esophaghitis so I was switched to Nexium 40mg and have been doing fine for the most part. I was getting to were Nexium wasn't always holding me 24 hours.

On Saturday, I started generic Prilosec and I have been miserable ever since!!! I was asked at work today if I was getting a cold or had been sick but no it is my reflux making me cough! To be able to be on any prescription medicine, you have to get a precertification. If they take to long, I will have esophaghitis again. I left a message with my doctor this morning telling my symptoms and that I need relief! This is going to be a long day till I can take more of my medicine to get at least a few hours of relief! I hope that they call me back before I get asleep to good but I will be sleeping with the phone today if they don't!

Monday, April 23, 2007

My experience with Firedog

I haven't had a good experience with Firedog has I have posted previously. For two weeks I have been trying to get a firedog tech to call me as I am having problems with getting into certain files in my network telling me that I don't have permission to access the files and I need to contact the administrator. What do you do when you are the administrator? Hmmm. I did receive a call a week ago from a tech but he either hung up on me or we got disconnected. He never called me back!!!!! So, I call the 1-800-FIREDOG number and talk to them today in regards to this situation because today I am not allowed into any of my files, not even my public ones on my laptop. The network isn't working anymore and I am getting that crazy contact the administrator messeage!

I call the 800 number and she tells me that she will try to contact him and puts me on hold. She comes back to tell me that she had to leave a message. I told her that I have already done that and wasn't successful but since I hadn't went through them before that it has to be documented before they can do something else. I am unsure what that will be but I hope it will be fixing my network! I am going to be approaching my 30 days and I will not be happy if they tell me that I will have to pay again to get these services! It isn't my fault that I can't get him to call me! I have been very disappointed with my in-home service with Firedog! I hope I have this cleared up soon!

Sunday, April 22, 2007

Just chillin'

I have just relaxed this weekend and it has been great! This week I need to start my research and figure out what else I need to get done for my classes. Today I got my back porch cleaned. My furniture is starting to show weathering because I don't have a place to store it during the winter months. I need a storage shed! I can fit my car in my garage and then I have my bike, yard tools, lawnmower, weedeater and it barely fits! Maybe someday I can get me a storage building. I am going to restain my chairs and redo the finish on my table to give them an uplifted look!

I have been working on getting my desk area organized and reorganizing my scrapbooking stuff in my bonus room. It has gotten messy up here with packing for the crop and I have my old desktop and boxes that I need to take care of. I need to clean out the little closest and try to get a rack to give me a little more storage space.

I think the rest of the evening is going to be watching HGTV, organizing my bonus room and then doing some photo editing for the layouts I did at camp scrap the other night. I have to go back to work tomorrow do I can stay up all night and sleep all day!! I might make it to 3am though! :-)

Saturday, April 21, 2007

Fun day

Today is a great day as I don't really have any pending homework to get done! I would like to start on my research for my paper. I am going to search for research articles on DVT treatments and see what the research says about which treatment may be best. We occasionally get patients on our unit with DVT's most get IV heparin but then some just get Lovenox or Fragmin. I thought it would be a topic that I would be interested in.

Camp Scrap was good! I got to meet new scrappers and meet some scrappers I have meet at the LSS but hadn't seen in awhile. I actually didn't get much scrapping done. I only got 3 LO's done! I also need to get pictures for them. I guess they aren't completed yet. I ended up winning a prize!!!!! I won a photo box with a bunch of different flowers! Too cool! I was in another room when they were announcing and I thought that I had heard my name so I came running! He He!!! I was talking with a girl that digital scrapbooks and getting tips from her at the time! One of the prizes that I entered my name into was for items to make a flip-flop album. You take a pair of flip flops and that is the front and back of the album and then you make an accordian with paper in the shape of the flip-flops and that is your album! I have been trying to find instrustions on the internet but I think I studied it enough that I might be able to make me one!

After I got home, I was went on ebay to look for software. I was looking up Photoshop and Photoshop Elements. The girl that I was talking to about digital scrapbooking was using Photoshop Elements 5.0 and she was showing us different stuff that we could do but I didn't have some of the features soooo she told me I should check ebay for it. I had never thought of checking ebay for software before but I found Photoshop Elements 5.0 for $34.95!!!! It was a buy me now option so I should get it sometime this week! I am excited about upgrading to 5.0!

I ended up sleeping till noon today but then didn't get to bed till 4am again! :-) I didn't have to wake up early for anything today so it was nice. I am going to do a little hanging out at Barnes and Noble today and maybe check out Hobby lobby and Michael's and see if there is anything worth using my coupon for. I also plan to do a little yardwork today and get my back patio looking better and get my furniture in better order back there so I can start enjoying it! I just might have to play the sims2 today with my newly upgraded video card! :-) I love days like this!

