Wednesday, May 31, 2006

Lazy and productive in the same day!

I am up trying to think of layouts for my circle journals that I have! I have been looking for quotes on the internet about dating, life, love, etc. for the circle journal "Desperate Housewives". I had to put a few of the quotes here!

There are two means of refuge from the miseries of life: music & cats -- Albert Schweitzer

I love my past. I love my present. I'm not ashamed of what I've had and I'm not sad because I have it no longer -- Colette

A woman of 35 thinks of having children. A man of 35 thinks of dating children. -- Murphy's Law of Sex

Anyway, I hope I get these CJ's figured out! I am at a lose of what to do for my layout's. I have some ideas in my head but nothing set in stone yet. I guess I will keep thinking of it and hopefully when I am off from work this weekend I can put them to paper! :-)

Onto my lazy and productive day! I woke up this morning to my cell phone ringing at 0830 and it was the lawn service I had called last week to give me an estimate on mowing my lawn. He told me he would be there mid-morning so that seemed early to me but he gave me a quote and I had him to go ahead and mow my lawn. I know have lawn service! I am excited about that as I have a hard time mowing with my allergies and my schedule. I hope that this doesn't get to expensive and I can afford it all summer.

The lazy part of my day was that I decided to take a nap at 10 am. It was only supposed to be for one hour and it turned into 4 hours!!! I woke up at 2 pm and took a shower. I ended up at the Mudhouse to sit in peace with a drink and learn photoshop elements. I also got to have a new drink that they have - a frozen mint chocolate chip latte and I am in love! It tasted just like a scoop of mint chocolate chip ice cream! YUM!!!!!! Then I went to get my allergy shots and then decided to go to Lowe's.

Here is the productive part of the day. I bought me more plants for my garden. I got me okra and cucumber plants. I had to call my dad to consult on if cucumber would work in my garden. He told me I would need another cage like my tomatoes have and I could only plant one as it gets big. I also bought me some impatients for my planter in the front yard. I got light pink and hot pink impatients and then mixed them up to have a variance of color. I also got grass seed and filler grass seed for my front yard. I have been wanting to do this for over a year and finally getting to it! I spent my evening getting all this planted and spreading grass seed. I just hope that my grass seed grows!! I need to make sure to water it at least twice a day and hope I don't slack on this!

My next project is to get my new flower bed in my backyard together. It has loose brick that I want to take out and put down some decortive type rock. I want to plant hollyhocks there. My dad told me that I might not get enough sun in that spot but I could try it to see if they would grow. Lowe's didn't have any hollyhocks so I think I need to do an online search to find them.

The rest of the evening I have been doing laundry and trying to figure out what to do for my CJ's that I have! I have also been working on some cleaning. I have a bad habit of reading the newspaper and various magazines in bed at night and then laying them on the floor when I am done and not picking it up. I have been working on recycling the newspapers tonight! It is funny to see the date on them to see how long it has been there.

I realized today that I only have about one week left till school starts back up. I am only taking one class and it is Introduction to Music so I hope it isn't to hard and that I can have time to do fun summer things!

Wednesday, May 24, 2006

Jammie Crop pics!

I really enjoyed my weekend at Jammie crop! I really hope to do it again next year! I made a slide show of some pictures that I took. Most of these pictures are of the PJ fashion party that we had. It was a blast! The house was beautiful that we stayed in. The rooms are dorm-like style. I didn't get as much scrapping done as I had hoped but I did make new friends and I am thankful for that. I need to work on uploading the make-n-takes that we did and one two page LO that I did finish that was a make-n-take which I included pictures of my cats. :-) When we arrived, we had gifts at our bed and one gift that I am totally excited about is a croppin' tote on wheels! They had it full of goodies! I didn't have one and have been wanting one! All the goodies with idea books and paper, organizers was inside! WOW!!!! Then we got other little surprises during the time we were there. I have a jammie crop layout to put together that will be perfect for the PJ party pics! I am ready to do this again!

