Tuesday, April 03, 2007

Windows Vista

I have found Windows Vista to be kinda fun and frustrating at the same time. I have some programs that isn't compatible or part of it isn't compatible. Today I ran into a problem with the discussion board on blackboard for school. I had a discussion due at 8am and I was posting it at 0801 so I thought it was because it was a minute past it was due. I emailed the instructor and she told me she would reset it so I can do my posting. She emailed me back and said she would reset it. I still couldn't get it to work so I decided to turn on my laptop and use it to see if it worked. It did work with my laptop but not the desktop. I called the help desk at school and it is a Vista issue. I was stepped through how to get it to work so I can now post on the discussion board! I haven't finished loading programs so I hope that I don't run into anymore issues.

My network came in handy today and I got it to work! I am still having some problems understanding it. I had typed my discussion in Word first and was planning to copy and paste. Despite the issues I was having, I was excited to be able to bring this document up on my laptop and copy and paste it and not have to retype it! Networking is soooo cool!

I am pet sitting this week and loving it! I just love the cat Madison. Sooo adorable! I need to remember my camera to take pictures of Sam and Madison. I had better start getting ready for my errands I need to do before going to work!

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