Sunday, March 09, 2008

Rough week . . .


The last week has been really busy for me. I really thought that I would have some time to myself this weekend but that isn't going to happen. There is an online crop that is going on with my Sassy Scrappers that I wish I could do more to participate!

By Monday night, I was on my third 12. I am always tired on these days and was upset when I get to work and see that I am getting 3 new patients + 5 patients that I am responsible for!! We had 4 nurses that evening and why I had to start out with 3 new admits was beyond me. I was thankful that a day shift nurse was going to stay over and help me with the admits. :-) She was a life saver for me!! She told me to just worry about my other patients while she admitted my new ones. Then when the charge nurse tried to give me a fourth patient, I had to say something!!! I did end up with a fourth admit but much later in the night when I was a little more caught up with myself.

Tuesday, I got off work that morning and we had 7 inches of snow while I was at work. I had parked in the parking garage that night. I get out to my car so ready to get home and the locks are frozen!!! I had no way of getting in my car. I also had cars waiting for me to get in my car to take my parking spot. I was in distress standing in the cold and they were probably thinking, "Hurry up Lady!!!". It took me about 15 minutes to get my passenger side to unlock. The driver side just wouldn't open. So, I crawl in through the passenger side to get to the drivers seat. Finally!!! My journey home was a little slow as the roads had not me cleared off very well. I finally did make it home safely. Once I did get home, I had to shovel my driveway to get my car in the garage.

Tuesday afternoon I had a hair appointment. I was surprised when I woke up that afternoon that the roads were pretty clear. I was happy that I was able to get my hair cut. I even got me a new style. :-) I spent some time at Barnes & Noble afterwards to relax.

Wednesday, I had my American Government class and had a test that evening. I for some reason couldn't get myself to wake up and didn't give my self as much time to study has I had liked. I didn't like the test either!!! It was just his tricky multiple choice and 4 essay questions. I got a 70% on the multiple choice section and find out next week how I did on the rest. I hope I did good on the essay part! I think I did fairly well, at least I hope so!!

Thursday, I was woke up at 0750 after going to bed at 0430 that my doctor isn't going to be in the office again and I needed to reschedule my appointment. I was a little ticked off by this as it isn't easy to get an appointment and this has happened twice in less than a week. They couldn't reschedule me till March 27 or I could still come in but see the PA. I finally opted to see the PA. I am getting tired of my appointments being cancelled. I couldn't get to sleep after that so I had to go on with my day with 3 hours of sleep. ARGH!!!

I decided to leave a little early to enjoy a Big Fat Burrito for brunch. I didn't get to class till noon, when it starts, as we have a mid-term the next week and I didn't think we would have any questions to write down. I was wrong!!! I get to class and we have 20 questions!! His overheads are always poor quality and I can't read them so I always have to move to the front of the class to read it. As soon as I started, he took the overhead down!!! I was ticked already on how my day started and that didn't help it any!!

The next class event that ticked all of us off was when we got to the quiz. He always makes the questions matching but for some reason, he gave us next weeks quiz matching. So he couldn't find this weeks quiz so he told us just to write them out. I don't take time to learn how to spell these words as he always has that sheet. He told us he wouldn't count off for spelling. There was only one I was unable to answer. I just hope that he likes the answers I gave!!

I was really hoping to get out of class early as we usually do so I could get my allergy shots before my doctors appointment. I had to wait till after my doctors appointment. I am going back to the doctor in two more weeks to see how my B/P is doing. He told me that I have pre-hypertension but I had a few high B/P's that got me concerned. I am trying to watch my sodium intake closer and that is hard when I don't have time to cook! I have been eating soup or having sub sandwiches. I am doing my best. I am hoping to make it to the gym more while on spring break.

I decided to run home quickly to get my Sims2 Freetime expansion pack as it has went on sale at Best Buy and Circuit city. I had called Best Buy and they told me that would still match the price since I have bought the game recently and to show proof of the price at Circuit City and they would match it. I was able to get this game for $16.79 that the original price was $29.99! SWEET!!! I hope to get this loaded on my computer soon and have some fun with it!

Then I also went grocery shopping and ran into a cousin I haven't seen in a long time and we were catching up. It was a great visit! Then I finished my shopping and got home about 2100. I was hoping to get a little scrapping done that evening but I couldn't keep my head up and ended up going to bed at 2200. I ended up sleeping till 1430 on Friday! I had to work Friday night so I was glad to get the extra sleep.

Saturday morning I stayed up till a photography shop was open. I was hoping to find out if I can get a wireless remote for my camera. I found out they do have one but it would be about $500!!! So, I will be doing without a wireless remote. I thought it would be kinda fun. They do have more affordable lenses for my camera so when I am ready, I will have to check them out more.

That was my wild and crazy week. I just have a couple more months of this crazy schedule that I have. I can't wait to only be a nurse and no more juggling school with work!

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April Driggers said...

I love the photo! :) Looks like "ooooh what a rough week I've had...surfing on the internet too much" :) Big hugs... I hope the next week is a better one for ya! Miss ya!