Sunday, October 19, 2008

Back home :(

I was actually sad to be leaving Paris and London to go back home. I wasn't done seeing everything I wanted. Paris and London are huge and it is hard to see everything in a few days! I really believe I need to go back and see more!! I hope that the value of the American dollar gets better. It was quite expensive. I was looking at my bank statement this morning seeing how much I actually got charged. I had an idea but the banks go off the current exchange rate. I had a pretty good idea!!

I got home last night and was looking forward to actually checking my email and my internet isn't working. My wireless router won't connect. I tried to connect directly and still couldn't get on the internet. I spent some time this morning calling tech support and finally got internet working but it isn't wireless. I need to figure out what is going on. Things were working just fine when I left. I even turned all my electrical things off. Why that has to mess everything up I have no idea!!

My flights too and from Paris and London were good. I did have a little issue with a lady on my long flight home. It was a huge plane with two seats, an isle, three seats, an isle and two more seats. I was sitting in a window seat on the way home enjoying the view. About 4 hours into the flight a lady asked the flight attendent to ask me to close my window. This lady had been asking her to close other peoples windows also. It was kinda dark in this area of the plane because of all the windows shut. The flight attendent said to me that she realized I was looking out the window but if I could shut it a little so I could still see out but then it would be darker. I did do that. Shortly after that this lady yelled at the flight attendent, "She said NO!!". I was in ear shot but sitting like I wasn't hearing anything. I heard the flight attendent tell the lady that I was wanting to be able to see out the window so she shut it halfway. This lady is sitting with a piece of paper over her face after this. I put my headphones on and started watching TV shows from my ipod touch and continued to enjoy the view from my window! I was sooo ready to get off that plane and her attitude towards me. I kept my mouth shut and didn't say anything.

Today my ears are bothering me and my allergies just a bit. I had a headache from the flight and my sinuses. I was so ready for bed last night!! I went to bed and brought my cell phone and placed on my headboard. I had forgotten that I still had it set for Paris time with the alarm set to wake me up at 7am. So at midnight my time, my alarm went off! I did get to sleep till about 0630 and I started getting ready to go pick up my puppy.

Right before I left for my trip, Phoebe dislocated her hip. I found out while I was in London that her hip was back in place and the vet only had to do a closed reduction. She keeps walking with that left up. They told me she has been doing that and it is okay. I have puppy class with her today and afraid!! They said I can walk her on a leash but she isn't to be running for at least 3 weeks. I hope we will be able to finish our intermediate class! The trainer I have been working with I won't see till next week. She has been on vacation too. Another trainer will be teaching today. I brought Phoebe home and she was soo excited!! She kept wagging her tail and looking at me! All my babies were happy for me to get home! The cats kept purring and wanting my attention last night.

I think I might need a nap! I am going to have to readjust to the time change again. I hope to be able to finish uploading pictures and adding post about my trip. It was an AWESOME trip and would do it all over again!!!


Monday, October 13, 2008


I meant to make a post before I left but time got away from me. I have been in London for a few days and going to be in Paris in a couple of days. I have lots to tell but not the time to sit in an internet cafe to update my blog. I am currently in an internet cafe uploading pics. I am unsure how long this is going to take as I selected 232 MB worth of pics. I hope it doesn't take too long!

London Underground

I have been using the London Underground the last few days and it was scary at first but not to hard now that I figured it out. The very first time I used the underground, I got on the wrong train! That is typical for me! I realized it before I got outside the zone my ticket was for! After that I learned to watch the board on where the trains was going! :-)

Then today I decided to take the red line and I had to go down 3 very STEEP and LONG escalators!! That freaked me out and realized that this train was truely underground!! I did snap a picture of the long escalators and then got told that no pictures were to be taken in the underground. Not sure what taking a picture of the stairs/escalators was going to harm. I was glad those were there or I would have passed out from climbing the stairs!

Today I started at a tube station near my hotel and got off to see the Marble Arch. I walked down Oxford street where there were tons of shops! I ended up in the Soho neighborhood with very posh stores. I went to a few stores but the prices after the exchange in US dollars wasn't worth it! Much cheaper in the US. I really enjoyed Muji which had some stationary items that would be good for altering. I did get a couple of blank notebooks for making scrapbooks out of! I asked if they had any scrapbook stores in London and I got looked at like I had three heads!! So, I have given up on that!

I have realized that sparkling water is a big hit. I have some crystal light packets with me and have always thought it would be good in a fizzy drink. They have my hotel room with sparkling water so I tried it and it was good! I don't like it plain very well though.

About 25% of my photos have uploaded. I have some already uploaded and hopefully I will get these uploaded. I am not going to take the time to describe the photo fully till I get home I believe. Takes to much time!

