Tuesday, August 29, 2006

Scrapping thoughts

This blog challenge is all about scrapping with others. :-)

What is your most fave part about scrapping with a group of others?

I have only been to 2 crops and one scrappy weekend getaway with my scrapjammie friends! I enjoy scrapping with other people. It is fun to see the creations of others and to meet new people that enjoy the same thing you do. I don't always get that much done but it is always a fun time! I have only been to one crop at my LSS and really liked the fact that I was able to shop for what I needed for a layouts that I didn't need. I really need to make a habit of going to more crops! In November there is another crop at my sister's church that we are hoping to make it too!

What is your least fave part?

I don't always get the journaling done as I like to do that on my computer. I have homework when I do get home and sometimes it will take me awhile to get things done at home. The packing for a crop can be tedious. I do have a tote now so I am excited to pack for a crop to see how it goes! :-)

Today before class I was browsing through various galleries to get ideas on how to organize my scraproom. I found this peas scraproom and I believe this would be a good solution to my scraproom! I went to Target after class and hunted everywhere for these and even asked for help and they told me that since they remodeled, they didn't carry everything they had in the past. So I was disappointed. I decided to go see the scrap isle to see what was there. At the end of one of the isle was the cubes! There isn't as much as there used to be but I am excited! I decided to measure first and decide how I was going to organize them before buying any. WOOHOO!!!!!! I can't wait till I have some organization in my scraproom! It is really hindering my scrap time. :-)

I had class tonight and all during class I was excited about going shopping for ribbon for a ribbon swap I am in! I think that was what got me through this class. I find my English class kinda boring and I am feeling a little overwhelmed since I am out of touch of all the rules that go along with writing! I got my short stories both read and I learned that I didn't "read" that much into the stories like others in my class did. I found it interesting the things that they were thinking of the stories and how these things came about in the story. I also got my index card today of things that I need to look up to help me refresh my memory of things I have forgotten. I have to write a comparison on the two short stories I read and even wrote some ideas down during class on how to do this. I hope it won't be that hard once I get started!

I am going to do some creating before going to bed! :-)

Sunday, August 27, 2006

Blogger slacker :-(

I have been a blogging slacker, as well as an email and message board slacker lately. I don't know if I just need a break from the computer or what it is. My neurotic behavior of checking my email has been sliding. I do know that my myspace activity has increased. Maybe that is the reason that I haven't been as up on my other activities.

I have lots of reading to do and questions to answer the literature I have been assigned to read for my English II class. So far the first short story I have been reading is "The Most Dangerous Game" by Richard Connell. The other short story I need to read is "The Child by Tiger" by Thomas Wolfe. I have found the first short story interesting and curious how it is going to end! I need to set by Fatboy up in a well lit area in my house so I can get cozy and read these stories! :-)

Tonight I woke up and was going to go shopping for ribbon for a ribbon swap I signed up for. When I got out of the shower and was cleaning my glasses the lenses popped out! So I only had time to go to the mall and get my classes fixed which I thought was a priority since I wear my glasses at home. When I got done getting my glasses fixed, I decided to walk through the mall till it closed - which was 15 minutes. I noticed that they finally got done remodeling Victora Secret's and they have new makeup and they are getting a new line of makeup starting in September! I went in and bought some new eyeshadows and lip glosses! So fun!

I also went to Barnes & Noble tonight and found out that I was "caught" by a Barnes & Noble employee at Borders! I didn't see him as I would have recognized him but he was teasing me tonight about being going to the other bookstore! :-) I have to say that Barnes & Noble is my favorite but Borders had emailed me a 25% coupon and couldn't let that go to waste!

I am going to try to organize my house a little and try to finish reading my literature. :-)

Wednesday, August 23, 2006

School is back in session!

First day of school was on Monday and I wasn't sure how awake I was going to be since I got off from work at 0700 and had to be at class by 1600. I did okay, was a little tired but was able to listen to my instructor without dozing! I am taking English II to start with this semester which last for 16 weeks. I pick up another class in October that last 5 weeks and then another in Novemer that last 5 weeks. I was told by a previous student that has had these classes that it would be an easy semester so I hope she is right!

In my English II class, my instructor decided to give all of us the final for his English I class. He told us that it isn't for points and that it was just to let him know what he needed to teach for the semester. After I got the final and looked at it I didn't remember much of English I!!! I took English I in 1991, my very first semester of college. He said he would grade them and give us an index card of things we should review in our "Little Brown Handbook". I am curious on what he is going to but on my index card and wondering if he is going to need more than one! :-) I am looking forward to improving on my writing skills and hopefully be able to write better papers for my other classes.

A friend of mine was over at my house one night and he told me I needed more art in my home. When I was renting, I always had minimum art so I had less holes to fill in when I moved. Since owning my own home, I still haven't gotten more art. My friend told me that I should take an art class and make my own art. The university I go to is an hour away and I go to the local chapter which is just a building just for the nursing programs. I wouldn't be able to take art @ my present university unless I drove an hour. I have decided that I am going to try to get some books from the library and see what I can do from them. I might also look into this drawing class that they have at Hobby Lobby. I also found a cool website tonight that is an online art gallery. Click here to visit! I made me an account and maybe someday I will post art in my gallery!

