Monday, December 19, 2005

Another Lazy Sunday

I got up somewhat early and got my tree up today! I was trying to put the tree up and Felix was already wanting to climb the tree! I didn't put any of my breakable ornaments on the tree just in case! I have caught him a few times trying to climb it but I catch him before he gets very far! When I'm not at home there is no telling what he will do.

It is kinda strange not having to study but is nice! I was going to go to the Mudhouse tonight and it was actually closed for there Christmas party. I was dissapointed. It would be nice if we could shut down my work so we could have a Christmas party! Working in the hospital, that is impossible! I can dream though!

I have gotten some of my house cleaning done. I will just keep cleaning and organizing till it is all done! I got home tonight and decided to clean all my sheet for my bed and then forgot to put them in the drier! I should have 30 more minutes till they are dry and I can make my bed and then go to bed! I haven't been able to stay awake today!

I am dreading Thursday because of my dentist appointment. I don't know what to expect and sure hope that it is a breeze! I hope that I NEVER get another cavity! I do believe that one is enough!

I do believe that I am going to play with my Sims2 till my bed linens are dry! Later!

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