Monday, December 18, 2006

Productive weekend

I have been busy busy on this little vacation from work. I started it out with appointments and studying for finals. Then I was busy doing some errands then the weekend came and my Dad helped me with some stuff around the house and also helped me rake leaves. I was really hoping to get my house cleaned a little and then put my Christmas tree up but that still hasn't happened!!! Maybe later this week.

One of the home improvement things that my dad helped me with was installing a new kitchen faucet. I have not had hardly any water pressure from the kitchen faucet but I do in the rest of the house and the sprayer worked good so I thought it had to be the faucet. I was correct!!!! We got the faucet installed and I had water pressure! I was excited! Then my Dad made the comment that it didn't have very good water pressure but he didn't see what I had before! It took a few minutes to fill up a glass for water now we are back to a few seconds.

We also tried to install my old shower head that I used to have but it leaked to bad. I really enjoyed my handheld shower head but it happens to be plastic so it has just worn out enough that it wouldn't work. I took my old showerhead and soaked it in lime away before putting it back on.

My bathroom faucet has problems that I hope can be easily fixed. I am unable to use the hot water because the knob slips over the seat and the water won't turn on. My Dad told me that I might be able to get a replacement knob thing. Not sure what this piece is called but I have it in a baggy and I need to make a trip to Lowe's. That sink has been clogged for a little while now. I but bleach down the sink and it slowly drained out and it seemed to help. Today, I got some liquid drano gel/foamer and now it work like a charm!

The other project we did which isn't finished as I had to get a part for it is my ceiling fan/light in my bedroom. I had installed a part that made my light remote control so when I am in bed all cozy and warm I can turn it off without getting up. It quit working the beginning of November so my Dad brought this meter thing and we found out that that part I had installed quit! I had only had it for two years so I went to Home Depot as that is where I got it and found me a new one. I like Lowe's over Home Depot - at least in my town. I get so frustrated when I need assistance as I can't find anybody. It is always in the lighting and window coverings that I want help and can't get it. It is like I am bothering the employees when I ask for help. When I finally did find someone, he was hurrying to get away from me! Anyway, I got my part and the guy told me that I need to call the company since it went out after 2 years. Hopefully my Dad can come over later this week and help me install this back into my ceiling fan.

Then my Dad and I raked all the leaves in my front yard. I am glad that is done and I wore a face mask for my allergies and it helped! One year when I was raking my leaves, I went into some sort of allergy attack and coudn't breathe. I never thought raking leaves would bother my allergies but I learned different that year. I am a little sore from raking leaves and that just shows me how out of shape I have gotten . . . need to get back with my personal trainer and get back into shape!

I was really hoping to scrapbook, figure out digital scrapbooking and play my sims a little more while I was on vacation but I am also glad to get some of these things done! I have two weeks off till I have to go back to school so I hope to do some of the fun things I want to accomplish.

I am going to include a picture of a friend of mine that stopped by today and he was having me take silly pictures of him! He is a fan of Micheal Jackson and was doing poses like he would do! I keep laughing when I look at these pictures! I will have to scrapbook these crazy photos! (He doesn't even know that I have posted this! SHHH!!) :-)

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