Thursday, March 27, 2008

I *heart* Photography!!!

I had a little fun photography session with a guy at Best Buy. I went in last week and asked for a few tips on the Canon 40D. It was busy but he told me what days he worked and to come back then and he would be happy to show me some things. I went after class today and brought my camera in with me. I have never ventured into the manual setting on my camera as I don't understand all the shutter speed, aperture, etc. He went through all those settings with me and was taking different pics so I could compare them. I really appreciate him taking the time to do this for me! I can't wait till I can have more time to use some of the tips he told me!

Then he also was putting different lenses on my camera. I really want a wide angle lens so he put that on my camera and WOW!!! I love it!!! I didn't like the price!! I took a picture with it so I can compare it also. I hope I can get that lens before I go to Paris!! I mentioned that would be great to take pictures of the Eiffel Tower and he agreed with me! :-) I might have to find a cheaper one though.

I really, really hate school!!!! Today after being on Spring break I had to go back to school. I had a test in American Government. I did horrible on this test!!! I went over the study guides but couldn't get all these committees all straight in my head. I am not sure where he came up with one of the essay questions! We hadn't talked about it in class. The next study guide for next week is kinda long! I have gotten things highlighted in my book, I just need to type all of it up. Thursday morning I get to see how bad I did on my mid-term in New Testament! I am soo sick of school! I am plan to study till my brains ooze out so I can be done!!!!

I should really be in bed at the moment. I was waiting for some laundry to be done so I can put it in the dryer before heading to bed. I am off to bed now!!!

Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Over the Edge?

I have a pretty full plate right now. I am taking 11 credit hours and working full-time. I hardly have time for anything else. I have a hard time getting my homework done sometimes. I get to work last night and I have been selected to be a superuser for the new computerized e-mar system. Yup, someone wants me to jump over the edge!!! I have to go to three classes with each being about 2-3 hours long. The upside of this is that superusers get a little more training than the regular training other staff receive.

We are all dreading the e-mar system. I remember when we were getting ready to go to computerized charting and we were all scared! I prefer computerized charting now. The downfall of it is there isn't enough computers. That will be a problem when we go to e-mars! We will have to have the computer to pass meds. It will be interesting to see how all this is going to work. I was really hoping that his would all happen after I was done with school!!

This morning after I got off from work I went and studied some of my History. Then I went to the seminary to do some research for my paper in New Testament. I found out that I had less than an hour to do what I needed to do as they close the library for a church thing. I wasn't really understanding that. So, I went and got someone to help me so I can get started on my research!

I was able to find the book I wanted to make copies of. They have a scanning system that will scan your copies into a pdf file and email it to you. It took me a bit to get this done as it was 71 pages. I hit the done button to have it emailed to me and I was waiting and waiting for it to show up on my ipod touch. Nothing. Then the machine printed out a failure notice and the librarian pointed out to me that I used a comma instead of a period in my email. Ohhhh, please don't tell me that I have to do this again!!! He said unfortunately I had to recopy everything again!! I was more careful in typing in my email address and made all those copies again. Then they were getting ready to close but they found the book I needed to check out and I was on my way! I was glad that I got everything done! I should have done that first and then went and studied my History!

Tonight I have been working on writing this paper for American Government and study for the test tomorrow. I went to hang out at Barnes-n-Noble tonight to study. I also learned that that at&t hot spot I can hook up to for free!!! AT&T is my internet provider I have and my uncle told me all I had to do was sign in at any hotspot at no additional charge! So awesome! I just wish my laptop would last longer than 1 to 1 1/2 hours! I was getting my paper written for my class tomorrow and it gave me the warning that my laptop was about to go dead. I was glad that I was able to save everything!

Sunday, March 23, 2008

Happy Easter!!!

I hope everyone is having a Happy Easter!!!

