Thursday, August 03, 2006

Another snake appearance

When I got home from work I went to my backyard to water my garden and the snake was waiting for me at the gate!!!!! I am always thinking of the snake as I am entering the backyard and then it was right there at my feet! I thought I would go back to my garage and get my big heavy rake and I walk back to the snake and it slithered off!!!!! OHHHHH!!!! I wish that thing would go somewhere else! It needs to slow down so I can get it! If I wasn't a little paranoid about the snake before I am a little more know! I jump everytime I see a stick laying in the yard! Maybe someday it will go away. I even had a dream that I caught the snake but woke and realized it was a dream . . . . . . . . :-)

WOW! Work has been super busy and I was so ready to go home this morning and the nurse that was taking my patients didn't show up for work! They kept leaving messages for her. I stayed over as they thought she would call and come into work but no such luck! Around 9am they decided to split up my team since she hadn't called. At least I did get the morning meds passed and dressings done so hopefully that helped out the day crew since they had to pick them up.

I am excited about my vacation next week and hope to get my house somewhat clean before my vacation starts. I also want to do fun things with my nieces too. I will see how that goes!!!

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