Saturday, December 30, 2006

A little behind

I have fallen behind in my blogging. I was busy finishing up the semester and then doing all my Christmas shopping, working. This is my first weekend since being out of school that I feel like I don't have much to do! It feels great! :-) I actually start school again next Thursday for a winter term class then start the Spring semester.

I had a good Christmas. I did have to work Christmas Eve and for some crazy reason something triggered my allergies at work and I couldn't stop sneezing! I was so glad to get off from work on Christmas morning so I could get some sleep! Then I woke up and had a stuffy nose but felt fine. I went to my parents house to celebrate Christmas!

My nieces are soo cute! I got them each a disney micro pix digital camera and each their own art set and some paper. They were taking pictures and making art! Jasmine was making collages with the pictures she took and I told her she would be a good digital scrapbooker!

My Dad, I got him a couple of James Bond movies - Tomorrow never dies and Octopussy and also a book "The Ultimate James Bond Fan Book". I also got my parents each a unique luggage tag - my dad's was a dog and my mom's was a womens head. They were really cute! My mom had made the comment that they didn't have luggage tags for when they traveled.

My sister, I got her basic scrapbooking supplies and an organizer. We are always sharing stuff when we scrap together so now she has her own supplies so she can scrap whenever she wants!

My Mom, I got her two pair of PJ's and slippers.

I got a Paris calendar and a picture that I love of the eiffel tower that is painted. My parents had it matted and framed for me! I have motivation to get my extra bedroom cleaned so I can hang it! I also got some new towels, bath stuff, Jenga, a swivel sweeper which works wonders on my hardwood floors! That is all I can remember at the moment.

I did get a gift card to Target from one of my Aunt's and I had to go shopping the day after Christmas with it! I had went to Hobby Lobby and I was glad that traffic wasn't that bad. When I got closer to Target, I found out that is where everyone was! Traffic was backed up to get into Target!!! It really wasn't to crowded in the store though. I used my gift card and got me a eiffel tower lamp! I am excited about my lamp!!!! At Hobby Lobby I also got some vintage travel things to hang also. All the stuff I got at Hobby Lobby was 50% off that day! I enjoyed my little shopping day!

I am sitting in the Mudhouse which I haven't been here for two weeks! It is nice to sit in the coffee shop and just chill. I have been downloading new stuff for my sims and hope it doesn't mess up my game. Something messed up my Strangetown neighborhood and I had to restore it and start over! I am working on getting things back in order again. :-)

I am unsure what is with blogger and posting pics!!!! I can't get them to load again!

Monday, December 18, 2006

Productive weekend

I have been busy busy on this little vacation from work. I started it out with appointments and studying for finals. Then I was busy doing some errands then the weekend came and my Dad helped me with some stuff around the house and also helped me rake leaves. I was really hoping to get my house cleaned a little and then put my Christmas tree up but that still hasn't happened!!! Maybe later this week.

One of the home improvement things that my dad helped me with was installing a new kitchen faucet. I have not had hardly any water pressure from the kitchen faucet but I do in the rest of the house and the sprayer worked good so I thought it had to be the faucet. I was correct!!!! We got the faucet installed and I had water pressure! I was excited! Then my Dad made the comment that it didn't have very good water pressure but he didn't see what I had before! It took a few minutes to fill up a glass for water now we are back to a few seconds.

We also tried to install my old shower head that I used to have but it leaked to bad. I really enjoyed my handheld shower head but it happens to be plastic so it has just worn out enough that it wouldn't work. I took my old showerhead and soaked it in lime away before putting it back on.

My bathroom faucet has problems that I hope can be easily fixed. I am unable to use the hot water because the knob slips over the seat and the water won't turn on. My Dad told me that I might be able to get a replacement knob thing. Not sure what this piece is called but I have it in a baggy and I need to make a trip to Lowe's. That sink has been clogged for a little while now. I but bleach down the sink and it slowly drained out and it seemed to help. Today, I got some liquid drano gel/foamer and now it work like a charm!

The other project we did which isn't finished as I had to get a part for it is my ceiling fan/light in my bedroom. I had installed a part that made my light remote control so when I am in bed all cozy and warm I can turn it off without getting up. It quit working the beginning of November so my Dad brought this meter thing and we found out that that part I had installed quit! I had only had it for two years so I went to Home Depot as that is where I got it and found me a new one. I like Lowe's over Home Depot - at least in my town. I get so frustrated when I need assistance as I can't find anybody. It is always in the lighting and window coverings that I want help and can't get it. It is like I am bothering the employees when I ask for help. When I finally did find someone, he was hurrying to get away from me! Anyway, I got my part and the guy told me that I need to call the company since it went out after 2 years. Hopefully my Dad can come over later this week and help me install this back into my ceiling fan.