Friday, August 18, 2006

Not so sneezy day

I saw the pollen count today and it is high with Ragweed as the culprit! That is the biggest allergy that I have and not happy that it has made its appearance. I was hoping to go back to Moonshine Beach today. I even went out and got me a pair of water shoes, a spring float and sunscreen. I didn't wake up till 2pm and I was still stuffy so I thought I probably shouldn't expose myself to more allergens. I might have to next week when I am off from work when the allergies aren't bothering me so much!

I was going to go ahead and pick up my English books today so I called the bookstore and they were closed today! I get off from work at 0700 Monday and class starts at 4pm. I am going to have to wake up even earlier and get my books. I was bummed about that. I wish I would have went ahead and did that yesterday.

I have been having some difficulty with my CD player in my car with not wanting to eject CDs and then it thinks it doesn't have a CD when it does. I went to the place that installed it and they got my CD out but told me it most likely needs cleaned. But they don't do that and told me of a place that does. I called the other place today and he told me it might end up costing more than the radio is worth. He said that it normally runs $40 to $80 to clean them and told me I could most likely just get a new one. My stereo is about 10 years old and doesn't play my burned CDs very well so I think I am going to go shopping for a new one to see what is out there.

Thursday, August 17, 2006

Crazy allergies!

I slept most of the day yesterday and when I often when I get up and I don't have to work will go hang out at a coffee shop and read or whatever. Last night I decided to go to Barnes & Noble and do little reading in the cafe. Later when I was heading back to the front of the store, I happened to run into someone I used to see when I worked out with my personal trainer! I have often wondered about him and was happy to see him. We did a little catching up with each other. :-)

I finally got done with the Desperate Housewives CJ that I had been trying to figure out what to do with. I will post that layout here! I still haven't gotten my scrap room organized but the rest of my house is getting a little more organized. I am happy about that and hope to be able to work on getting everything else orgainized! I do start school back up on Monday so I hope that I will be able to still fit in some scrapping time. I will only have one class till Oct. so hopefully it won't be too bad!

I am hanging out at a different coffee shop today. I am having allergy issues and I am sure I am annoying people with my sneezing but wanted to get caught up with my blogging! I just wish Barnes & Noble had free wifi. You have to subscribe to there service which is about $20 a month. If I didn't have internet at home then I would be okay with paying that but since I do I just find the free wifi spots when I want to do work outside of being home!

I am going to head to Hobby Lobby and maybe somewhere that will have water shoes so I can go back to Moonshine Beach! :-)

Thursday, August 10, 2006

Moonshine Beach!!!

We all had such a wonderful day! I really enjoyed Moonshine Beach and hope to go back soon! We spent a couple of hours there but it still doesn't beat a real beach at the ocean. You really need those water shoes as there is rock instead of sand near the shore. It was fun having a beach like setting to hang out at! I also learned that you shouldn't keep you swimsuit in the trunk of your car as my swimsuit had lost its elasticity from the heat!!! So now I need a new swimsuit, not an easy task.

After we got done at the beach, we decided to check out the new Branson Landing different shops but didn't have enough time to really look at all of them. They also have water fountains in the center and have shopping center. I really enjoyed the feel of the outdoor shopping experience! It reminding me of the outdoor shopping centers near the water in Cancun! AHHHH!!!!! Nice thoughts! I am going to have to go there more often so I can dream of the ocean! We enjoyed going through thea fire and water show! I wasn't expecting fire and it kinda shocked me! I got a few pictures of it but there is a much better picture on there website!

I also would like to go see the titanic in branson. The museum is the first half of the titanic! I was going to get a picture but my camera was in the trunk of my car! I have been told by more than one person that it is worth going through so I hope to do that someday soon! :-)

I had decided that there is lots of fun stuff to do in Branson which is a nearby getaway for me. I have always disliked going to Branson as I associated it with country music but there is much more than that there!!!

Tuesday, August 08, 2006

Elsie's book signing

I was happy that I was able to wake up in enough time before work to attend Elsie's book signing!!! Elsie is such an awesome person and love her work! Her husband T.J. and there dog cocoa was there! I didn't think about bringing my camera but I did have my cell phone with me so I did take some pics but haven't uploaded them to my computer yet.

She had a display of the layouts featured in the book and it was great seeing them in person!!! There are some many dimesions that you miss!!! I can't wait till I can sit down with her book and create!

My scrap room is a mess and my supplies are so disorganized that it is making it difficult for me to scrapbook! I really need to work on this so I can sit down and just get what I need and scrap. Maybe on my vacation which starts in the morning when I get off from work!

Monday, August 07, 2006


Tonight I went outside to water my garden and the neighbors dog chased a snake into my yard. Hmmmmm . . . . . . . . . why does that snake have to stay around in my yard? Just because I have a dog house doesn't mean that it has to sleep under it! I looked up the name for phobia of snakes as I believe I have this. It is a little worse now that I have to deal with a snake appearance almost everyday. I need to start carrying my rake with me - just in case it makes an appearance I will have some defense!

