Monday, December 11, 2006

English II is over!

I am so glad that I got my paper written and then did my final today which was writing a paper. I am soo excited to have this out of the way! Today when we started on the final, I went to the computer lab as I find using the computer easier than hand writing an impromptu paper. It took me almost 2 hours to complete the paper, printed it out and headed back to the classroom. I was the last one to turn in my paper!!!! My teacher told me that he was getting ready to leave as he thought everyone had turned their paper in! We laughed about that for a while since it didn't happen. I am glad that he was still their so I didn't have to figure out how to get my paper to him! :-) Glad to have that out of the way!

I now have to finish up my online class, Gerontological nursing. I have to type up my journal, do a case study which is due tomorrow. I am also still working on the study guide for the final. I have till Thursday to take the final. I am hoping to get the journal and case study done tomorrow and then fully concentrate on the study guide for the final. I am trying to work on this now but I have had very little sleep all weekend and I am falling asleep at the Mudhouse tonight. I think I just need to get some sleep and then wake up fresh in the morning and finish everything up! :-)

I am on vacation from work mainly so I could concentrate on my finals but also to relax!! The first few days will be studying and then I can do what I want! So nice! That won't last long either as I am taking a winter term course but I can just see that I am almost done and can't wait!

I guess I should try to get back to my studying! :-)

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