The weather here has started to get muggy and I might be turning on the air conditioner soon. I enjoy the low bills for a couple of months and hate to let that go! I am glad that the weather is getting warmer as it is the most favorite time of year!

While I was in Illinois, my parents was watching my house and taking care of my cats. My dad also took time to plant tomatoes and green and hot peppers in my garden! He also got rid of these bushes that I have disliked growing next to my house! I am going to make it into a pretty flower garden and I would like to have hollyhocks. Those bushes were growing so big that the brick was broken from the roots of these bushes. I am hoping to get some decorative rock to make it beautiful!

I got me a book for PSE 3.0 - classroom in a book and was hoping to go through some of it tonight. I have spent to much time loading pics and make the slide show! I do believe I am going to work on cleaning my house and then work on learning how to edit photos. I have already figured out how to repair red eye and I have to say it was soo much easier and looks better with PSE 3.o then my other program I have been using. I do believe I am going to enjoy it! Then I will figure out how to use the pen tablet to edit photos once I get the hang of PSE 3.o! Yeah! I am enjoying my time off from school!

Saturday, May 20, 2006

In Elburn, Illinois!!!

I left Thursday morning at 0915 and arrived to my destination at 1830! I wasn't a bad drive at all and went faster than I thought it would! I made my first stop in St. Louis to have some lunch and refilled my gas tank so I didn't have to make any stops once I got started again. Which was a good ting as there wasn't any gas stations for quite some time after I got into Illinois! For some reason I woke up with my allergies bothering me and I was sneezing most of the way for the first 3 hours and it finally calmed down by the time I made it to my destination. When I had to change highways as my yahoo map told me to do, I was a little confused and thought I was going to Memphis, Tennesee!! I stopped to make sure as I didn't want to end up in the wrong state and be late for my Jammie Crop!! I was going in the right direction and the rest of the directions was okay. I did make a stop in Pieora, IL as I had to get out of the car! My back was bothering me from driving that long. My iriver pooped out when I had an hour still to go so I had to resort to CD's. I accidently got in the wrong lane for the toll!!! I thought I was doing good and when I looked up I was in the toll saver lane!!! I am sure they have my picture now and the feds are going to be after me! I know now to got to the right and not the left!

I have been having a blast so far at the Jammie Crop!!! We have been doing all kinds of fun make-n-takes! I got to go to the Scrapjammie headquarters to see where the magic happens! I even got to meet fatboy!!! (see posted pic!!!) He is such a loverboy! His name is really Mozart but has the nickname of fatboy. So adorable! We had an AWESOME jammie fashion show! I will have to post more pics later of that! I have been able to get a 6x6 hip chick album done but no pictures in it yet. I brought all my 4x6 pics but like to use various sizes in my pics. I didn't have much time to plan and print pictures for certain layouts/albums before I left like I had hoped but I am still accomplishing things!!! I did a fun layout that I included pictures of my cats. I will have to post that later as I don't have pics of it yet. I need to remember to takes pics tomorrow of the victorian house we are staying in. It is beautiful here!

I had better get some sleep so I can spend another full day of scrapping! YEAH!!!!

Wednesday, May 17, 2006

I passed Pathophysiology!!!!!!

The final grades are finally in and I passed the final!!!!!!! I have ended up with a C in the class and I am excited! These hard science classes are hard for me and I feel like I worked my butt off for that C! WOOHOO!!!!

I actually have lots to do today as I leave for Chicago tomorrow for the Jammie Crop! :-) I am sitting in the Mudhouse just enjoying myself. I am going to make a list of things I need to do and then implement the plan! I ended up sleeping through my alarm this morning and didn't get my house in order like I had planned before my parents came over. I hope to get all this stuff done and then play with my pen tablet and figure out these programs that came with it. I am excited to finally have photoshop elements 3.0 and have been trying to find a book that will help me with the features. I also have corel painter essentials and it seems like an awesome program! I am going to have to do the tutorial on it to figure it out.

