Sunday, September 30, 2012

Looking for a REAL man!

In the last month, I have been stopped by three different men to tell me I am beautiful. One was at Wal-mart, the second was downtown (the rose panhandler), and the third was while walking down the street today.

I went to the C-street loft walk which I try to go to every year.  I just love seeing the different lofts and how people decorate their lofts.  I have a few ideas of stuff I would like to do.  One loft I went to I recognized a guy in the pictures and it was his girlfriend!  I like their loft the best with all the decor.

I was walking back to my car and this guy driving down the street was staring at me.  He parks his car down the street, not far from my car and approaches me.  He introduced his self to me and then preceded to tell me that I caught his eye while walking down the street.  He was wondering if we could go out and have a drink to see if there was a spark between us.  Very flattering but he just didn't seem like my type.  I was curious his age because he seemed younger than me by quite a few years.  He asked for my number but I asked if I could have his number instead.  I could tell he was a smoker which is a turn off to me.  I could just smell it!

The guy I meet at Wal-mart seemed like a decent guy but he didn't ask for my phone number.  He just told me that my husband was very lucky to have such a beautiful wife.  I was shocked and didn't say I was single.  He might have been a real man but I was to shy to say anything.

I am hanging out at the Mudhouse and looking forward to go home and see Dexter!  I am interested on how this season will go!