Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Rain, rain, go away!!

Today has been a lazy day!!!! I am trying to get out of the night shift schedule so I can be a normal person on my vacation but it hasn't went very well!!!! I feel as if I will be able to sleep normal tonight though. We will see.

Once I finally got around today, I went to check out Creative Car Audio. I have had the same car stereo for 10 years and it is showing its age. My power antenna in my car stopped working quite some time ago. I have opted to get an internal antenna instead. Much cheaper! My stereo won't let me play CD's as it keeps them and won't eject them. I finally got the CD out today and have decided not to put anymore in!!!! I have an HD stereo on layaway for my car!!!! I can't wait!

I have my nieces tonight and tomorrow and we are going to have some fun!!!! I just hope it stops raining so we can enjoy the outdoors!

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