Wednesday, May 17, 2006

The semester is finally over!!

I am excited to say that school is over for the semester!!!! I finished my pathophysiology final today and will find out how I did at 2pm today! Only 13 more hours!!! I got my case study back today and I got 100%!!!!! I couldn't believe it! My instructor liked the article that I choose that she kept it for her reference! Yeah! I was excited!!! I will feel better after I see the final grade though. I am still waiting for things to be graded in my Health Assessment class which she said she will have it done by Wednesday or Thursday. I have an A in that class and will have to see if I get to keep it or not! I really hope I do! I have to say that the last week of school was busy! I didn't even have time to update my blog . . .

After class today I was lazy. I went to the Mudhouse just to relax and surfed the interent for fun for a change! I might have to do that again tomorrow. I have lots to do tomorrow so it depends on how much I can get done. I leave for Chicago on Thursday for the Jammie Crop! I can't wait! I need to go shopping for PJ's! I don't have any decent ones that I would wear. I also need to get the oil changed in my car for the trip. I want to get my house clean also.

Tonight I went and got me a Wacom pen tablet! I am having problems installing Corel Painters Essentials 2 as I keep getting an error code and then it uninstalls it from my computer. I have emailed there tech support so I hope they can help me!!! I want to play with my pen tablet! I have been using the mouse tonight and it works good. Just can't wait till I can experiement with it. I am excited that I finally have Photoshop elements 3.o! I have stuff to keep me busy till I return to school in 3 weeks!

I am quite tired as I feel asleep with my pathophysiology notes last night and didnt' sleep good. I think I am going to go to bed! :-)

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