Then my Dad and I raked all the leaves in my front yard. I am glad that is done and I wore a face mask for my allergies and it helped! One year when I was raking my leaves, I went into some sort of allergy attack and coudn't breathe. I never thought raking leaves would bother my allergies but I learned different that year. I am a little sore from raking leaves and that just shows me how out of shape I have gotten . . . need to get back with my personal trainer and get back into shape!

I was really hoping to scrapbook, figure out digital scrapbooking and play my sims a little more while I was on vacation but I am also glad to get some of these things done! I have two weeks off till I have to go back to school so I hope to do some of the fun things I want to accomplish.

I am going to include a picture of a friend of mine that stopped by today and he was having me take silly pictures of him! He is a fan of Micheal Jackson and was doing poses like he would do! I keep laughing when I look at these pictures! I will have to scrapbook these crazy photos! (He doesn't even know that I have posted this! SHHH!!) :-)

Saturday, December 16, 2006

Cookie Crop

I have had quite the busy week but I am done with the semester!!!!!! I am just waiting for my grade in English II to show up on the website. He said in class that he had to have them in by 4pm Tuesday. I might be Tuesday before I know. I got "A's" in my other two classes!! I really hope I end up with a "B" in English II, we will see! :-)

I have been so exhausted this week and can only sleep a few hours at a time. I know that has to do with me working night shift for so long. My body is confused!! I had to do a case study earlier this week regarding an older adult is having sleep problems and she had asked me for advice. In doing this assignment, I found a website that has some good info that I need to go back and read. I have worked nights for 5 1/2 years now. I don't think adding school to that helped me any. :-)

I still haven't gotten my tree up yet but I did get insulation for my house a week ago today. I think I can notice a difference but not 100% sure. I have a thermometer in my bed room and it has been 2 degrees higher than what it used to read. :-) This thermometer used to tell me the outdoor temp also but Felix, one of my cats, chewed the cord in two!! I need to get me a wireless one now! I have noticed he has chewed on my AC adapter cord to my computer. Not good!!! I am unsure why he feels the need to chew on things but electrical cords are the wrong thing to be chewing on!!!

Last night, my sister and I went to a cookie crop. A friend of mine that I meet on one of the MB that lives in the area told me about it. It was fun and it was good to see my friend from the MB again! I didn't get to much accomplished but that is okay. I brought some of my scrapjammie kits that I hadn't but together and got one put together, just need to add journaling. I started another LO scrapping my dog we all when I was little. I finally finished putting together one of SEI scrapbook kits together and I am hoping to put pictures of my family when we were little and give that to my Grandma for Christmas. I love going to crops in a scrapbook store because if you are doing a LO and then need something, you can go get it!! :-) I might just need me a spot at the store to scrapbook and shop! :-) That might get me in too much trouble!

My parents are coming over today and my dad is going to help me put a new kitchen faucet in. I have no water pressure from my kitchen faucet but the sprayer thing works fine. I am hoping that changing the faucet will help this problem. If it doesn't, then I need a plumber! It will have to wait awhile! Tuition and new insulation is enough for now!

I am hoping to get to Petsmart this weekend as Santa is going to be there for the pets! I would love it if I could take my Grandma's dog to see Santa! Last year, santa was grumpy! I don't think he was very thrilled with me coming in with 3 cats! I hope that he isn't grumpy this year!

Blogger is up to its old tricks again and won't load pictures!!! Anyway, I need to start getting ready for my day!

Monday, December 11, 2006

English II is over!

I am so glad that I got my paper written and then did my final today which was writing a paper. I am soo excited to have this out of the way! Today when we started on the final, I went to the computer lab as I find using the computer easier than hand writing an impromptu paper. It took me almost 2 hours to complete the paper, printed it out and headed back to the classroom. I was the last one to turn in my paper!!!! My teacher told me that he was getting ready to leave as he thought everyone had turned their paper in! We laughed about that for a while since it didn't happen. I am glad that he was still their so I didn't have to figure out how to get my paper to him! :-) Glad to have that out of the way!

I now have to finish up my online class, Gerontological nursing. I have to type up my journal, do a case study which is due tomorrow. I am also still working on the study guide for the final. I have till Thursday to take the final. I am hoping to get the journal and case study done tomorrow and then fully concentrate on the study guide for the final. I am trying to work on this now but I have had very little sleep all weekend and I am falling asleep at the Mudhouse tonight. I think I just need to get some sleep and then wake up fresh in the morning and finish everything up! :-)

I am on vacation from work mainly so I could concentrate on my finals but also to relax!! The first few days will be studying and then I can do what I want! So nice! That won't last long either as I am taking a winter term course but I can just see that I am almost done and can't wait!

I guess I should try to get back to my studying! :-)

Saturday, December 09, 2006

Crazy busy . . . .

