Wednesday, December 28, 2005

Two more days till vacation!

I am soo excited about being off work for awhile! I am hoping that I can work on organizing my house a little more. I would like to get my extra bedroom clean of the clutter so I can enjoy it! I worked on getting my bonus room a little bit more organized this morning. It still needs work but looks better! I even moved my printer out of the extra bedroom into my bonus room so that is a start of organizing my extra bedroom! I just need to figure out what to do with the desk in that room.

Well, I was one sleepy girl yesterday! I fell asleep a little after 10 a.m. and woke up at 0600 this morning! I woke up last night at 2120 and thought I must have been tired. I tried to watch TV only to fall asleep so I went back to bed. I can't believe I slept that long! The only problem with it is that I work tonight and I am not sleepy enough for a nap. I will be exhausted when I get off in the morning! This is the kind of sleeping that happens from working every other day on the night shift!

Nothing to exciting is going on. I am just ready to do some scrapbooking while I am on vacation! I will also have to spend time with my nieces after they get out of school. I might have them help me put together a puzzle and then glue it together for my kitchen. It is a Coca-Cola puzzle and will look good in my kitchen!

Monday, December 26, 2005

Merry Christmas!!

It is a day late but I hope everyone had a Merry Christmas! I finally got Christmas cards sent out but everyone will get them after Christmas! I had to work Christmas Eve into Christmas. It was NUTS at work! We had 28 patients by morning! We can hold 33! I wasn't expecting it to be that busy. It was probably a good thing we were busy as I was pretty tired! I didn't get to leave till 0800. I fell asleep for about four hours and was up for the rest of the day and went to my parents house. My Grandma came over too so it was a nice family Christmas!

I am still have gallbladder issues and I had an US last week but I haven't had any results called to me! Of course there office is closed today so I am going to call them when I get off from work in the morning! At work we had a Christmas dinner that was free so I didn't pass it up but oh my! I didn't feel good the rest of the night from abd and back pain! I believe I will stick to low-fat to non-fat from know on!

I ought to take a nap before going to work. I slept 13 hours last night! :-)

Monday, December 19, 2005

Another Lazy Sunday

I got up somewhat early and got my tree up today! I was trying to put the tree up and Felix was already wanting to climb the tree! I didn't put any of my breakable ornaments on the tree just in case! I have caught him a few times trying to climb it but I catch him before he gets very far! When I'm not at home there is no telling what he will do.

It is kinda strange not having to study but is nice! I was going to go to the Mudhouse tonight and it was actually closed for there Christmas party. I was dissapointed. It would be nice if we could shut down my work so we could have a Christmas party! Working in the hospital, that is impossible! I can dream though!

I have gotten some of my house cleaning done. I will just keep cleaning and organizing till it is all done! I got home tonight and decided to clean all my sheet for my bed and then forgot to put them in the drier! I should have 30 more minutes till they are dry and I can make my bed and then go to bed! I haven't been able to stay awake today!

I am dreading Thursday because of my dentist appointment. I don't know what to expect and sure hope that it is a breeze! I hope that I NEVER get another cavity! I do believe that one is enough!

I do believe that I am going to play with my Sims2 till my bed linens are dry! Later!

Sunday, December 18, 2005

Finals are over!

I am soo excited to announce that finals are over! I am so relieved that they are done! I am also excited that I have made A's in my classes this semester! I have been a 4.00 student this year! I just hope I can keep it up but I have a feeling that Pathophysiology is going to be challenging.

I went to the dentist this week for my bi-annual check up and I got disturbing news! My dentist has always told me how perfect my teeth are because I have never had a cavity. He told me that I would be prone to cavities because of the groves in my back teeth. Well, he found a cavity! I can't believe it! He has some kind of laser thing that detects cavities before they will be picked up in x-ray and the reading was 99. I have no clue what that means! My dentist told me that it is in the very early stages that he won't have to numb my mouth. I have never had any dental work done before so I am kinda scared on what to expect. I just want it over with.

I was looking forward to this weekend so I could relax and scrapbook but something always gets in the way. I have not been feeling very good this week because I believe my gallbladder is acting up! I am having pain in right upper quadrant that will radiate to my back and sometimes I all of a sudden feel like I am going to vomit! I have had pains off on on this year but they started back up near Thanksgiving and I was hoping they would go away but instead it is just getting worse! I seems as if the more movement I make the more uncomfortable my stomach feels. I might end up with having gallbladder surgery while I am on break from school. That just truly sucks!

Somehow time has gotten away and it is 2 a.m.! I got all my Christmas stuff out and it is in my living room. I will have to tackle putting the tree up tomorrow!

Tuesday, December 13, 2005

Mouse in the house

Oh my! I woke up Friday afternoon and walked into the kitchen and there was a dead mouse next to the cats water/food bowls! I couldn't believe it! That mouse walked into a death trap with choosing to warm up in my house since I have three cats! He had no chance! I have a feeling that Felix was the one chasing it to its death and when it fell over from his heart attack he probably thought, "Oh we are done playing"! They didn't try to eat it at all - which I am glad!

I have been studying for my finals today and working on my take home final. This take home final for statistics isn't as easy as I thought it would be! I have forgotten how to figure z-scores and t-scores! The last problem on the test I thought would be a easy but the numbers are soo big and the answer is supposed to be less then 1 and mine isn't! I am hoping that everything will come back to me when I study my notes a little bit more. I need to be able to wake up somewhat early tomorrow to finish my final and then finish my study guide for Microeconomics. I just can't wait till these finals are over!

