Monday, February 23, 2009

Camera Critters

Camera Critters

"What the Pug"

February 22, 2009

I was having fun today taking pictures of Phoebe and her new t-shirt! I was surprised I got her to pose like this!


Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Scrapbooking fun!!

I had a great time at the scrapbooking meetup last night! I enjoyed being able to scrapbook and meeting new friends!

I ended up going without any pictures. I was attempted to print some photos before leaving and for some reason it was taking about 10 minutes a photo! My printer has never taken that long before. It makes me wonder if I had a different setting selected that made it so slow. I need to start printing my pictures about once a month so this isn't an issue anymore. I need to go through and find pics for the LO's I did do. I was able to get 3 page kits done that I had brought. One was a Scrapjammies kit and the other two was from Scrapbook Generation. When I got home I added photos to the SJ kit I did but still haven't done the journaling.

This is the Exuberant kit from SJ and I thought it needed pics from Paris! These are all from the Eiffel Tower. I do miss the Eiffel Tower!


This is frustrating!! I cropped this image in photobucket but it keeps showing the original. If I go to photobucket, I can see the cropped image. It is what it is! :-)

I am having a hard time typing as I have a puppy that wants my attention! She keeps digging on my legs wanting me to pick her up. Then she cuddles in my arms and lays her head down. It is a little hard to type like that! I hope the weather will hold up today for a bit so I can take Phoebe out for a walk around the neighborhood.

I am off to get ready for my day!!


Monday, February 09, 2009

Spring . . .

I went outside this morning about 8am to put the trash by the street. The wind was blowing and it felt good. It wasn't to warm but wasn't too cool. It was refreshing!!! After getting the trash out, I was going inside to have some breakfast, check the MB, enjoy a Frappucino that I had in the freezer and then go back outside!! By the time I did all that, the wind had turned cooler and wasn't as refreshing as it was earlier. Clouds had moved in and I realized that it was going to rain as predicted by the weather man. Rats!! I was hoping that it was going to be nice like it was at 8am.

February 9, 2009

While I was outside, I noticed that with this warmer weather we have been having, my flowers are starting to come up. I know that it is going to get colder and they won't make it. That makes me sad. This happens every year. I made that my POTD! At least some of the flowers wait till it is really warm out and do survive! My fave is my iris. I planted a whole row and only one came up.

A nice surprise when I checked google reader this morning was that Phoebe had a blog post just about her!! I had her pictures done last month at UTurn Studios for pet modeling as she posted some of the pics on her blog. You can check them out here!

Now it is about 4pm and the rain has stopped and the outdoors has a nice welcoming feeling again. I don't have time to enjoy it as I am getting ready to head off to meet some new scrapbooking buddies through and do a little scrapbooking. I am really enjoying going to crops and meeting new people! School was sucking the life out of me and I am enjoying doing what I want to do! :-)


Sunday, February 08, 2009

Wild chewing puppy!

Yesterday, Phoebe was a wild and crazy puppy! She was in trouble every time I turned around!! The biggest trouble she got in was chewing on my Blackberry Pearl! I had taken my phone with me to my bedroom and had it on my headboard. I had forgotten about it when I got up. When I went into my bedroom later, I found my phone on my bed and when I picked it up it was all chewed up and missing the back cover!! I found the back cover and was able to get it to fit again. Then the phone wouldn't unlock! I kept pushing the keys to unlock it over and over and finally it unlocked!! It appeared to be working. Phew!!

I made this my POTD for February 7.

February 7, 2009

I made a phone call on it and everything seemed to be working. I went to AT&T to find out what my options were just in case it stopped working. I am unable to change the volume on my phone. It seems to be at a good volume. If the volume gets turned down, then I would be unable to turn it up! In the store, I had opened the back of the phone to show the damage on the inside of the phone and he pointed out to me that it has had water damage. More like slobber damage!! The white sticker was now red. I have no insurance on the phone as they wouldn't let me get insurance on it. I find out yesterday that they allow insurance on my phone now but it is too late for me!! I could have upgraded but only get half the discount or I can wait till mid-May and get my full discount. Since I did get my phone to working again, I decided to wait. If for some reason the phone does quite working, I will have to go back to my old phone.

She was in a chewing mood yesterday. She got ahold of my wireless mouse and chewed on it. Now the scroll wheel seems to get stuck on something but will still turn. She loves her blue nyla bone but I couldn't find it yesterday. I finally found it late last night stuck inbetween my waterbed mattress and frame. She has been happier today with it!

It seems as today she has been making up for yesterday trying to be all cute! She does this funny thing with my covers and gets underneath them. Then she will poke her head through and lay all covered up on my bed! I was able to get a picture of it today!

I made this the POTD for February 8.