I have been at my Grandma's this afternoon. It seems like I am always missing family get togethers and she was happy that I was actually able to with everyone. I was glad too as I am tired of missing family get togethers! That is part of being a nurse though. We all had some lunch together and sat around and talked. It was a nice afternoon!

My Grandma has a sweet little dog named Buffy. She always greets me and wants me to play with her! I think she knows I am an animal lover! I got a cute picture of her using the sports action on my camera! I will have to post it when I get back home.

I had packed all my school books this morning so I could come to the Mudhouse after my family get together. I have been more productive the last few days than I have in the beginning of my vacation/spring break. I am a procrastinator at heart and I really wish I wasn't!!! I seem to concentrate better when I have a pressing deadline. I am actually ahead of schedule than what I normally do. I actually have my New Testament questions answered to the best of my ability. I have a few answers I can't seem to find or are questionable. I have my terms for American Government typed up and I am going to start on the small paper. I am excited that Wednesday after class, I will just have to look over my quiz questions instead of trying to find the answers!!!

My next project will be starting my New Testament research paper. I have made copies with my super slow all-in-one printer/copier/fax of some of the larger books that I only needed a few pages out of. That narrows down to me carrying one book! Then I also need to start working on a couple of other research papers! I have a total of 5 research papers due and 3 little papers in American Government. I hope to never write another paper again after I graduate!!!!

I am off to work on my studies!

Saturday, March 22, 2008

I have gone to the dogs!

I went outside to get the newspaper today and on the front page in the side column, it talks about arf fest! My community is going to have the arf fest the week before the artfest. I *might* have my pug puppy by then but I most likey I won't. My pug pup will be just 6 weeks old! I am excited about learning about all the dog events going on in my town now! The cat lady is going to be a cat/dog lady now!!!

I got lots accomplished last night. I did get my terms typed up for American Government and got the questions typed up for my New Testament. I still need to answer the New Testament questions which I am going to do today. I still need to write my little paper for my American Government class. I just hate writing those papers!! I am not all up on the government and how it all works and find these papers hard. I have also been getting all my materials together for writing my research paper in my New Testament class. I will at least have the paper started so I can work on it slowly!

Last night after I got home, I started cleaning! I am getting sick and tired of my kitchen table being loaded down with stuff. I started going through everything and shredded and recycled things. Felix thinks it is great as he has another place to stretch out! Crazy cat! I finally organized my towels. The cats can get the door open and they will sleep on them. GGRRR!!!!! I got everything back in order. I hope to get a little more done today.

In two weeks is my CKC-St. Louis fun!!! I need to sit down and get some kits put together with pics. I have to have something to work on for the crop! I can't wait to spend time with my ScrapJammie friends!!!

I had better get busy as I don't want to stay at the Mudhouse to late tonight. :-)

Friday, March 21, 2008

Spring Break so far . . .

I only have two days left of my vacation from work and five days till I have class again. I can't believe how fast the time has went!!! I have so much I wanted to accomplish and I haven't. The most important thing was to spend time with my nieces and I did do that. Even though I haven't gotten to accomplish some of my goals, I still have had a good spring break/vacation.

My major goals was to get a couple of these research papers written. The first one was my New Testament research paper. I really want to do good on that paper since the mid-term was insane!! I was hoping to make it to the Seminary tonight but they close early because of Good Friday. They are open tomorrow so I have got to get myself up at a decent hour and get my research finished! Then I can start on my paper this weekend. I will feel better if I can get that done.

The second paper I wanted to get started on is for my capstone class. I have to read a chapter in our text and write about what kind of leader I am. Then I also have to write my goals and include my resume and cover letter. I don't think this paper will be too hard. It just seems like a bunch of busy work!

I also need to work on my history correspondence. He includes so much out of these first 6 chapters for a 50 point test. Phew!!! I am not excited about that. I wish I had taken history in my early college years. I wonder how I have gotten this far without it. Hmmmm.