Saturday, August 05, 2006

Fun, relaxing day

I started my day out yesterday with cleaning. Not to fun and exciting but it needs to be done. I am working on getting my house spotless so when I go back to school I will have a clean house. I am hoping to come up with some plan that will help me keep things clean to make it not such a big job when I do clean! I will work on that next week when I am on vacation. That will be another relaxing day at the Mudhouse! I can get more accomplished there! Such a wonderful atmosphere. Just love it!

Yesterday a friend of mine came over and I was excited for him to walk in my house and see my clean living room. I had forgotten I had the garage door open and he walked in the garage door - the part of the house that wasn't clean yet!!!! Oh, well! I thought we had a nice time together yesterday and I actually found it calming. We just sat around listening to music and chatting. Then we went outside and sat on my back porch for awhile and I tended to my garden. Then he wanted to go for a walk. I live near a park, actually one of the biggest parks with a swimming pool! I have lived at my house for 2 years and have never taken a walk to the park. I am going to have to start doing this more often. I enjoyed our walk and hanging out at the park. I was wearing flip-flops and learned that wasn't a very good choice for walking! Next time I will change shoes. I had wished I had my camera with me so I can practice being a photographer! I will next time I make that adventure!

Later in the evening we were going to go to the artwalk together but he called and was tired and so we decided not to go. I ended up doing a little bit of shopping and got India.Aries new album. Just love her music!!!!!! I went to our newly remodeled Target which has a Starbucks in it!!! I am going to have to go back just to relax in the starbucks there! They also added a Pizza Hut also. I didn't walk through the whole store as my feet still was sore from walking in the flip-flops earlier! I think I will return after I get off work in the morning to see what I can find! I also went to Barnes & Noble for awhile and found Creating Keepsakes new Can-Do Techniques magazine. I can't wait till I can sit down and use some of the ideas in there! I noticed that Barnes & Noble is expanding there magazine selection. I am excited to see if they are going to start carrying more magazines! I love going in there and getting a few magazines and sitting in the cafe! I haven't done that in awhile but I think I will when I wake up Monday!

I should get some more sleep as I do work tonight and I need to be able to wake up early to go a LSS where Elsie is going to be signing her book!!!!! It is from 4pm-6pm so hopefully I can wake up early enough to get my book signed and then head off to work!!!! Then when I get off Monday morning it will be time for vacation! :-)

Thursday, August 03, 2006

2 peas challenge - self portrait!

I have a recent picture of me and my cat that I had taken but thought it would be fun to take another photo! No cats are included this time. I would like to take more photos of myself for a "Me" book that I would like to make! I got almost two months ago "Self-centered" and also the workbook to go with it to assist you on make a "ME" book. I would also like to get the "ME" book from autumn leaves. I read there blog every so often to see what people have done and love it!!!

I woke up at 3am today since I had been asleep since 1pm the day before! I got up and decided to wash all my sheets and comforter so I am excited to sleep in a clean, organized bed tonight! While I was making my bed this morning around 6am I feel asleep again before getting my bed made! I didn't think I was that tired but I guess I was! I woke back up around 12pm and finally got in the shower to get ready for the day.

I am going to work hard tonight on getting my house clean! I have a friend that will be coming over to pick up something soon and it seems like my house is always messy when he comes over so I want to shock him with a clean house! If I was a stay-at-home-kitty-mom I could keep up with the house cleaning better! :-) To bad one of my cats didn't have a job. Maybe I should try to find one of my cats a modeling job and then I could go PRN at the hospital! I can dream!

I am currently at the Mudhouse and just relaxing! The internet is working here today. I was here last Sunday and they had gotten a new router and they couldn't get it configured so no internet. I am going to catch up on some emails while I am here to.

My plans with my nieces didn't work as they have there half-sister is with them this week. I really hope that next week they can spend the night with me! We need to have some fun aunt time while I am on vacation from work and while we aren't in school! It won't be long that school will be starting back up for all of us!

Another snake appearance

When I got home from work I went to my backyard to water my garden and the snake was waiting for me at the gate!!!!! I am always thinking of the snake as I am entering the backyard and then it was right there at my feet! I thought I would go back to my garage and get my big heavy rake and I walk back to the snake and it slithered off!!!!! OHHHHH!!!! I wish that thing would go somewhere else! It needs to slow down so I can get it! If I wasn't a little paranoid about the snake before I am a little more know! I jump everytime I see a stick laying in the yard! Maybe someday it will go away. I even had a dream that I caught the snake but woke and realized it was a dream . . . . . . . . :-)

WOW! Work has been super busy and I was so ready to go home this morning and the nurse that was taking my patients didn't show up for work! They kept leaving messages for her. I stayed over as they thought she would call and come into work but no such luck! Around 9am they decided to split up my team since she hadn't called. At least I did get the morning meds passed and dressings done so hopefully that helped out the day crew since they had to pick them up.

I am excited about my vacation next week and hope to get my house somewhat clean before my vacation starts. I also want to do fun things with my nieces too. I will see how that goes!!!