Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Too busy

I have been a little busy the past week and I am afraid that isn't going to end till the end of the semester! I finished up a 5 week class today and thought everything was due this morning at 8am but when I went to post everything, the link to turn things in was gone! I was able to submit my final but the journal I haven't been able to. I emailed the instructor but she hasn't gotten back with me!!!!! I am a little stressed by this! I have a few other assignments in another class and to catch up on my College Algebra as I have a test this Thursday over logs! Yuck!

One exciting thing that I am getting to do this week though is scrapbook! My sister and I are going to a crop this Friday at her church and I am excited! I had taken time to get some kits a few weeks ago and I need to find pictures to go with them. I also joined the "Remember me club" at a LSS and when I picked up my kit for this month, she told me that they were having a get together of how our albums look so far! I haven't even started my album yet! I think that is fun homework, just if I could work it in the unfun homework! :-)

I am going to get ready for my day and hope that I get an email from my instructor soon! :-/

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