Things I have to get done is to study for a test in American Government and get a small paper done. I also have some questions to answer for my quiz in New Testament next week. I am planning to get started on these tonight. I just can't wait till May!!! All these papers and constant homework is wearing me out!!!

I hate allergies . . . . .

I never really did make it to bed last night as I had planned. I always sit and look through a magazine or book all cozy in my bed. That is why I normally fall asleep with the light on!! All of a sudden my allergies were giving me fits! I couldn't stop sneezing! Then my nose wouldn't stop running. It wasn't a pretty site. I think I finally feel asleep around 0630. I was only planning to sleep four hours but yet my body had other plans! I slept through my alarms and woke up at 1530!!! AARGGHHHH!!!!! The weather is beautiful and I can't seem to wake up!!!

My plans for today was to get most of my homework done. I still plan to do. I have been wanting to clean out my garage. I am not sure this warm weather is going to hold up this weekend as I have heard talk of snow on Easter!!! I am off to be at the Mudhouse and I hope it isn't jammed packed!!! It is hard to find a table at times.

I am off to try to salvage the rest of my day!!!

Thursday, March 20, 2008

Beautiful Day!!

The weather is much better today!! It was a little windy but in the 60's with the sun shining! I didn't get to enjoy the outdoors as I had hoped but I think tomorrow is going to be just as pretty!

I normally can get myself flipped to a normal schedule after working nights fairly easy. For some reason, I just haven't done that very well this vacation. I did do better today and hope to go to bed very soon! I will have this normal schedule thing down by the time I have to go back to work!!

I finally got out of bed today at 11am so I could watch Ellen DeGeneres. I just love her show!!! After her show was over, I got ready for my day but my allergies were bothering me. Yuck! It wasn't to bad, just a stuffy nose and some sneezing. It could have been worse! I had an appointment this afternoon and then a few errands I wanted to run.

One of my errands was to get new shoes! I need new everyday shoes and work shoes. I love these one pair of Ked's shoes for everyday and normally get them at Macy's. They aren't carrying that style anymore. I decided to go to Shoe carnival and they had the style I wanted! Yay!!! They have buy one pair, get the second pair 1/2 off. I went looking for tennis shoes for work and found a pair! I was so happy that I was able to find everything in one place! I am looking forward to wearing new shoes tomorrow! :-)

While I was driving around, I all of a sudden heard my antenna starts to work!!! My power antenna that hasn't worked for months has all of a sudden started working again! I have this internal antenna on layaway and not sure if I really need it. The catch is that I am unable to get a refund on what I put on layaway, only store credit. It might go out again before I get my stereo out of layaway. I am not sure I like power antenna's after the experience I have had with this one.

I had some reward bucks to use at Border's. I sat and looked at books for a while and decided that I had to get Photoshop CS3 Photo Effects Cookbook! It has easy to follow instructions for quite a few effects that I want to learn. SCORE!!! :-) I have been playing with some effects a little tonight. In the previous post, I desaturated the pic and then did selective coloring. Her shirt was black to begin with but she was wearing shorts that didn't match. I brought the color back out of the heart and stripe on her shirt.
I am hoping tomorrow that I don't really have to many errands to run. I really need to work on some homework!! I am hoping to hang out at the Mudhouse tomorrow! I must get to bed!!

A day with auntie!

I had a fun couple of days with my nieces. We went and had pizza at our fave pizza place and then I tried to make it to Sam's before they closed and missed it by 10 minutes. I ended up making a stop at Macy's to try to find new shoes. They didn't have the style I normally like but by this time it was after 2100 so we headed to Barnes & Noble. We sat and looked at books till 2230. Then we made a quick stop for milk and I was asked if we were going to go home! The girls aren't used to staying out late like their aunt is!

