Monday, April 09, 2007


My instructor emailed the class today to let us know she made a mistake on the due dates! Our exam isn't due till next Tuesday! WooHoo!!! That means I can get some sleep before work today! Some other assignments that I did get done aren't due till next week either but I am glad that they are done! I have another exam to do in another class this week due Friday morning at 0800. I need to get some yardwork done but can't seem to get away from my homework to get it done! In one more week, I will be on vacation again because of school soo I will have some extra time to be able to get caught up and maybe work ahead if assignments are posted. :-)

I learned something about my network last night. I tried to open my document I have for the exam and it would let me read it but not ad to the document. I had it open on my desktop so it wouldn't let me make changes to it on my laptop. I will remember that! Saturday I had left a messge at Circuit city regarding my network as my computer keeps telling me that I can't get into files that I need to contact the administrator. I am the administrator!!! I don't know if these files just do this in a network but no one has called me back. That doesn't suprise me with the trouble I had though.

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