Friday, March 14, 2008

Have passport, will travel!!!

I am so excited with I finally received my passport in the mail!!! It actually took less than two weeks! I was surprised about that. I can leave the country on a whim now and I love having that option!!! If someone ask me if I want to go to India for the week, I can go!!!! :-) I don't see that happening but you never know!

I am just hanging out at the Mudhouse with no real reason. I did bring all my school books but just relaxing. I did register for CKC-St. Louis! I am excited!! I am meeting up with a couple of girls from one of the MB I frequent. I can't wait!!! I need to start preparing for this while I am on break since I will be to busy the next week with school/work to really have time.

Earlier this week I received an email about how to fake cross-processing in photoshop. Elsie Flannigan has got me curious on how to cross-process and when I purchased photoshop CS3, I learned that they have a preset for cross-processing in curves. But it makes the picture look to green or it washes out the pic to much. This email explained how to make alter the curves on your own to get the effect. I finally did it and it doesn't look all washed out!!! I am totally loving this effect!!! I have also searched and seen other ways to go about cross processing also. I need to play around with the different options and see what gives the best effect! I love playing with Photoshop!! I found some images that I posted that give before and after of cross processing.

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