I didn't slept very well that night as I woke up with fire-breathing heartburn! That is what I get for eating pizza! By the time it calmed down, it was almost morning. I thought I would wake up with my alarm. The girls never bothered me for breakfast as they normally do so I endedup sleeping till 1130! That is when they started being hungry! I got up and asked them if they wanted breakfast food or if they wanted to have lunch. I think they thought I was crazy! They wanted breakfast. I fixed us all a bowl of cereal.

After breakfast, I went to take a shower. Then the girls were to follow. I didn't finish getting ready which was a mistake! While they were taking there showers, I feel asleep!!! They didn't bother to wake me up. They kept watching you tube videos on my computer. The phone rang and woke me up and I finished getting ready. Then the girls still had some stuff to do to get ready. I will sometimes have them take showers the night before to help with this but we were party girls and didn't get home till 2300! I wasn't going to make them take showers that late. I have got to not take naps so I can keep them on track! Three girls and one bathroom doesn't work very well.

After we finally got dressed and primped, we went to the coffee ethic. I was disappointed that they didn't have any frozen coffee drinks. I was told they are planning to add that to the menu in the future. We all had a smoothie and they were yummy!!! I have some pictures that I will have to post after I can get them loaded and edited. I keep having technical difficulties getting pics to load. It is driving me mad!!!

Ohhh, check out the shirt in the pic!!! It is a homemade shirt that Shilo designed! I thought it was cool!

Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Rain, rain, go away!!

Today has been a lazy day!!!! I am trying to get out of the night shift schedule so I can be a normal person on my vacation but it hasn't went very well!!!! I feel as if I will be able to sleep normal tonight though. We will see.

Once I finally got around today, I went to check out Creative Car Audio. I have had the same car stereo for 10 years and it is showing its age. My power antenna in my car stopped working quite some time ago. I have opted to get an internal antenna instead. Much cheaper! My stereo won't let me play CD's as it keeps them and won't eject them. I finally got the CD out today and have decided not to put anymore in!!!! I have an HD stereo on layaway for my car!!!! I can't wait!

I have my nieces tonight and tomorrow and we are going to have some fun!!!! I just hope it stops raining so we can enjoy the outdoors!

Monday, March 17, 2008

Pug Luv!!!

I am so excited as I found out that the lady that I am getting my pug from had pug puppies born on Friday!!! She had two litters of pug puppies! Yay!! I am planning to get a female pug and name her Phoebe!!! I am so excited about getting a dog! I am just not sure what my cats will think. Eventually, we will all be one big happy family!!! :-)

Today is my first day of vacation from work and I am also on Spring Break. I am excited about spending time with my nieces! I am also going to be writing a couple of research papers and get things lined up for all the others I have to write this semester. I also need to get super busy on my history correspendence course! I also need to get my assignments done for my classes next week. I have so much to do for school and just keep thinking that I will have all kinds of free time after I graduate to do fun things!

I started my vacation with a bang this morning! I had to send a patient to the unit around shift change. It made for a crazy morning. I was glad that I was all caught up with passing meds and my charting up to that point. I was doing my best to get out of on time this morning but I ended up leaving an hour late because I wasn't going to leave the oncoming nurse to transfer a patient to the unit. I stayed till that was complete. I am just glad to have a little break from work.

I am off to try to organize and clean my house a little before I see my nieces tomorrow! I hope that Wednesday is a better weather day for us to enjoy the outdoors. :-)

Friday, March 14, 2008

Have passport, will travel!!!

I am so excited with I finally received my passport in the mail!!! It actually took less than two weeks! I was surprised about that. I can leave the country on a whim now and I love having that option!!! If someone ask me if I want to go to India for the week, I can go!!!! :-) I don't see that happening but you never know!

I am just hanging out at the Mudhouse with no real reason. I did bring all my school books but just relaxing. I did register for CKC-St. Louis! I am excited!! I am meeting up with a couple of girls from one of the MB I frequent. I can't wait!!! I need to start preparing for this while I am on break since I will be to busy the next week with school/work to really have time.