I am off to send some emails!


Sunday, October 05, 2008

Camera Critters!

Camera Critters

Nappin' Phoebe

This is my pup, Phoebe. She was taking a little nap on her pillow!


Rockin' Sunday!

Yesterday didn't go quite as planned but it ended on a fun note!! A friend I hadn't seen in awhile called me - which I missed her first phone call. I got up early yesterday but decided to lay back down till my alarm went off at 10 am but slept through it till 1412!!! I was disappointed on seeing how late I woke up as I had a list of stuff to do. I went ahead and got showered and dressed to at least accomplish some of this list. I actually got none of it done but it was all good!!

I realized about 1600 that I had a missed call and a voice mail from my friend. I called and left her a voice mail and finished getting ready. When I was ready to leave the house, my phone rang and it was my friend! We ended up going out for a drink, dinner and a movie! She told me it was all on her as a graduation gift to me! We had drinks at Ruby Tuesday, dinner at the Olive Garden and then went and saw "Burn After Reading". That was a funny movie! Brad Pitt played an airhead guy and it cracked me up!! It was a great night!!

This morning I was woke up around 0630 as the puppy decided it was time to get up!! I got her out of her crate and put her on my bed. It was so cute as she laid on my bed wagging her tail! :-) I better not let her sleep with me too much as she will expect it! She was wanting to play! She had been sleeping longer since I got home kinda late so she had rested all she wanted! I decided I would enjoy me some Kid Rock this morning, blog and let Phoebe play! We are having a nice little morning! I don't plan to go back to bed so I can get on a somewhat normal schedule!

I would love to see Kid Rock in concert and wouldn't it be cool if he was playing in London when I was there!?!?! I saw that he is going to be in London on November 30th but I think he needs to move it up a bit!! :-)

The agenda today is to mow the yard!! I have been meaning to do this for a week! I like mowing it late at night about 1900 but it is too dark then. I can do the things I need during the day and then end it with mowing the lawn. I am going to start my day so I don't have to end it short by coming home to mow. I really hope that I don't have to mow it again till next year!

I also have intermediate puppy class today. I might fit in some shopping in between mowing and puppy class depending on what time it is. I really want to hang out at the Mudhouse today. I haven't done that in a long time! I need some time to review my paperwork for my trip as it is approaching rather quickly!! I want to make a list and a tentative schedule for myself. :-)

I am going to finish the LO I started at the crop Friday night and then it might be a better time to start mowing my yard!

I am off to enjoy the day!!!


Saturday, October 04, 2008

Scrappy evening!

I have been slacking in the blogging!! One reason is that it is hard to when you have a puppy eating all the paper in sight!! She is cute but oh my! She gets in trouble quickly!!

Tonight I went to a scrapbooking event with my sister. It was fun as usual. I never get that much done as they have demos and make-n-takes to do. I always have to go to all of them!! I almost got a 2 page layout done of the trip we took to Six Flags last year. I had a pic at home I wanted to add so I did everything but the pics on the 2nd page. I will have to post it later! I even won some chipboard for having a Six Flags picture!

I even learned something at one of the demos that I wouldn't have thought of. If you want photos in a smaller size but want to print other than at home, you can add them to a blank 6x4 document in photoshop. She was adding 6 photos all in 2x2 in size on a 6x4 document. Then she can upload them and have them printed for the price of a 6x4! I am going to have to try this for some small mini books!

Phoebe in September got spayed. She did great! I picked her up and she didn't even act as if she had surgery! On the ride home, she was sitting like it hurt though! It was kinda funny. I had pain medicine to give her once we got home. Once she got out of the carrier, she was chasing the cats again! She has her stitches out now and had no problems!


I took Pandora and Felix for there yearly check-ups and they did good!! Last year Felix acted up as he normally does. This year he let them do everything and the growled about it. Then when it came to vaccinations, he growled and was trying to escape! They both were champs!! Chloe will be next in a few months.

I leave for my trip in a few days!! I have been trying to decide if I want to rent a wide angle lenses. I really hoped to have one before my trip but it is a little pricey but them renting is too!! I could save the $100 and put it towards a lens. I am just trying to think what I want to do. I need to decided by tomorrow!

I did order me a crumpler camera bag and it is adorable!! I decided to get the 5 million dollar home! I already put it to use today! I hope to get more lenses someday and will need a bigger bag then. I am excited to take that on my trip!

I have lots of planning and things to do before I leave. I am glad that I have a week off before leaving so I can get these things done! I hope to be able to have computer access in the hotel. I might be updating my blog while I am gone but not sure. I won't be able to upload pics so I might wait till I get home to update!

It is late, my puppy is chewing on my chair and won't stop sooooo, it is time for bed!!