Saturday, March 22, 2008

I have gone to the dogs!

I went outside to get the newspaper today and on the front page in the side column, it talks about arf fest! My community is going to have the arf fest the week before the artfest. I *might* have my pug puppy by then but I most likey I won't. My pug pup will be just 6 weeks old! I am excited about learning about all the dog events going on in my town now! The cat lady is going to be a cat/dog lady now!!!

I got lots accomplished last night. I did get my terms typed up for American Government and got the questions typed up for my New Testament. I still need to answer the New Testament questions which I am going to do today. I still need to write my little paper for my American Government class. I just hate writing those papers!! I am not all up on the government and how it all works and find these papers hard. I have also been getting all my materials together for writing my research paper in my New Testament class. I will at least have the paper started so I can work on it slowly!

Last night after I got home, I started cleaning! I am getting sick and tired of my kitchen table being loaded down with stuff. I started going through everything and shredded and recycled things. Felix thinks it is great as he has another place to stretch out! Crazy cat! I finally organized my towels. The cats can get the door open and they will sleep on them. GGRRR!!!!! I got everything back in order. I hope to get a little more done today.

In two weeks is my CKC-St. Louis fun!!! I need to sit down and get some kits put together with pics. I have to have something to work on for the crop! I can't wait to spend time with my ScrapJammie friends!!!

I had better get busy as I don't want to stay at the Mudhouse to late tonight. :-)

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