I almost have my voice back but I have this annoying cough now. It is getting better but this morning if I took a breath in, I was coughing! That was quite miserable! The coughing has been better tonight so I hope I wake up in the morning with it completely gone!

Friday, December 09, 2005

Less than one week till this semester is over!

WOOHOO!!!! It is getting so close and I can't wait for a break! I finished my paper on the book "Pilgrim's Progress" and I got a 100%!!! I was so thrilled! I have been working on my study guide for Microeconomics and finish up the homework I have for this class. Our instructor has decided to have our final online! That takes stress off from me! Getting that paper done has done wonders for my stress level! Once I get the homework done in this class, I need to start on my take home exam for Stats! I am seeing the light at the end of the tunnel!

My cold is finally getting better. I lost my voice by Tuesday and Wednesday it was a little better and today I feel like it might be coming back! I have got this cough that is driving me nuts! Being in the cold air doesn't help it either!

I finally got my internet switched. It wasn't an easy switch, I have to say. It never switched on so Tuesday morning I called them and ended up spending 50 minutes on the phone trying to get it to work! I was soo excited when we finally got it to work. I kept telling them that I had a wireless router. No problem they say. About a day later when I tried to use the internet, it wasn't working as well. I thought I would go to the desktop to the direct connection to get on the internet and no internet at all! I get on the phone to my internet people and they had to transfer me to a level 2 tecnician. They give me the rudiest technician! She kept telling me that things don't last forever and that my ethernet card wasn't working in my desktop - but it was. I couldn't get her to understand that. She just kept telling that I need to talk to the people who made my wireless router. I called them and while I was talking to them, I lose my connection to the internet again so I had to call my ISP back so I could get my router configered. When I notify my ISP again, the person I get this time tells me that I have to have my DSL modem bridged before I can hook it up to my router. Why couldn't they had told me that the first time I called? So I got it bridged and called the router people back and got my router configured and everything works great now! And the ethernet card is working fine - I have no idea where that one technician got the idea it wasn't working. Once that got stuck in her head, that was it! I am soo happy to have it all working and now trying to change my email with all my family, friends and emails websites has become a bit of a chore!

I had a funny incident when I was on the phone with a technician regarding my old laptop. The mouse has stopped working on it so he was walking me through how to possibly fix this. We had long pauses as we were waiting for the computer to load stuff up and he heard some music in the background. I was listening to PowerJams on the radio and they were playing the song by the Black Eyed Peas - My Humps on the radio. He ask me if I have teenagers in the home and I said no not knowing why he was asking me. He said "I hear My Humps in the background". I started laughing so hard since it was me listening to that radio station! We had a little fun talking about this when I was waiting on my computer. Come to find out I have to have my laptop sent in for repair because we couldn't get it repaired with the telephone support. At least it is still under warranty!

I had better get back to my studying so I can do good on my finals!

Monday, December 05, 2005

Here comes Santa Claus . . .

I took my cats to see Santa today! I don't think Santa was very thrilled about the idea of three cats but we made it work! He was kinda grumpy and he wasn't even trying to keep the cats on his lap. I liked the Santa they had last year - he was happy! The cats did good and Pandora and Felix did share a cat carrier but it was a little crowded for them! While I was at Petsmart today I did get Chloe a new carrier - it is a bag that you can carry over your shoulder. She is petite enough that this works for her. My other cats I don't think it would work as well. Chloe gets to go to the vets office this month for her yearly check-up in her new carrier! :-)

I have felt somewhat better today but still just want to sleep all the time! It took all my energy taking three cats to see Santa today! I got home and was going to go to the Mudhouse and ended up falling asleep on my futon in the process of that thought! I ended up waking up two hours later with my contacts dried to my eyeball. Yuck! I got up and got my stuff ready to go to the Mudhouse to do some studying.

Today my DSL is supposed to be activated. I have no idea what time but I hope it will be up when I wake up this afternoon! I had to go buy a new phone cord since I have to run cords upstairs to keep my wireless internet. I wish I had a phone jack upstairs then I wouldn't have cords running everywhere! That is the one advantage to my cable internet but the price is going up since my contract expires this month and I can't see paying $60 a month for internet service! I hope that I am happy with SBC Yahoo! account!

I can't believe that it is almost 0400! I need to get to bed!

Sunday, December 04, 2005

Cold evening at the art walk

My sister and my nieces and I all went to the art walk last night. It was too cold to be looking at art! We didn't even get as far as we did last month. I can't wait till it gets warmer so these evenings will be more enjoyable! I woke up with a sore throat today and unable to breath! I haven't been in the mood to do anything today! I have slept off and on all day!

I had been at Barnes & Noble some tonight trying to work on my Microeconomics study guide. I am getting a good chunk of it done slowly but surely! I might even curl up in my bed soon and underline in pencil the answers and then just type them up. That will make it go faster to me!

I was going to take my cats to see Santa today at Pets-mart but I wasn't feeling very good so I have to take them tomorrow! I can't wait! I will scan the pic to share with everybody! My cats are always in shock when we do this and are well behaved! I only have two cat carriers and three cats! Last year Felix wasn't full grown and he always shares with Pandora. I hope that will work again! Chloe is actually the smallest of the three put she has the biggest temper of the three! She doesn't share very well!

I am going to take some cold medicine and curl up in bed and hope that osmosis takes place with my Microeconomics book! :-)