Monday, December 02, 2013

Where has this year gone?

I can't believe it is December!!  Also that this is only my third post of the year!  What has happened to my blogging ways?  Just a few highlights of what has happened since my last post.

In August, my niece went away to college.  She is about 3 hours away but loving the big city life!  I could see me slipping right into big city life easily.  Also in August, I meet with a dietitian which helped validate the way I have been eating.  I was glad we were on the same page and she gave me good tips.  I still need to come up with a good meal planning routine.

Then in September, I donated my waterbed!  I have missed it since it has been cooler.  I have also noticed a big difference in how I feel with good mattress!  My back doesn't hurt me as much.  After my body adjusted, I love my new bed and mattress!!

 photo IMG_1829_zpsf4859b21.jpg
Phoebe at the Dog Swim 2013
Then mid-September, I got the stomach flu.  I had to call into work and everything thinks I am dying since I rarely call in.  The last time I called in was March of 2010.  Then I had 5 days off to get better.  I hadn't been that sick in a long time!!!

October, I ended up with a sinus infection after starting to feel better from having the stomach flu.  I took Phoebe to Pets & Pumpkins.  The most exciting part was a 2 week vacation!!

On vacation, my sister and I went and visited my niece.  She showed us around the big city.  I really enjoyed our adventures we had!  I really hope to go back to have more adventures.  :)

Then in November, I went to a crop with a friend of mine.  I even made more friends!  It was a great retreat and hope to be able to do that again.  I had no internet or cell phone service for a couple of days.  It took more planning ahead.

Something exciting that I learned earlier this month was I was spied by Imaginisce!! My layout that was spied My layout is of my pug Phoebe with the paw prints going across. I really like the first layout posted! I love all the curvy lines. Fun!!

I will have to see what December has to bring!  So far, I am trying to reorganize my house and get my living room ready to put my tree up.  

I had started this post at the Mudhouse.  I was hanging out with my younger niece and we were having fun!  It was super foggy for the drive home.   We made it!!