Monday, October 13, 2008


I meant to make a post before I left but time got away from me. I have been in London for a few days and going to be in Paris in a couple of days. I have lots to tell but not the time to sit in an internet cafe to update my blog. I am currently in an internet cafe uploading pics. I am unsure how long this is going to take as I selected 232 MB worth of pics. I hope it doesn't take too long!

London Underground

I have been using the London Underground the last few days and it was scary at first but not to hard now that I figured it out. The very first time I used the underground, I got on the wrong train! That is typical for me! I realized it before I got outside the zone my ticket was for! After that I learned to watch the board on where the trains was going! :-)

Then today I decided to take the red line and I had to go down 3 very STEEP and LONG escalators!! That freaked me out and realized that this train was truely underground!! I did snap a picture of the long escalators and then got told that no pictures were to be taken in the underground. Not sure what taking a picture of the stairs/escalators was going to harm. I was glad those were there or I would have passed out from climbing the stairs!

Today I started at a tube station near my hotel and got off to see the Marble Arch. I walked down Oxford street where there were tons of shops! I ended up in the Soho neighborhood with very posh stores. I went to a few stores but the prices after the exchange in US dollars wasn't worth it! Much cheaper in the US. I really enjoyed Muji which had some stationary items that would be good for altering. I did get a couple of blank notebooks for making scrapbooks out of! I asked if they had any scrapbook stores in London and I got looked at like I had three heads!! So, I have given up on that!

I have realized that sparkling water is a big hit. I have some crystal light packets with me and have always thought it would be good in a fizzy drink. They have my hotel room with sparkling water so I tried it and it was good! I don't like it plain very well though.

About 25% of my photos have uploaded. I have some already uploaded and hopefully I will get these uploaded. I am not going to take the time to describe the photo fully till I get home I believe. Takes to much time!

I am off to send some emails!


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