Saturday, May 06, 2006

100 things about me

  1. My name is Jana Richele
  2. I have green eyes
  3. I grew up in a small town – Fair Grove, MO
  4. I love to travel
  5. I wish I lived closer to the ocean.
  6. I was in the marching band in school
  7. I played the flute
  8. I wish I was more artistic
  9. When I was younger, I had a Cocker Spaniel named Brandy.
  10. I am a cat lover and have 3 cats
  11. I happen to be allergic to cats
  12. I want to learn how to speak a foreign language
  13. I was in the FBLA in high school
  14. My nickname is Nanner
  15. I am allergic to banana’s and get called Jana No-Banana
  16. I rode an airplane for the first time when I was 28
  17. The second time I ever flew, the airplane almost crashed into another on the runway. The pilot realized this and went back up in the air. Scary moment!!!!
  18. I am an RN and have been for 5 years.
  19. I enjoy being a nurse
  20. I enjoy reading medical thrillers
  21. My favorite season is summer
  22. I love to swim
  23. I was born on June 13th
  24. I turned 13 and 30 on Friday 13th.
  25. I went to Cancun, Mexico for my 30th birthday.
  26. I am in school to earn my BSN
  27. I enjoy exercising and being healthy
  28. I don’t eat red meat
  29. I like eating vegetarian foods
  30. I work the night shift
  31. I am a night owl
  32. I bought my first house almost two years ago and still love it!
  33. My favorite holiday is Halloween
  34. I have never been married
  35. I almost married my first love
  36. I love the beach
  37. I have worn eyeglasses and contacts since I was 8.
  38. I love visiting coffee shops – esp. the Mudhouse.
  39. I enjoy the downtown scene in my town.
  40. I love nature
  41. I enjoy riding my bike on trails
  42. I enjoy watching the Tour De France
  43. I am a fan of Lance Armstrong
  44. I would like to travel the world!
  45. I enjoy watching movies – esp. thrillers!
  46. I check my email frequently during the day
  47. I am addicted to reading blogs
  48. I have my navel pierced
  49. I have highlights in my hair
  50. I have donated my hair to locks of love
  51. I am growing my hair out to donate again and only have about two more inches to go till I can.
  52. I have tried speed dating and hurry dating.
  53. I collect Coca-Cola stuff
  54. I want to redo the flooring and walls to go with a Coca-Cola theme in my kitchen.
  55. I love retro decorations
  56. I have seen Macy Gray in a free concert
  57. My first car was a Ford Escort
  58. I have owned two Acura Integra’s
  59. I got in 3 car accidents in one year – only one was my fault.
  60. I love hiking at the nature center
  61. I once won $500 with a scratch off lottery ticket.
  62. I didn’t believe that I had a winning ticket till they gave me the money!
  63. I enjoy watching Forensic Files on Court TV but it scares me watching it at night.
  64. I sometimes have to sleep with the light on after watching scary movies or court TV
  65. I wouldn’t mind being a travel nurse but my cats would have to come with me!
  66. I have two adorable nieces that I love to spend time with them.
  67. I use to workout with a personal trainer 3 times a week
  68. I was a buff girl when I had a personal trainer
  69. I like to keep a garden in the summer
  70. I have never learned how to drive a manual transmission.
  71. I love books; I could start my own miniature library!
  72. I have tried sushi but afraid to try raw sushi
  73. I love Diet A&W root beer
  74. I still sleep on a waterbed
  75. I want to redecorate my whole house
  76. I should graduate BSN school in 2008
  77. I would like to take a class on photography.
  78. I enjoy scrapbooking
  79. I read 4 different scrapbook message boards everyday.
  80. I currently am a member of 3 scrapbook kit clubs.
  81. I sometimes wish I lived in a bigger city
  82. When I visit St. Louis, it is big and scary
  83. I love seafood
  84. I enjoy computers, esp. when they work!
  85. I was a 4.00 student last year
  86. I enjoy hanging out with my friends
  87. I love learning about different cultures
  88. I love to go fishing
  89. I used to live in walking distance of a lake and go fishing more often.
  90. I have never been camping but would like to someday
  91. I love listening to music and my favorite is alternative music.
  92. I like going on drives in the middle of the night with my moonroof open
  93. My 3 cats all sleep on my bed with me
  94. I am able to take a week’s vacation once a month from work.
  95. I have been at my job for 12 years
  96. I have been a nurse for a total of 9 ½ years
  97. I was a nursing office secretary while attending LPN school
  98. I love thunderstorms
  99. I love riding my bike after a thunderstorm
  100. I enjoy sitting in the café of Barnes and Noble to read books and magazines.
I have read other people's blogs of 100 things about them and thought I would do it to! It was fun and didn't think I could come up with 100 things and actually have thought of other things that I could have added. I might have to do another 100 things about me!

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Laura said...

You did it! Yeah for you! Loved your whole list...can you tell me how long your hair has to be for Locks of Love to take it? My daughter is interested in doing it. I bet there's a website right? lol

When you do your Coca-Cola kitchen I want to see it, because I want to do my in Campbells Soup Kids stuff and I'm scared to do Red and White, but I so want to.