Saturday, December 09, 2006

Crazy busy . . . .

I have been sooo busy with the last bit of school work to get done. I am ready for my English II class to be over but I am having problems with my paper that is due on Monday - and I have to work the next two nights. I am unsure how I am going to get this paper finished! When class is over on Monday, it will be over! But then I have another class that I have a bunch of stuff due on Tuesday and then I have to have the final done by Thursday.

I am going to bring some of my resources with me to work tonight regarding my paper and hope something comes after I read them again and I can finish it in the morning when I get home. I have hardly had any sleep so this is going to be interesting! I am going to be going to my English II final half asleep and we have to write a paper in class for our final. Uhhhh.

The good thing is that I am on vacation next week and I can hopefully get some much needed sleep! I am going to be too busy but one week from now I can relax a little! I really can't wait for that! :-)

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