Sunday, March 23, 2008

Happy Easter!!!

I hope everyone is having a Happy Easter!!!

I have been at my Grandma's this afternoon. It seems like I am always missing family get togethers and she was happy that I was actually able to with everyone. I was glad too as I am tired of missing family get togethers! That is part of being a nurse though. We all had some lunch together and sat around and talked. It was a nice afternoon!

My Grandma has a sweet little dog named Buffy. She always greets me and wants me to play with her! I think she knows I am an animal lover! I got a cute picture of her using the sports action on my camera! I will have to post it when I get back home.

I had packed all my school books this morning so I could come to the Mudhouse after my family get together. I have been more productive the last few days than I have in the beginning of my vacation/spring break. I am a procrastinator at heart and I really wish I wasn't!!! I seem to concentrate better when I have a pressing deadline. I am actually ahead of schedule than what I normally do. I actually have my New Testament questions answered to the best of my ability. I have a few answers I can't seem to find or are questionable. I have my terms for American Government typed up and I am going to start on the small paper. I am excited that Wednesday after class, I will just have to look over my quiz questions instead of trying to find the answers!!!

My next project will be starting my New Testament research paper. I have made copies with my super slow all-in-one printer/copier/fax of some of the larger books that I only needed a few pages out of. That narrows down to me carrying one book! Then I also need to start working on a couple of other research papers! I have a total of 5 research papers due and 3 little papers in American Government. I hope to never write another paper again after I graduate!!!!

I am off to work on my studies!

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Christie said...

I procrastinate really bad also. Hope that you are done with papers after graduation also. It makes my tired reading your blog.