Monday, February 09, 2009

Spring . . .

I went outside this morning about 8am to put the trash by the street. The wind was blowing and it felt good. It wasn't to warm but wasn't too cool. It was refreshing!!! After getting the trash out, I was going inside to have some breakfast, check the MB, enjoy a Frappucino that I had in the freezer and then go back outside!! By the time I did all that, the wind had turned cooler and wasn't as refreshing as it was earlier. Clouds had moved in and I realized that it was going to rain as predicted by the weather man. Rats!! I was hoping that it was going to be nice like it was at 8am.

February 9, 2009

While I was outside, I noticed that with this warmer weather we have been having, my flowers are starting to come up. I know that it is going to get colder and they won't make it. That makes me sad. This happens every year. I made that my POTD! At least some of the flowers wait till it is really warm out and do survive! My fave is my iris. I planted a whole row and only one came up.

A nice surprise when I checked google reader this morning was that Phoebe had a blog post just about her!! I had her pictures done last month at UTurn Studios for pet modeling as she posted some of the pics on her blog. You can check them out here!

Now it is about 4pm and the rain has stopped and the outdoors has a nice welcoming feeling again. I don't have time to enjoy it as I am getting ready to head off to meet some new scrapbooking buddies through and do a little scrapbooking. I am really enjoying going to crops and meeting new people! School was sucking the life out of me and I am enjoying doing what I want to do! :-)



**** April **** said...

IT's not fair when the weather doesn't cooperate with ya... that's why -- I just haven't planted a thing! :) ha ha!

janet said...

I have the same kind of POTD!! Just took it the other day. The leaves to my tulips are popping up so I got my camera. Great minds think alike!