Monday, April 23, 2007

My experience with Firedog

I haven't had a good experience with Firedog has I have posted previously. For two weeks I have been trying to get a firedog tech to call me as I am having problems with getting into certain files in my network telling me that I don't have permission to access the files and I need to contact the administrator. What do you do when you are the administrator? Hmmm. I did receive a call a week ago from a tech but he either hung up on me or we got disconnected. He never called me back!!!!! So, I call the 1-800-FIREDOG number and talk to them today in regards to this situation because today I am not allowed into any of my files, not even my public ones on my laptop. The network isn't working anymore and I am getting that crazy contact the administrator messeage!

I call the 800 number and she tells me that she will try to contact him and puts me on hold. She comes back to tell me that she had to leave a message. I told her that I have already done that and wasn't successful but since I hadn't went through them before that it has to be documented before they can do something else. I am unsure what that will be but I hope it will be fixing my network! I am going to be approaching my 30 days and I will not be happy if they tell me that I will have to pay again to get these services! It isn't my fault that I can't get him to call me! I have been very disappointed with my in-home service with Firedog! I hope I have this cleared up soon!

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