Earlier this week I received an email about how to fake cross-processing in photoshop. Elsie Flannigan has got me curious on how to cross-process and when I purchased photoshop CS3, I learned that they have a preset for cross-processing in curves. But it makes the picture look to green or it washes out the pic to much. This email explained how to make alter the curves on your own to get the effect. I finally did it and it doesn't look all washed out!!! I am totally loving this effect!!! I have also searched and seen other ways to go about cross processing also. I need to play around with the different options and see what gives the best effect! I love playing with Photoshop!! I found some images that I posted that give before and after of cross processing.

Magazine Fun!!

Create Fake Magazine Covers with your own picture at

Saw this posted on another blog and had to have a little fun!!

Thursday, March 13, 2008

Watch out Firedog!!

I am qualified to work for Firedog now! I went to the bookstore today and did a little reading about networks. I reviewed a chapter about adding your printer to your wireless network. I also learned a tip on how to link my itunes with my laptop. I took this knowledge I had read and went home to try it. Well, IT WORKED!!! I am now printing from my laptop anywhere in the house!!! I am also able to get my itunes library on my laptop. Awesome!!

I should have done that to begin with and save me some headache with the Firedog customer service. I just hope it doesn't mess up again!

Absent Minded Professor

I am not very happy with my New Testament instructor. To start out, when he gives us quizzes, they are matching. He always gives us one sheet with the questions and one sheet with the answers. He somehow didn't make it to class with the answer sheet. We had to write the answers in. I rely on that sheet as I am not very good with spelling all the Biblical terms and names. I felt pretty good about the quiz but today I missed 5!! I normally get 100%! It appears that he counted wrong some right answers. We aren't going over the quiz till we return from Spring Break. Then after class he happened to find the answer sheet. ARGH!!!

So today, we have a mid-term exam. He told us 30 subjects that was going to be on the test and that it was going to be 30 questions all multiple choice. I highlighted all these subjects in my notes and on the quizzes. I looked things up in the book and read about them. I thought I would do pretty good. We start class and he is writing a bunch of words on the board and then he announces that he somehow didn't make it with mid-term!! What?? That is all we are doing in class today and he doesn't have it with him? So, he had us take a pencil and paper out and number to 30. He just reads of the multiple choice questions. He did add 8 matching. I was ticked as was my classmates. I read, re-read and re-read the questions over before making my choice. That wasn't possible. He did repeat questions but I do so much better when I can read it myself and see the spelling of these words!!! The majority of the subjects he gave us wasn't even on the test. I totally flunked it. I am glad that I had done fairly well on the quizzes to this point as I will need all those points!!!

I have been a little stressed this afternoon thinking of what I got on the mid-term. I am on spring break from school and so glad!!! I start my vacation from work on Monday morning. My plans is to actually write a few research papers. I have to many near the end of the semester and trying to spread them out!!

Sunday, March 09, 2008

Rough week . . .


The last week has been really busy for me. I really thought that I would have some time to myself this weekend but that isn't going to happen. There is an online crop that is going on with my Sassy Scrappers that I wish I could do more to participate!

By Monday night, I was on my third 12. I am always tired on these days and was upset when I get to work and see that I am getting 3 new patients + 5 patients that I am responsible for!! We had 4 nurses that evening and why I had to start out with 3 new admits was beyond me. I was thankful that a day shift nurse was going to stay over and help me with the admits. :-) She was a life saver for me!! She told me to just worry about my other patients while she admitted my new ones. Then when the charge nurse tried to give me a fourth patient, I had to say something!!! I did end up with a fourth admit but much later in the night when I was a little more caught up with myself.

