Thursday, August 10, 2006

Moonshine Beach!!!

We all had such a wonderful day! I really enjoyed Moonshine Beach and hope to go back soon! We spent a couple of hours there but it still doesn't beat a real beach at the ocean. You really need those water shoes as there is rock instead of sand near the shore. It was fun having a beach like setting to hang out at! I also learned that you shouldn't keep you swimsuit in the trunk of your car as my swimsuit had lost its elasticity from the heat!!! So now I need a new swimsuit, not an easy task.

After we got done at the beach, we decided to check out the new Branson Landing different shops but didn't have enough time to really look at all of them. They also have water fountains in the center and have shopping center. I really enjoyed the feel of the outdoor shopping experience! It reminding me of the outdoor shopping centers near the water in Cancun! AHHHH!!!!! Nice thoughts! I am going to have to go there more often so I can dream of the ocean! We enjoyed going through thea fire and water show! I wasn't expecting fire and it kinda shocked me! I got a few pictures of it but there is a much better picture on there website!

I also would like to go see the titanic in branson. The museum is the first half of the titanic! I was going to get a picture but my camera was in the trunk of my car! I have been told by more than one person that it is worth going through so I hope to do that someday soon! :-)

I had decided that there is lots of fun stuff to do in Branson which is a nearby getaway for me. I have always disliked going to Branson as I associated it with country music but there is much more than that there!!!

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