Friday, December 09, 2005

Less than one week till this semester is over!

WOOHOO!!!! It is getting so close and I can't wait for a break! I finished my paper on the book "Pilgrim's Progress" and I got a 100%!!! I was so thrilled! I have been working on my study guide for Microeconomics and finish up the homework I have for this class. Our instructor has decided to have our final online! That takes stress off from me! Getting that paper done has done wonders for my stress level! Once I get the homework done in this class, I need to start on my take home exam for Stats! I am seeing the light at the end of the tunnel!

My cold is finally getting better. I lost my voice by Tuesday and Wednesday it was a little better and today I feel like it might be coming back! I have got this cough that is driving me nuts! Being in the cold air doesn't help it either!

I finally got my internet switched. It wasn't an easy switch, I have to say. It never switched on so Tuesday morning I called them and ended up spending 50 minutes on the phone trying to get it to work! I was soo excited when we finally got it to work. I kept telling them that I had a wireless router. No problem they say. About a day later when I tried to use the internet, it wasn't working as well. I thought I would go to the desktop to the direct connection to get on the internet and no internet at all! I get on the phone to my internet people and they had to transfer me to a level 2 tecnician. They give me the rudiest technician! She kept telling me that things don't last forever and that my ethernet card wasn't working in my desktop - but it was. I couldn't get her to understand that. She just kept telling that I need to talk to the people who made my wireless router. I called them and while I was talking to them, I lose my connection to the internet again so I had to call my ISP back so I could get my router configered. When I notify my ISP again, the person I get this time tells me that I have to have my DSL modem bridged before I can hook it up to my router. Why couldn't they had told me that the first time I called? So I got it bridged and called the router people back and got my router configured and everything works great now! And the ethernet card is working fine - I have no idea where that one technician got the idea it wasn't working. Once that got stuck in her head, that was it! I am soo happy to have it all working and now trying to change my email with all my family, friends and emails websites has become a bit of a chore!

I had a funny incident when I was on the phone with a technician regarding my old laptop. The mouse has stopped working on it so he was walking me through how to possibly fix this. We had long pauses as we were waiting for the computer to load stuff up and he heard some music in the background. I was listening to PowerJams on the radio and they were playing the song by the Black Eyed Peas - My Humps on the radio. He ask me if I have teenagers in the home and I said no not knowing why he was asking me. He said "I hear My Humps in the background". I started laughing so hard since it was me listening to that radio station! We had a little fun talking about this when I was waiting on my computer. Come to find out I have to have my laptop sent in for repair because we couldn't get it repaired with the telephone support. At least it is still under warranty!

I had better get back to my studying so I can do good on my finals!

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