Tuesday, I got off work that morning and we had 7 inches of snow while I was at work. I had parked in the parking garage that night. I get out to my car so ready to get home and the locks are frozen!!! I had no way of getting in my car. I also had cars waiting for me to get in my car to take my parking spot. I was in distress standing in the cold and they were probably thinking, "Hurry up Lady!!!". It took me about 15 minutes to get my passenger side to unlock. The driver side just wouldn't open. So, I crawl in through the passenger side to get to the drivers seat. Finally!!! My journey home was a little slow as the roads had not me cleared off very well. I finally did make it home safely. Once I did get home, I had to shovel my driveway to get my car in the garage.

Tuesday afternoon I had a hair appointment. I was surprised when I woke up that afternoon that the roads were pretty clear. I was happy that I was able to get my hair cut. I even got me a new style. :-) I spent some time at Barnes & Noble afterwards to relax.

Wednesday, I had my American Government class and had a test that evening. I for some reason couldn't get myself to wake up and didn't give my self as much time to study has I had liked. I didn't like the test either!!! It was just his tricky multiple choice and 4 essay questions. I got a 70% on the multiple choice section and find out next week how I did on the rest. I hope I did good on the essay part! I think I did fairly well, at least I hope so!!

Thursday, I was woke up at 0750 after going to bed at 0430 that my doctor isn't going to be in the office again and I needed to reschedule my appointment. I was a little ticked off by this as it isn't easy to get an appointment and this has happened twice in less than a week. They couldn't reschedule me till March 27 or I could still come in but see the PA. I finally opted to see the PA. I am getting tired of my appointments being cancelled. I couldn't get to sleep after that so I had to go on with my day with 3 hours of sleep. ARGH!!!

I decided to leave a little early to enjoy a Big Fat Burrito for brunch. I didn't get to class till noon, when it starts, as we have a mid-term the next week and I didn't think we would have any questions to write down. I was wrong!!! I get to class and we have 20 questions!! His overheads are always poor quality and I can't read them so I always have to move to the front of the class to read it. As soon as I started, he took the overhead down!!! I was ticked already on how my day started and that didn't help it any!!

The next class event that ticked all of us off was when we got to the quiz. He always makes the questions matching but for some reason, he gave us next weeks quiz matching. So he couldn't find this weeks quiz so he told us just to write them out. I don't take time to learn how to spell these words as he always has that sheet. He told us he wouldn't count off for spelling. There was only one I was unable to answer. I just hope that he likes the answers I gave!!

I was really hoping to get out of class early as we usually do so I could get my allergy shots before my doctors appointment. I had to wait till after my doctors appointment. I am going back to the doctor in two more weeks to see how my B/P is doing. He told me that I have pre-hypertension but I had a few high B/P's that got me concerned. I am trying to watch my sodium intake closer and that is hard when I don't have time to cook! I have been eating soup or having sub sandwiches. I am doing my best. I am hoping to make it to the gym more while on spring break.

I decided to run home quickly to get my Sims2 Freetime expansion pack as it has went on sale at Best Buy and Circuit city. I had called Best Buy and they told me that would still match the price since I have bought the game recently and to show proof of the price at Circuit City and they would match it. I was able to get this game for $16.79 that the original price was $29.99! SWEET!!! I hope to get this loaded on my computer soon and have some fun with it!

Then I also went grocery shopping and ran into a cousin I haven't seen in a long time and we were catching up. It was a great visit! Then I finished my shopping and got home about 2100. I was hoping to get a little scrapping done that evening but I couldn't keep my head up and ended up going to bed at 2200. I ended up sleeping till 1430 on Friday! I had to work Friday night so I was glad to get the extra sleep.

Saturday morning I stayed up till a photography shop was open. I was hoping to find out if I can get a wireless remote for my camera. I found out they do have one but it would be about $500!!! So, I will be doing without a wireless remote. I thought it would be kinda fun. They do have more affordable lenses for my camera so when I am ready, I will have to check them out more.

That was my wild and crazy week. I just have a couple more months of this crazy schedule that I have. I can't wait to only be a nurse and no more juggling school with work!

Saturday, March 01, 2008

Bad, Firedog, Bad!!!