I am planning to bring my computer with me but unsure if they have wireless internet where I am going to be. I really hope they do but I am sure I will be busy with my new friends that checking my email won't matter. I had better get started on the list! Exciting week for me!

The semester is finally over!!

I am excited to say that school is over for the semester!!!! I finished my pathophysiology final today and will find out how I did at 2pm today! Only 13 more hours!!! I got my case study back today and I got 100%!!!!! I couldn't believe it! My instructor liked the article that I choose that she kept it for her reference! Yeah! I was excited!!! I will feel better after I see the final grade though. I am still waiting for things to be graded in my Health Assessment class which she said she will have it done by Wednesday or Thursday. I have an A in that class and will have to see if I get to keep it or not! I really hope I do! I have to say that the last week of school was busy! I didn't even have time to update my blog . . .

After class today I was lazy. I went to the Mudhouse just to relax and surfed the interent for fun for a change! I might have to do that again tomorrow. I have lots to do tomorrow so it depends on how much I can get done. I leave for Chicago on Thursday for the Jammie Crop! I can't wait! I need to go shopping for PJ's! I don't have any decent ones that I would wear. I also need to get the oil changed in my car for the trip. I want to get my house clean also.

Tonight I went and got me a Wacom pen tablet! I am having problems installing Corel Painters Essentials 2 as I keep getting an error code and then it uninstalls it from my computer. I have emailed there tech support so I hope they can help me!!! I want to play with my pen tablet! I have been using the mouse tonight and it works good. Just can't wait till I can experiement with it. I am excited that I finally have Photoshop elements 3.o! I have stuff to keep me busy till I return to school in 3 weeks!

I am quite tired as I feel asleep with my pathophysiology notes last night and didnt' sleep good. I think I am going to go to bed! :-)

Wednesday, May 10, 2006

Favorite color

Decided to take a little break from studying and see what the 2peas challenge was for the day! So here it is:

Talk about your fave color.
Why is it your fave color? What do you like about it?

I have been fond of the color pink ever since I was a little girl. I still enjoy the color pink but I don't have to have everything pink now! I begged to have my room painted pink when I was younger and it was such a faint pink I wasn't satisfied. I finally got me an all pink room but then one day my parents decided to redo my room and left the bottom half pink and the top part of the wall was white with a border with pink flowers. It was okay . . . . . I am not into painting things pink now! I do have a pink planner trimmed in brown and I do have a pink cell phone cover. I am not sure why I choose pink as my favorite color but is has stuck with me since the day I picked it. I do find it to be a soothing color kinda like sorbet.

Tuesday, May 09, 2006

1 more week left of school!

I am excited about school being over in one week! I have 2 papers and a presentation due on Wednesday. I have started on my physcial assessment paper and I hope to start on my fall risk assessment paper before going to bed tonight. I have class during the day and then will need to stay up most of the night to get this done if I don't get it started! I did get my case study figured out tonight and found an article regarding the diagnosis of my patient in my case study. I just need to get some of my medical books out and finish it up! I don't think it will take me long to do that and it isn't due till Friday.

Also next week I get to leave for Chicago to go to a crop with my scrapjammie friends! I can't wait! I just hope that I can handle the 8 hour drive! :-) I am going to go slower coming back home and spend the night in St. Louis. I get done with school on Tuesday and I will have the rest of that day and Wednesday to get ready for my crop! I was going to meet up with the girls early but then decided I was going to have to rush if I did and I want to be able to relax after school is out so I opted not to leave earlier. I will be working on getting layouts together and then finishing up my layout about me to trade with everybody!! Chicago here I come!!! :-)

2peas challenge:

If you had to join a witness protection program with your family, where would you wanna live??? Anywhere in the world? Where would you choose, if you could???

