Wednesday, August 23, 2006

School is back in session!

First day of school was on Monday and I wasn't sure how awake I was going to be since I got off from work at 0700 and had to be at class by 1600. I did okay, was a little tired but was able to listen to my instructor without dozing! I am taking English II to start with this semester which last for 16 weeks. I pick up another class in October that last 5 weeks and then another in Novemer that last 5 weeks. I was told by a previous student that has had these classes that it would be an easy semester so I hope she is right!

In my English II class, my instructor decided to give all of us the final for his English I class. He told us that it isn't for points and that it was just to let him know what he needed to teach for the semester. After I got the final and looked at it I didn't remember much of English I!!! I took English I in 1991, my very first semester of college. He said he would grade them and give us an index card of things we should review in our "Little Brown Handbook". I am curious on what he is going to but on my index card and wondering if he is going to need more than one! :-) I am looking forward to improving on my writing skills and hopefully be able to write better papers for my other classes.

A friend of mine was over at my house one night and he told me I needed more art in my home. When I was renting, I always had minimum art so I had less holes to fill in when I moved. Since owning my own home, I still haven't gotten more art. My friend told me that I should take an art class and make my own art. The university I go to is an hour away and I go to the local chapter which is just a building just for the nursing programs. I wouldn't be able to take art @ my present university unless I drove an hour. I have decided that I am going to try to get some books from the library and see what I can do from them. I might also look into this drawing class that they have at Hobby Lobby. I also found a cool website tonight that is an online art gallery. Click here to visit! I made me an account and maybe someday I will post art in my gallery!

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