Saturday, October 04, 2008

Scrappy evening!

I have been slacking in the blogging!! One reason is that it is hard to when you have a puppy eating all the paper in sight!! She is cute but oh my! She gets in trouble quickly!!

Tonight I went to a scrapbooking event with my sister. It was fun as usual. I never get that much done as they have demos and make-n-takes to do. I always have to go to all of them!! I almost got a 2 page layout done of the trip we took to Six Flags last year. I had a pic at home I wanted to add so I did everything but the pics on the 2nd page. I will have to post it later! I even won some chipboard for having a Six Flags picture!

I even learned something at one of the demos that I wouldn't have thought of. If you want photos in a smaller size but want to print other than at home, you can add them to a blank 6x4 document in photoshop. She was adding 6 photos all in 2x2 in size on a 6x4 document. Then she can upload them and have them printed for the price of a 6x4! I am going to have to try this for some small mini books!

Phoebe in September got spayed. She did great! I picked her up and she didn't even act as if she had surgery! On the ride home, she was sitting like it hurt though! It was kinda funny. I had pain medicine to give her once we got home. Once she got out of the carrier, she was chasing the cats again! She has her stitches out now and had no problems!


I took Pandora and Felix for there yearly check-ups and they did good!! Last year Felix acted up as he normally does. This year he let them do everything and the growled about it. Then when it came to vaccinations, he growled and was trying to escape! They both were champs!! Chloe will be next in a few months.

I leave for my trip in a few days!! I have been trying to decide if I want to rent a wide angle lenses. I really hoped to have one before my trip but it is a little pricey but them renting is too!! I could save the $100 and put it towards a lens. I am just trying to think what I want to do. I need to decided by tomorrow!

I did order me a crumpler camera bag and it is adorable!! I decided to get the 5 million dollar home! I already put it to use today! I hope to get more lenses someday and will need a bigger bag then. I am excited to take that on my trip!

I have lots of planning and things to do before I leave. I am glad that I have a week off before leaving so I can get these things done! I hope to be able to have computer access in the hotel. I might be updating my blog while I am gone but not sure. I won't be able to upload pics so I might wait till I get home to update!

It is late, my puppy is chewing on my chair and won't stop sooooo, it is time for bed!!


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