Wednesday, May 17, 2006

I passed Pathophysiology!!!!!!

The final grades are finally in and I passed the final!!!!!!! I have ended up with a C in the class and I am excited! These hard science classes are hard for me and I feel like I worked my butt off for that C! WOOHOO!!!!

I actually have lots to do today as I leave for Chicago tomorrow for the Jammie Crop! :-) I am sitting in the Mudhouse just enjoying myself. I am going to make a list of things I need to do and then implement the plan! I ended up sleeping through my alarm this morning and didn't get my house in order like I had planned before my parents came over. I hope to get all this stuff done and then play with my pen tablet and figure out these programs that came with it. I am excited to finally have photoshop elements 3.0 and have been trying to find a book that will help me with the features. I also have corel painter essentials and it seems like an awesome program! I am going to have to do the tutorial on it to figure it out.

I am planning to bring my computer with me but unsure if they have wireless internet where I am going to be. I really hope they do but I am sure I will be busy with my new friends that checking my email won't matter. I had better get started on the list! Exciting week for me!

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