Saturday, December 16, 2006

Cookie Crop

I have had quite the busy week but I am done with the semester!!!!!! I am just waiting for my grade in English II to show up on the website. He said in class that he had to have them in by 4pm Tuesday. I might be Tuesday before I know. I got "A's" in my other two classes!! I really hope I end up with a "B" in English II, we will see! :-)

I have been so exhausted this week and can only sleep a few hours at a time. I know that has to do with me working night shift for so long. My body is confused!! I had to do a case study earlier this week regarding an older adult is having sleep problems and she had asked me for advice. In doing this assignment, I found a website that has some good info that I need to go back and read. I have worked nights for 5 1/2 years now. I don't think adding school to that helped me any. :-)

I still haven't gotten my tree up yet but I did get insulation for my house a week ago today. I think I can notice a difference but not 100% sure. I have a thermometer in my bed room and it has been 2 degrees higher than what it used to read. :-) This thermometer used to tell me the outdoor temp also but Felix, one of my cats, chewed the cord in two!! I need to get me a wireless one now! I have noticed he has chewed on my AC adapter cord to my computer. Not good!!! I am unsure why he feels the need to chew on things but electrical cords are the wrong thing to be chewing on!!!

Last night, my sister and I went to a cookie crop. A friend of mine that I meet on one of the MB that lives in the area told me about it. It was fun and it was good to see my friend from the MB again! I didn't get to much accomplished but that is okay. I brought some of my scrapjammie kits that I hadn't but together and got one put together, just need to add journaling. I started another LO scrapping my dog we all when I was little. I finally finished putting together one of SEI scrapbook kits together and I am hoping to put pictures of my family when we were little and give that to my Grandma for Christmas. I love going to crops in a scrapbook store because if you are doing a LO and then need something, you can go get it!! :-) I might just need me a spot at the store to scrapbook and shop! :-) That might get me in too much trouble!

My parents are coming over today and my dad is going to help me put a new kitchen faucet in. I have no water pressure from my kitchen faucet but the sprayer thing works fine. I am hoping that changing the faucet will help this problem. If it doesn't, then I need a plumber! It will have to wait awhile! Tuition and new insulation is enough for now!

I am hoping to get to Petsmart this weekend as Santa is going to be there for the pets! I would love it if I could take my Grandma's dog to see Santa! Last year, santa was grumpy! I don't think he was very thrilled with me coming in with 3 cats! I hope that he isn't grumpy this year!

Blogger is up to its old tricks again and won't load pictures!!! Anyway, I need to start getting ready for my day!

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