Tuesday, December 13, 2005

Mouse in the house

Oh my! I woke up Friday afternoon and walked into the kitchen and there was a dead mouse next to the cats water/food bowls! I couldn't believe it! That mouse walked into a death trap with choosing to warm up in my house since I have three cats! He had no chance! I have a feeling that Felix was the one chasing it to its death and when it fell over from his heart attack he probably thought, "Oh we are done playing"! They didn't try to eat it at all - which I am glad!

I have been studying for my finals today and working on my take home final. This take home final for statistics isn't as easy as I thought it would be! I have forgotten how to figure z-scores and t-scores! The last problem on the test I thought would be a easy but the numbers are soo big and the answer is supposed to be less then 1 and mine isn't! I am hoping that everything will come back to me when I study my notes a little bit more. I need to be able to wake up somewhat early tomorrow to finish my final and then finish my study guide for Microeconomics. I just can't wait till these finals are over!

I almost have my voice back but I have this annoying cough now. It is getting better but this morning if I took a breath in, I was coughing! That was quite miserable! The coughing has been better tonight so I hope I wake up in the morning with it completely gone!

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