I would want to be somewhere warm and near the ocean!! That might be the first place anyone would look for me though! Hawaii, California, Florida would be nice. I would like it if I didn't have to worry about hurricanes! I am not sure I would want to live in another country. I do enjoy learning about different cultures and would love to visit different countries but not sure if I would like living in another country. Maybe they have a traveling witness protection program - if you are always on the move then you would be harder to find! :-)

I had better get started on that paper so I can get some sleep so I don't fall asleep in class! :-)

Monday, May 08, 2006

2 peas challenge

Fave coffee: Frozen mudturtles, grasshoppers or peanut butter puddles at the Mudhouse! I actually don't drink *real* coffee!
Fave tea: Masala Chai that I can get at the Mudhouse!
Fave jam: Strawberry Preserves, yum!
Fave Peanut Butter: Smuckers all natural peanut butter - no sugar in my peanut butter!
Fave sandwich: Turkey guacamole sandwiches!
Fave fast food item: Spicy chicken sandwiches - the spicier the better!!!
Fave appetizer: Crab ragoon
Fave summertime drink: Iced tea! - going to have to have masala chai this summer!
Fave fruit: Strawberries
Fave vegetable: cauilflower raw - not fond of cooked vegetables very well.
Fave indulgence: Ice cream from Andy's!

Saturday, May 06, 2006

100 things about me

  1. My name is Jana Richele
  2. I have green eyes
  3. I grew up in a small town – Fair Grove, MO
  4. I love to travel
  5. I wish I lived closer to the ocean.
  6. I was in the marching band in school
  7. I played the flute
  8. I wish I was more artistic
  9. When I was younger, I had a Cocker Spaniel named Brandy.
  10. I am a cat lover and have 3 cats
  11. I happen to be allergic to cats
  12. I want to learn how to speak a foreign language
  13. I was in the FBLA in high school
  14. My nickname is Nanner
  15. I am allergic to banana’s and get called Jana No-Banana
  16. I rode an airplane for the first time when I was 28
  17. The second time I ever flew, the airplane almost crashed into another on the runway. The pilot realized this and went back up in the air. Scary moment!!!!
  18. I am an RN and have been for 5 years.
  19. I enjoy being a nurse
  20. I enjoy reading medical thrillers
  21. My favorite season is summer
  22. I love to swim
  23. I was born on June 13th
  24. I turned 13 and 30 on Friday 13th.
  25. I went to Cancun, Mexico for my 30th birthday.
  26. I am in school to earn my BSN
  27. I enjoy exercising and being healthy
  28. I don’t eat red meat
  29. I like eating vegetarian foods
  30. I work the night shift
  31. I am a night owl
  32. I bought my first house almost two years ago and still love it!
  33. My favorite holiday is Halloween
  34. I have never been married
  35. I almost married my first love
  36. I love the beach
  37. I have worn eyeglasses and contacts since I was 8.
  38. I love visiting coffee shops – esp. the Mudhouse.
  39. I enjoy the downtown scene in my town.
  40. I love nature
  41. I enjoy riding my bike on trails
  42. I enjoy watching the Tour De France
  43. I am a fan of Lance Armstrong
  44. I would like to travel the world!
  45. I enjoy watching movies – esp. thrillers!
  46. I check my email frequently during the day
  47. I am addicted to reading blogs
  48. I have my navel pierced
  49. I have highlights in my hair
  50. I have donated my hair to locks of love
  51. I am growing my hair out to donate again and only have about two more inches to go till I can.
  52. I have tried speed dating and hurry dating.
  53. I collect Coca-Cola stuff
  54. I want to redo the flooring and walls to go with a Coca-Cola theme in my kitchen.
  55. I love retro decorations
  56. I have seen Macy Gray in a free concert
  57. My first car was a Ford Escort
  58. I have owned two Acura Integra’s
  59. I got in 3 car accidents in one year – only one was my fault.
  60. I love hiking at the nature center
  61. I once won $500 with a scratch off lottery ticket.
  62. I didn’t believe that I had a winning ticket till they gave me the money!
  63. I enjoy watching Forensic Files on Court TV but it scares me watching it at night.
  64. I sometimes have to sleep with the light on after watching scary movies or court TV
  65. I wouldn’t mind being a travel nurse but my cats would have to come with me!
  66. I have two adorable nieces that I love to spend time with them.
  67. I use to workout with a personal trainer 3 times a week
  68. I was a buff girl when I had a personal trainer
  69. I like to keep a garden in the summer
  70. I have never learned how to drive a manual transmission.
  71. I love books; I could start my own miniature library!
  72. I have tried sushi but afraid to try raw sushi
  73. I love Diet A&W root beer
  74. I still sleep on a waterbed
  75. I want to redecorate my whole house
  76. I should graduate BSN school in 2008
  77. I would like to take a class on photography.
  78. I enjoy scrapbooking
  79. I read 4 different scrapbook message boards everyday.
  80. I currently am a member of 3 scrapbook kit clubs.
  81. I sometimes wish I lived in a bigger city
  82. When I visit St. Louis, it is big and scary
  83. I love seafood
  84. I enjoy computers, esp. when they work!
  85. I was a 4.00 student last year
  86. I enjoy hanging out with my friends
  87. I love learning about different cultures
  88. I love to go fishing
  89. I used to live in walking distance of a lake and go fishing more often.
  90. I have never been camping but would like to someday
  91. I love listening to music and my favorite is alternative music.
  92. I like going on drives in the middle of the night with my moonroof open
  93. My 3 cats all sleep on my bed with me
  94. I am able to take a week’s vacation once a month from work.
  95. I have been at my job for 12 years
  96. I have been a nurse for a total of 9 ½ years
  97. I was a nursing office secretary while attending LPN school
  98. I love thunderstorms
  99. I love riding my bike after a thunderstorm
  100. I enjoy sitting in the café of Barnes and Noble to read books and magazines.
I have read other people's blogs of 100 things about them and thought I would do it to! It was fun and didn't think I could come up with 100 things and actually have thought of other things that I could have added. I might have to do another 100 things about me!