I have been sooo busy with the last bit of school work to get done. I am ready for my English II class to be over but I am having problems with my paper that is due on Monday - and I have to work the next two nights. I am unsure how I am going to get this paper finished! When class is over on Monday, it will be over! But then I have another class that I have a bunch of stuff due on Tuesday and then I have to have the final done by Thursday.

I am going to bring some of my resources with me to work tonight regarding my paper and hope something comes after I read them again and I can finish it in the morning when I get home. I have hardly had any sleep so this is going to be interesting! I am going to be going to my English II final half asleep and we have to write a paper in class for our final. Uhhhh.

The good thing is that I am on vacation next week and I can hopefully get some much needed sleep! I am going to be too busy but one week from now I can relax a little! I really can't wait for that! :-)

Tuesday, December 05, 2006

Kinda freaky . . . .

After class today I went to Barnes & Noble to get me some of that Passion Fruit Tea! YUM!!!! I decided not to hang out like I like and left. As I was leaving, a guy opened the door for me and then all of a sudden said, "You cut your hair!!!!!" I wasn't sure who this guy was so I asked him how I knew him. He told me that he had seen me before in the cafe and remembered me having hair all the way down my back and now you don't. I found that kinda freaky that he had noticed me and remembered my hair. I am sure that I will remember him now but that caught me off guard.

Tonight I had my English class and I got my researched movie review back and I was happy with my grade. I am ready for this class to be over as writing papers isn't my strong point but I do feel like I have improved. I have a paper due on Monday plus in class we are to write an essay for our final on Monday. He has told us what the paper is going to be about so we can get our notes together and then write it in class. I have ended up getting behind in getting my paper written because the day I was going to go to the library was when we had all this snow and then the library isn't open on the weekend. I was able to talk to the teacher a little more about the assignment and he helped me with some points of the books he has on reserve in the library so it will all work out! After my final on Monday, I will be able to wrap up my online class and hopefully enjoy the vacation that I will start on Monday! I am so looking forward to that!

I still haven't gotten my tree up! I thought I would this weekend but I was tired! I need to get the Christmas decorations and my tree out of the attic so that when they come to install more insulation, it will be out of the way. I will then also have to make more room in the smaller part of my attic to store these items. That might be a little bit of a job! :-)

I feel like I need to get some sleep and then wake up early afternoon to start organizing my paper, finish an assignment that is due, and work on the study guide that is for my online class. Yeah! I am ready for a break and it is soo close! :-)

Sunday, December 03, 2006

The end of the semester is soon!

I can't wait till the end of the semester as I am tired of writing papers! I have been sitting here at the Mudhouse trying to get some homework done. I have done some research, saved it in a word document and also started my journal. I should have started my journal a lot sooner and realized today that it is due in one week so if I do one entry a day, then I will have it done before the due date.

I was really hoping to get a head start on a research paper that is due in one week this weekend. The snow ruined my plans on that as I had planned to go to the library at school to make copies of this book our teacher as on reserve. Since the weather got bad, I decided the less driving I do the better. Of course, the library doesn't reopen till Monday so I will be there for class that day. I have too much to do in one week!

I am contemplating on what to do the rest of the day. I would really like to have some passion fruit tea from the Barnes & Noble cafe. I have really gotten addicted to that tea! So good! I am wondering if I should go to Lowe's to see if they have a snow shovel but wondering if they will have any. I also need to work on more homework so I can concentrate on this paper this week. Only two more papers left! :-)

I did bring my camera with me today but haven't taken any pictures yet. The parking downtown is difficult, esp. since the majority is parallel parking! The parking areas are packed with snow.

I do believe that I will make a list of what I need to accomplish this week and make me a schedule. I still haven't gotten my Christmas tree up yet. It just might be next week unless I somehow find time tonight to do this. I had better get going . . .

Saturday, December 02, 2006

Too much snow . . .

and not enough snow shovels in Springfield, MO!!!! I almost bought a snow shovel before the snow storm but thought it might not snow like they said. Well, I should have bought it! I now can't find one because they are sold out! I just hope that it warms up soon and melts the snow off my driveway as it is causing me to get stuck . . .

I think I am going to have to take some pictures of some of the snow around town. I will have to remember to put my camera in my coat pocket and hopefully I will be able to get some fun pictures!

I ended up having to work when the storm was hitting and I always hate that! I seem to have to drive in the worst of it before they have time to clear off the roads. I made it to and from work safely. On Friday morning, it had snowed more during the night and when I got home I got stuck in my driveway. I was wishing that I had bought that snow shovel a few days ago at that point. Someone that was driving by stopped and helped me get unstuck. I am glad that she came along as I was unsure how to get my car unstuck! :-)

Tonight when I was at Wal-mart, I almost fell in the parking lot but I was able to catch my step and not fall. A couple of ladies that was walking by told me that I would be good at surfing! It made me laugh and then I wished I was at a place that I could surf as it would be warmer!

Anyway, I had better get to bed - but I have to play the Sims2 first! :-)