One year ago I had a bad experience with Firedog service at Circuit City. I finally got things worked out and got my network to work. Then a few months later, I can't get things to print from my laptop. I can still get things to print from my desktop but for some reason my network isn't recognizing my printer. GGRRR!!! I went into the store a few months ago and they told me that it would be $80 to have them came back into my home to repair this. I decided that with my tax return, that I would get this fixed.

Thursday I go to Circuit City and actually ended up with the manager of computers assisting me. I explained what I needed and he told me that it would be $80 to have them come back into my home but they had a new service that would be good for 6 months for $100. I thought that sounded good as if a few months later my printer does this again, I can just have them come back out. I left the store happy that I am finally going to get this fixed.

I didn't call Firedog till Friday afternoon and this is when I learn that they won't be coming out to my house. The lady told me that it would either over the phone or I would have to take my computer to the store. I can't bring my whole network into the store. She wouldn't set-up in-home service for me. It even said on my receipt that I had purchased 6 months in-home service. I told her I wanted my money back since it wasn't what I needed. She told me I needed to contact the store since I purchased it in the store.

I call the firedog people in the store and they are clueless!!! I told him what has happened up to this point and that I was needing a refund. He told me that they can't do this in the store that you have to call Firedog to get a refund. I tired to explain to him that I already did and I was told to call the store. He put the phone down, didn't put it on hold so I can hear every thing they are saying in regards to my situation. He was trying to get a manager to talk to me but I heard him tell his co-workers that the manager won't come to the phone. WHAT?!?!?! The manager is who I need to authorize this and he won't come to the phone and talk to me???? They pick up the phone and then proceed to tell me that they are going to see what they can do to get me a refund and they will call me back.

By 8pm, I still had no phone call. I went ahead and called the main Firedog line to see what I needed to do. They told me I had to go into the store to get my refund. She told me that when I arrive to the store to have the cashier call Firedog to verify that I never used the service and I should get my money back. Also while talking to her I had explain to her why I wanted a refund so she told me the service that I needed was $40 and it would be online. They would be able to fix my printer and put it back on my network. I thought great!!! Someone that knows what they are talking about. I later found out that she didn't know what she was talking about. I went ahead and purchased this over the phone and would activate it when I returned home.

I arrive at the Circuit City store and gave the cashier my receipt and instructed that she needed to call firedog to verify that I didn't get use the service. She took my receipt and I could tell she didn't know what to do. She went and got somebody else. The lady she went and got remembers me calling earlier and told me that they already refunded my money. I never got a call back saying this was taken care of. They printed me a receipt showing that I was refunded back. GGRR!!! That would have saved me a trip from driving all the way to the other side of town if they would have called me.

I get home and decide to go ahead and activate this online service that I ordered. It won't let me sign in saying my email address is already in the system. I call Firedog again and have to go through why I need the service again!!! She doesn't know what to do about me not being able to sign in. She transfers me to a technician to see if we can fix this. I have to explain again why I am calling and then the technician tells me that the service I was sold wasn't what I needed!!! WHAT?!?!?!? So, she gives me the phone number of the place to call to get yet another refund but they are closed.

I wake up this morning and called the phone number she gave me as it was after hours when I was doing all this last night. I call and go through this whole saga again and she keeps putting me on hold would come back and put me on hold again. Then came back and told me that they are unable to give me a refund that I needed to call their headquarters. I thought that was the number I was given. I was only given the customer service phone number. I am steaming by this point by the run around I have been getting. She transfers me back to firedog as that is where I got my refund started yesterday. I have to call back on Monday when the people that gives refunds are back in the office.

This is the end of my firedog days. I will never use their service again and actually never got to use it this time. I have spent about two days trying to get this mess all smoothed out. I should be able to walk into the store, give the problem I am having, they sell me the proper package and then to have them come out to my home and repair it. I guess I will be researching on my own how to repair my own network.