Friday, April 20, 2007

Finally . . . . .

A small break from the homework! I got all my stuff done for school at 3am and didn't go to bed till after 4am. I ended up sleeping through my alarm this morning! I did need the extra sleep as I have been going to bed around 5am and waking up around 9am this week!

Finally, I get to scrapbook today at Camp Scrap with my sister! I am looking forward to actually getting to scrapbook. In February, I had made some kits plus have my Scrap Jammie kits too that I can work on. I also need to work on my Remember me kit club from a local scrapbook store. I just need to find pictures! That is my downfall! I need to hurry up and get my errands done so I can print pictures. My pictures have been a mess since having the two computers. I need to put them in a shared folder so I can access them from either computer with my ultra cool network! :-)

I need to get ready for my scrappy day!

Thursday, April 19, 2007

Good ending to a hectic day, week!

I got to my College Algebra class and didn't feel ready for this test! We went over questions of the homework and I had trouble with continuously compounding interest. I could set up the problem but I wasn't able to get the answer in the back of the book! So, I was reading in the textbook and found out that I was to be using the ex key on my calculator. I didn't have one! I told my teacher that I didn't think I had one. So she took a look at my calculator and she confirmed that I didn't have that key. She let me borrow her calculator for the test. :-)

She normally teaches the next lesson and then we take the test but she didn't have a lesson to teach today. I didn't feel ready and was going to review a few things when she was teaching. :-/ When she passed out the test, I felt like I should have studied more! I was able to answer the last few questions easily and had to think hard about the other stuff. I couldn't remember the formula for growth/decay and I did some problems by trial and error instead of working them out as I couldn't remember how to redo the formula to come up with the answer! I left there thinking I had flunked the test but I thought that with my homework points and having good scores on the first two test that I should still do fine in the class. She posted our scores on Blackboard tonight and I was shocked when I saw that I made an 89.7%!!!!!!! I couldn't believe it! I am sooo happy so maybe if I can do good on the next test and the final I can pull an A! That would be great!
The matter I had this week with turning in homework late when I thought I was turning in on time is all good! My instructor did email me back later in the afternoon and told me that she would wasn't going to give me any late penalties for it! Yay! I ended up with an A in that class!

I actually still have some more homework to do that is due at 0800. Then after this homework is done I get to relax a little this weekend! I deserve it!

Busy day, Busy week

I am soo glad that I took this week off from work. There would be no way that I would have been able to get all this school work done if I had worked this week! Phew!!! I can barely catch my breathe!!!! I am glad that my first class today only last 1 1/2 hours instead of 4 so I can work on my College Algebra and get prepared for my test this afternoon. I am not sure how well I am going to do on this test as I can't remember how I did the examples that I did! At least I have an 88% so hopefully it won't hurt that too bad! I also have two assignments due by 0800 Friday that I need to do today too. I am soo ready for a break! I think I will have to relax a little this weekend in between working on homework.

I am excited about tomorrow! My sister and I are going to Camp Scrap at her church. We will have 6 hours of scrapping! I have a bunch of kits made up but no pictures so I hope to be able to get some printed tomorrow before the crop.

I had better get back to that College Algebra! :-)

Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Too busy

I have been a little busy the past week and I am afraid that isn't going to end till the end of the semester! I finished up a 5 week class today and thought everything was due this morning at 8am but when I went to post everything, the link to turn things in was gone! I was able to submit my final but the journal I haven't been able to. I emailed the instructor but she hasn't gotten back with me!!!!! I am a little stressed by this! I have a few other assignments in another class and to catch up on my College Algebra as I have a test this Thursday over logs! Yuck!

One exciting thing that I am getting to do this week though is scrapbook! My sister and I are going to a crop this Friday at her church and I am excited! I had taken time to get some kits a few weeks ago and I need to find pictures to go with them. I also joined the "Remember me club" at a LSS and when I picked up my kit for this month, she told me that they were having a get together of how our albums look so far! I haven't even started my album yet! I think that is fun homework, just if I could work it in the unfun homework! :-)

I am going to get ready for my day and hope that I get an email from my instructor soon! :-/

Monday, April 09, 2007


My instructor emailed the class today to let us know she made a mistake on the due dates! Our exam isn't due till next Tuesday! WooHoo!!! That means I can get some sleep before work today! Some other assignments that I did get done aren't due till next week either but I am glad that they are done! I have another exam to do in another class this week due Friday morning at 0800. I need to get some yardwork done but can't seem to get away from my homework to get it done! In one more week, I will be on vacation again because of school soo I will have some extra time to be able to get caught up and maybe work ahead if assignments are posted. :-)

I learned something about my network last night. I tried to open my document I have for the exam and it would let me read it but not ad to the document. I had it open on my desktop so it wouldn't let me make changes to it on my laptop. I will remember that! Saturday I had left a messge at Circuit city regarding my network as my computer keeps telling me that I can't get into files that I need to contact the administrator. I am the administrator!!! I don't know if these files just do this in a network but no one has called me back. That doesn't suprise me with the trouble I had though.

