Saturday, December 30, 2006

A little behind

I have fallen behind in my blogging. I was busy finishing up the semester and then doing all my Christmas shopping, working. This is my first weekend since being out of school that I feel like I don't have much to do! It feels great! :-) I actually start school again next Thursday for a winter term class then start the Spring semester.

I had a good Christmas. I did have to work Christmas Eve and for some crazy reason something triggered my allergies at work and I couldn't stop sneezing! I was so glad to get off from work on Christmas morning so I could get some sleep! Then I woke up and had a stuffy nose but felt fine. I went to my parents house to celebrate Christmas!

My nieces are soo cute! I got them each a disney micro pix digital camera and each their own art set and some paper. They were taking pictures and making art! Jasmine was making collages with the pictures she took and I told her she would be a good digital scrapbooker!

My Dad, I got him a couple of James Bond movies - Tomorrow never dies and Octopussy and also a book "The Ultimate James Bond Fan Book". I also got my parents each a unique luggage tag - my dad's was a dog and my mom's was a womens head. They were really cute! My mom had made the comment that they didn't have luggage tags for when they traveled.

My sister, I got her basic scrapbooking supplies and an organizer. We are always sharing stuff when we scrap together so now she has her own supplies so she can scrap whenever she wants!

My Mom, I got her two pair of PJ's and slippers.

I got a Paris calendar and a picture that I love of the eiffel tower that is painted. My parents had it matted and framed for me! I have motivation to get my extra bedroom cleaned so I can hang it! I also got some new towels, bath stuff, Jenga, a swivel sweeper which works wonders on my hardwood floors! That is all I can remember at the moment.

I did get a gift card to Target from one of my Aunt's and I had to go shopping the day after Christmas with it! I had went to Hobby Lobby and I was glad that traffic wasn't that bad. When I got closer to Target, I found out that is where everyone was! Traffic was backed up to get into Target!!! It really wasn't to crowded in the store though. I used my gift card and got me a eiffel tower lamp! I am excited about my lamp!!!! At Hobby Lobby I also got some vintage travel things to hang also. All the stuff I got at Hobby Lobby was 50% off that day! I enjoyed my little shopping day!

I am sitting in the Mudhouse which I haven't been here for two weeks! It is nice to sit in the coffee shop and just chill. I have been downloading new stuff for my sims and hope it doesn't mess up my game. Something messed up my Strangetown neighborhood and I had to restore it and start over! I am working on getting things back in order again. :-)

I am unsure what is with blogger and posting pics!!!! I can't get them to load again!

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