February 8, 2009

She wasn't listening to well to me today when we went to our pet training class though! I also had her nails done after class and she had a fit!!! I took her in December to have them done and she did good. This time she had a fit and they weren't going to do it. It took two of them but they did get it done. I really would like for her to let me use the pedi paws on her to save money. I have slowly been introducing her to tool but haven't worked up to actually using it on her.

I am at the Mudhouse and my allergies have decided to act up. I need to get home, relax and take some allergy medicine! :-)


Wednesday, February 04, 2009

Lion Kitty!!

Three years ago I took Chloe to get groomed and she had some tangles in her hair. They warned me that day that they may have to shave my cat. I didn't want them to but they said it might be the only way to take care of her tangles. They said that they would try to get the tangles out but they may shave her. They called me before picking her up that they did have to shave her and that I had a lion kitty. I vowed that I was never going to have her shaved again! That was tramatic for me and her!

Well, in December she was ill and I didn't realize it. She had a UTI and eleveated liver enzymes. I had to give her medicines for a month. The antibiotic three times a day for a couple of weeks. She wasn't a very happy kitty but it was to help her. I had taken the time to get her hair all combed out about the time this all happened. In a months time, she had gotten tangled on her belly. When I took Chloe to get her check up to see if the medicine was going to work, I was told that she may have to be shaved. I was determined to get these tangles out!! I realized her tangles were a little too much and decided it was best to get her shaved again. I couldn't believe that in a month's time her hair had gotten that bad of shape. She was mad at me for giving her medicine and she didn't want to be near me. I wasn't able to keep on top of her hair and keep it tangle free.


I took her in to get her shaved - a lion kitty cut! The last time they left her tail all fluffy and forget to tell them to leave it fluffy again this time. I went to pick up my kitty and she was so tiny without all that fur!! She was pretty mad! I didn't notice her tail right away but they shaved her tail all but the very end! It is cut like a lion! I just love petting her as it feels like velvet now!


After I picked her up at the vets, I took her to Petland to get her a sweater. They were still on sale and she was going to need one with the cold weather still upon us! I had Chloe on a leash and I took my lion kitty to Petland! The girl in the boutique loved Chloe and her lion kitty cut! She seemed to be more calm and I even had a cute sweater on her.


She wiggled out of her sweater later and it has warmed up some so I haven't put the sweater back on her. She has been sleeping real close to me some nights. I feel asleep last night and woke up with Chloe on my neck! It was funny and she was just happy! I am going to do my best for this not to happen again as I like my kitty best with all her fur! The groomer did tell me that they could shave her belly as that was were she was tangled the worst and she will stillhave most of her hair. I might consider it when her hair grows back.


Sunday, February 01, 2009

Pet Hotel

I never made it back to talk about the Pet Hotel at Petsmart. It was interesting and I enjoying being able to tour it. I got a free overnight stay for touring it. I am going to have to try it out!

Pet Hotel grand opening!

I brought Phoebe with me thinking she would get to go through the hotel but they had a room with people watching our dogs while we went through the hotel.

The cats have a room with kennels and a TV. It is a small room and I wasn't able to get a picture of it. I really like a sign they had that said "Cat Diva's". The group was moving to fast! Then we went into another room that the dogs get to stay in. Some are bigger kennels and other are smaller. I am sure Phoebe would get a smaller kennel if she stayed. I thought it was cute the telephone they have inside! They call it the Bone Booth! The picture I have isn't good but it is the best I could get!


They have play areas for them which is the doggie day care. You have to pay for them to have extra playtime. They have some play areas in the front so the people in the store can watch the dogs play. You can also purchase your dog to have a special treat. I couldn't believe the size of these treats! My pup would be in doggie heaven! She would end up being a pudgy pug if she had those treats all the time!

February 1, 2009

It was a great time touring the hotel. The prices are a little high compared to my vets. If I was to go out of town, I would use my vet. I might have Phoebe involved in doggie day care to some so she can play with other dogs.


What happened?

I have been in a blogging hiatus! I didn't mean to be but it happened. I am also way behind on answering emails. I don't know why these things get behind anymore but they do.

Since the beginning of the year I have taken on the quest of taking a picture everyday (POTD). This has all come from Becky Higgins kit Project 365. I am still waiting on my kit but I am ready!! I have been able to keep up so far but need the kit to be able to scrap them. I had a hard time coming up with a picture yesterday and finally just took a picture of Chloe and had some fun in Photoshop with her pic. Here is the result:

January 31, 2009

I used Courtney's actions that I got off flickr and they are nostalgia and pink nostalgia. I would like to learn the different steps on how to do this myself. I have a few books on Photoshop and really would like to work through them to see what I can learn. You can also google some things and find online tutorials.

I am taking my pup Phoebe to the grand opening of the Pet Hotel at Petsmart. I am curious what it is going to be like! Phoebe has attended pet training in the new area already. I really like it. I can let Phoebe run around in the area as we are doing the training class. I plan to bring my camera to make this my POTD! I hopefully will have pics later.

I am going to get busy with my day!