Sunday, April 08, 2007

I love being a techno girl!

I just love my new desktop! My poor laptop is probably feeling left out but it needs a break every now and then. I just love the TV tuner in my desktop. I was doing homework last night while watching HGTV. I am sure it slows down the homework process but it makes it a little more fun!

I really enjoy watching HGTV and getting ideas for decorating. I will have to watch this channel more and by the time I graduate, maybe I will have it figured out how to decorate my house! I was amazed by the people that flipped houses and making a profit of $150,000!!!!! My Dad told me that isn't happening right now with the market. I think it would be fun to redo a house and I live in a house that needs some updating. :-)

I am afraid that my photoshop elements 3.0 isn't compatible with Vista. When I was loading it into my desktop, I got a message that something wouldn't load because it wasn't compatible with the operating system. It opens up and acts like it was going to work fine. I am wondering if that is why my photos won't load as I can get them to load in the picture gallery that comes with Vista. I went to the Adobe website and there is a patch for PSE 5.0 but not for the 3.0. *sigh* I might need to upgrade or just use it on my laptop. I have redownloaded Picasa and made some collage's! This collage is of Jasmine's 10th b-day!

I have been slaving away at my homework and finally got my annotated bibliography done, the discussion board done and working with finding my online exam answers. My book doesn't have an index so trying to remember where I read stuff has been a little challenging! I have to have this all done by Tuesday by 0800! No sleep for me! I had better get busy . . . .

Saturday, April 07, 2007

Catching up

I have lots of catching up to do with homework this weekend. I thought that I had till April 16 to get assignments turned in for my Nursing in Ministry class and the instructor sent out a message that is was all due on April 10!!! I am also behind on my homework with College Algebra and Theories and Research. But before I know it, this semester is going to be over with! I can't wait. It has been a rough one!

I got new speakers for my desktop and I have been jammin' tonight! Mediacom is supposed to come out this afternoon and check the cable line in my bonus room. The TV reception isn't too bad but I was told by the firedog guy that I should be getting TV reception like I do on my TV. If the outlet was put in by someone other than the cable company, I will be out of luck!

I have been trying to load photos on my desktop and keep getting an error message before it finishes loading. I am not sure what is causing this! I even got my DVD I have photos backuped on and still no luck. ???? I hope I can figure this out so I can load photos!

Today is my last day of pet sitting which I will miss there cat Madison. She is sooo adorable and lovable! I won't miss the dog, Sam. If I have food in my hand, he will be happy to see me. If I don't, then I get growled at till he sees I am going to get his bowl to feed him. I finally started going out with his food and then I don't get growled at. The pictures is a collage of Madison and Sam.

Tuesday, April 03, 2007

Windows Vista

I have found Windows Vista to be kinda fun and frustrating at the same time. I have some programs that isn't compatible or part of it isn't compatible. Today I ran into a problem with the discussion board on blackboard for school. I had a discussion due at 8am and I was posting it at 0801 so I thought it was because it was a minute past it was due. I emailed the instructor and she told me she would reset it so I can do my posting. She emailed me back and said she would reset it. I still couldn't get it to work so I decided to turn on my laptop and use it to see if it worked. It did work with my laptop but not the desktop. I called the help desk at school and it is a Vista issue. I was stepped through how to get it to work so I can now post on the discussion board! I haven't finished loading programs so I hope that I don't run into anymore issues.

My network came in handy today and I got it to work! I am still having some problems understanding it. I had typed my discussion in Word first and was planning to copy and paste. Despite the issues I was having, I was excited to be able to bring this document up on my laptop and copy and paste it and not have to retype it! Networking is soooo cool!

I am pet sitting this week and loving it! I just love the cat Madison. Sooo adorable! I need to remember my camera to take pictures of Sam and Madison. I had better start getting ready for my errands I need to do before going to work!

Monday, April 02, 2007

Bonus room fun

I finally got the desktop all set up with the TV tuner and the networking my desktop and laptop together. He explained everything to me and let me ask questions and now that I am trying to use my network, I am having problems remembering everything and can't get my files to open. I just need to play with it some more!

I have had about 2 hours of sleep today and I have homework to get done but need to read. That doesn't go over well when you are sleepy! I will have to get some sleep and hopefully finish my homework!

The picture I have attached to this post is a picture of Macy Gray with her new look. I really like it! I can't get enough of her new CD Big!