I got my Pathophysiology test results today and I got a "B"!!!!!!! This is the best test yet!!!! I couldn't believe it! FINALLY all this studying has paid off! All I have left is my case study and then my final which is open book and open note! We do have a two hour time limit but I plan to read through all my notes and get them organized. Our teacher told us she is going to make the test in chronological order so it would be easier to look things up! I am optimistic that I am going to pass this class and but it behind me!!! YEAH!!!! I am going to treat myself to the Wacom pen tablet when I get the official word that I have passed this class! I deserve it!

Tonight my sister and I went to the artwalk and it was quite busy downtown as it was Cinco de Mayo. It has been quite rainy here lately and it was a little cool outside but not that bad. It did start to sprinkle a little but never did really rain to were you didn't want to walk around. This weekend is the artfest and we are hoping to go to that but rain is in the forecast so we are going to have to play it by ear on which day to go!!! I am going to have a fun weekend!

I had better get to bed if I plan to do anything tomorrow! :-)

Tuesday, May 02, 2006

Only two more weeks left of school!!

I am soooo excited that this semester is going to be over soon! I got my paper back that I did for my Pathophysiology and I have strong hope now that I will pass this class! I will know better on Friday when I get the results of the test I took today. I thought only having 3 chapters to study that I would be able to know the study guide and chapters. She always as a way to find stuff that I didn't see in the book or on the notes! I am anxious to see how I did and hopefully I did fairly okay and then I can feel more optimistic about passing! :-)

Monday, May 01, 2006

Back to work

I had a nice first night back at work. I like it when it happens that way! I was able to do my assessments and chart them at the same time! Love it when that happens that way! It gives me more time later to be able to go through the charts later and update things in the computer for report. I dislike it when someone tells me in report that a patient is difficult. I had one patient that I was told that last night and after talking and meeting with her, I thought she was a cutie pie! :-)